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how to run facebook ads or even google ads for that matter for your e-commerce like where to start what to do if you’re a beginner what are going to be the most effective ads to get started with and going obviously it depends on a lot of factors but some of the basic things are you want to set up retargeting ads first so if somebody comes to your store and they come back you have an ad that follows them either on facebook or through google’s platforms and other so forth and the first ad you should always do and i know typically a lot of people say don’t do the buy me adwords just but if you sell a product or something especially of lower value 30 bucks and less give or take uh you want a direct ad to that product where it’s talking about what it does the benefits the features all that great stuff you know what’s in it if it’s a supplement you know beauty care whatever it is so you need to really drive home of like this is the product it’s considered a promo type video or a hype video about the product features benefits all that great stuff and so when people first see that product it starts to register in their minds of being like oh hey that might be something i like that’s good obviously there’s really creative ways to create that content that video you can make it more engaging you can have you know entertainment make it funny all that stuff um there’s a handful of companies that do that like the the dollar shave club uh uh whatever the poopy potty i can’t remember the name exactly uh some of those are really engaging videos you can look at it and and kind of follow some of their scripts to create uh but really just a short sweet video that’s engaging about your content so let’s say i’m just scrolling to your store i’m gonna create an ad within facebook and i’m gonna set up my catalog in facebook so then when i i scroll down and uh either when i’m on your facebook store and i’m looking it it shows that product shows up on the facebook store it also could be on a google merchant standpoint and set up on that and that feed goes into that so doing it on the shopping stores google shopping is great because people go there and just kind of buy it similar to amazon amazon is an awesome marketplace as well as uh walmart nowadays you can integrate that all with shopify other e-commerce platforms are out there but ideally i recommend shop shopify you use some tools like uh the flexify app on shopify that will help it so then you can just do your rss feed it’s all for free then you can set it up as well as just a facebook now app that you can engage with which is free with shopify you can link that and that puts all your products in your store on facebook as well as you know it integrates it straight you know with your products that are already on your store same with google merchant uh same with um those other ones you there’s even ones for amazon and and walmart and all that great stuff but once you set up that main hype video ad then you would run run ads to it and see how it performs so that ad that goes to let’s just say you sell shampoo so you do an ad that’s directly for that shampoo send people to that you also have a retargeting ad that when people have seen that video you can have them go to that uh video as well so the other few videos that tend to work really well is you can do a video view that’s really engaging related to your content and it should be something very value based right so if i’m selling a supplement regarding uh how to improve your focus it’s you know the top five ways to improve your focus if you take a little playbook from uh boom and ezra ezra stuff is one of the five five makeup tips to make yourself look beautiful and then it’s um those five tips and obviously it’s selling that product on the back ends then showing tons of social proof uh other people talking about it all the people’s purchases you know all the the five-star ratings all that great stuff so that again that social proof will then help push people over the edge to purchase it um so those are the some some of the really good strategies to start with when you have an e-commerce store so let’s kind of recap first you do kind of your hype promo video that you run direct ads to and see how well that does you do the retargeting stuff by setting up your catalog you have to have a facebook business manager account to be able to create those catalogs you can’t do it from a personal account uh then you can retarget those and as well as you can do a dynamic retargeting so let’s say i looked at the conditioner not the shampoo so now i’m going to get an ad for that conditioner popping up in my feed being like hey you forgot about this and so forth you can write engaging content regarding that to pull people back in there you can also run ads these are will get you probably more more leads and get you better results is you go in to provide value so a 30-day challenge to improve your hair follicles clearly i know nothing about improving your hair follicles or any of that stuff but if you have a shampoo product you create a product along those lines 30 grain gr 30 day green smoothie challenge so during that challenge you create a bunch of video content all that stuff really engaging so you build what’s called uh create reciprocity where you’ve given so much value that now the customer feels obligated to purchase your your fitness program your supplements all those things after you’ve given them 30 day green smoothie challenge so hopefully you’re understanding some of those factors on how you can present a bunch of value with an ad and you can do this all with a video view campaign on on facebook you can obviously do a regular ad that drives them to a landing page and gets them connect so uh that is a lot probably to to start with and some of the things that when people people give up way too soon when they run uh e-commerce ads or you know ads in general what they do is they spend 20 bucks or spend 200 bucks and like ah it didn’t work so when you’re running ads on facebook or any platform that matter is you got to look at the data right so what’s your click-through rate how many clicks are you getting how many landed landing page views are you getting and you got to look and stair-step that data so if i’m getting an awesome click-through rate what should that tell me that should tell me that that ad is pretty engaging so it why is it not converting on that next page well maybe they didn’t like the content maybe the video wasn’t that engaging and so forth so you keep tweaking certain things obviously if you’re not getting many clicks not many landing page views not a good click-through rate that tells you the ad sucks so you got to recreate the ad that’s more engaging it pops more and so forth so when you do that then you go to the next step and make it more helpful and engaging so you’re going to see a higher click-through rate you’re going to see more landing page views and all that stuff and then you can re-target people like i said because you can normally re-target people and get them to purchase obviously if you sell a 19-dollar product it makes it hard or challenging to be profitable running ads because advertising costs continue to rise and so you need to find a way to raise that cart value up higher so when people purchase a 19 product they also add on another 30 product or another 40 product so then it makes sense that you can spend money advertising and grow your brand because you’re making profit and your margins are in place that you will make a profit so understanding that data is really about your business model and improving that aspect and that’s a whole other conversation but to recap on how to run facebook ads effectively for an e-commerce brand is you want to first set up your catalog right so you can do retargeting ads second and create a promo video it’s strictly for that product itself and run ads to that to see how well it people engage with that product and then work on creating a value-based play based off of content that you can create that will create tons of value to get more law respiratory because in that process what you’re doing is you’re positioning your brand as an authority you’re building credibility you’re getting people to like you or your brand for that matter and the products and getting more engaged with it and creating more what’s called a unique selling proposition that makes your product stand out above others out there in the marketplace because let’s face it the marketplace is competitive in pretty much any market that is actually profitable so if you want to make a profit you got to do a handful of those things and follow those fundamental rules you do have to constantly test ad creatives that means your your videos your your images your your content that you’re writing for your ads and then once that’s good and you’re getting all those good click-through rates landing page views all that stuff now you’re gonna test like is that landing page is it user friendly i mean plenty of times i’ve seen it set up where people can’t actually purchase so make sure you do a test purchase so you know that process is complete and then obviously once you start getting data for facebook like more add to carts more purchases then you can create what’s called look-alike audiences and then re-target the the add to carts and re-target the the purchases and the more purchases typically you want around 500 or so to get better data and have that algorithm work much more effectively for you so hopefully that uh helps you understand how to run really quality facebook ads for your ecommerce business and not get caught up in the weeds real fast and just do follow those fundamental rules and test the data look at it and so forth so you can get started obviously if you need help running facebook ads or google ads or bing ads or any of that stuff setting up that platform or here we’re happy to help uh you can find my website book a call and so forth and we we can get everything set up for you uh otherwise take care like and subscribe to channel all that stuff great stuff and hopefully you’ve gotten a lot of value from this take care