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the number one mistake in growing your social media and building your brand first let me tell you a little about myself hi i’m scott white and i can tell you uh what i’ve done all stuff but i’m just going to show you a little quick video and you can learn about it there okay okay just going to log into my client’s counts and you can see the results in front of you the profits uh the growth and this is anywhere from e-commerce sales for selling products is it’s also services coaches and consultants uh the full gamut we kind of do everything hopefully this provides the proof you’ll be able to listen to us because the credibility of the results we’ve got before i dive into this let’s just talk about why it might be important or why you may or may not be on the fence of getting started and doing this before i dive into why it’s so important so let’s just look at the numbers to see if that convinces you why you should be doing this or should be doing it more so daily active social media users the there’s 3.5 billion social media users which equates to about 45 percent of the population that was in 2019 facebook is currently the market leader facebook remains the most widely used social media platform roughly two-thirds of us adults 68 percent now report that they are facebook users since 2018 uh social media users by generation right so 90 of millennials are using it 77 of gen x and 48 of baby boomers since 2009 time is spent on social media per day we’re basically trading the time of our television hours into our social media hours an average of three hours per day is spent on social networks and messaging the power of social media marketing right so 73 of marketers believe social media marketing has been somewhat effective or very effective for their business and brand let’s talk about customers who are using social media 54 of social browsers use social media to research products so that means people are researching your brand your product who you are 50 of that is coming from social media the impact of positive customer experience right so customers go and check out your social media they look they they follow 71 percent of customers who’ve had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to re recommend the brand to their friends and family so the more customers you can get posting third party compliments saying that your brand is awesome amazing and wonderful they’re gonna then typically recommend at a 71 standpoint to their friends and family influencers help build brand trust this is going into the third party compliments when you have other people talking about your brand it drives more sales so almost 50 percent of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media so they’re listening to people they follow on what they buy and purchase and if they’re talking about your brand then there’s a high percent chance they’re going to purchase from you as well instagram store usage daily active instagram stories users increased from 150 million in 2017 to 500 million daily active stories worldwide in january 2019. social media users via mobile phone so again mobile is the way people access social media and almost everything initially 91 of all social media users access social channels via mobile devices likewise almost 80 percent of total time spent on social media sites occurs on their mobile platforms okay and these are obviously all the sources that state that so let’s dive into why that matters so again diving into the strategy of what you need to do on social so in general most people try to grow their influence or channel they try to grow their brand on social media but they don’t have a good strategy in place so let’s dive into let’s just go basic posting frequency so on average facebook you want to post one to four times per week on instagram one to seven times per week on twitter two to ten ten times per day including read retweets and replies youtube weekly or when applicable ideally i’d like to see one to two times a week with my clients instagram one to seven times per week that’s almost daily pinterest three to four times per week a snapchat four to seven per times a week you might be thinking how do i manage all these social medias and i’m gonna get to that here but let’s just go uh up to the next step when to post on facebook when it’s relevant to the audience when the audience is online with instagram spread spread out through the day twitter is something that has to be posted constantly youtube when the audience is online during business hours these all depend on when your audience is most engaged and this varies from industry to industry use of hashtags limit search functionality recommended one one to two per post hashtags on instagram are big from geo hashtags to everything 20 to 30 per post tweets one to two description recommend a handful per upload on on youtube recommended one to five on linkedin recommended on pinterest three to four per post and snapchat is not really being used at the most best performing content again it’s going to be photos and videos typically videos are going to win out photos short videos on instagram twitter questions multimedia video content product reviews how to guides educational on youtube news updates and articles that’s on linkedin so style home food and beauty that’s on pinterest and snapchat is fun and playful lenses filter so obviously it depends on the thing so ideal video link so one minute for a video five plus minutes for live video so again i’m going to say if you want to sell stuff the video needs to be longer and more engaging and people will build that credibility and trust with you more effectively if you’re just trying for entertainment purses the short hits yes they they’re effective but from a selling standpoint if you want to make more revenue the longer more engaging videos are going to be better and i put it in the 5 to 12 minute range 30 seconds uh on instagram twitter 45 seconds two minutes one one to two minutes um and then based on uh video sources 10 seconds again with youtube i’d say longer videos you can put more ads in you’ll create more revenue and so forth linkedin again same i would go with the five to 12 minutes your goal is to try to sell things and build your brand if it’s just about little quick hits and quick nuggets yes one to two minutes are fine uh content tips um thumb stopping power short catchy video images respond and this just goes across the board depending on what your what you’re selling what your brand represents it needs to be engaging entertaining something along those lines is it going to grab your customers attention build trust and credibility and position your brand as the authority so the more problems you can solve for them the more value you can give them is only going to drive your brand content more the more celebrity endorsements case studies and so forth the more videos and content about people moving towards and why they should do business with you as well as why what reasons they should do business because of what they’re missing out those are other things audience building tips post consistent uh engaging content you know hashtags with instagram tweet more frequently optimized for search on the youtube add contacts the more context you have on linkedin when your video goes out more people see it the more engagement you’ll get um [Music] on what is this pinterest uh you need to post more often more creative things again the audience and so forth you know highly more female based like 60 70 more females on pinterest than snap user content so i’m not telling you to use every platform i tend to always say focus on the three most important for your brand and grow from there so let’s go back into this so on twitter you can look at posting this is a daily standpoint twitter three is the low 15 is suggested 30 is high on twitter linkedin two times per week you know one suggested a day uh three times per week one suggested per day two two per day is pretty high instagram one to two per day one is low three is high pinterest three uh or eleven on a daily standpoint thirty is on the high standpoint that’s just on the daily uh aspect of posting and driving your social media brand and content you have to be regular you have to be in front of people uh when we talk into social media content what marketer posts versus what consumers want right traditionally consumers want when they’re you’re selling a brand or something they want discounts or sales majority people are looking for that obviously because they want the deal doesn’t mean i would recommend that because if you’re a brand you have authority in the market people will buy and they just need to know about your product and so forth uh so that’s where the next one is to showcase new products or services continue to let people know what you do obviously you want to provide more value and the more value in the marketplace when you let them know you have something based off the law of respiratory and other things they’re going to be more apt to purchase from you post teaching something this is a great way to build credibility and trust and position your brand as an authority it doesn’t even have to be something in your marketplace it could be 10 tips to traveling a location could be the best restaurants and you see brands do this all the time obviously if it’s related into a brand that you can teach something like a pet groomer or personal trainer fitness tips and you know how to groom your dog more effectively all those things can matter add entertaining add your personality be authentic post things that inspire motivate and engage your customers post that announce when what’s happening in the company so tell your why what’s new what stories going on if what’s going on the pandemic there’s if you know there’s latest news people want to follow you they want to be engaged with you post uh things that tell a story tell them your why get down down and dirty what’s going on with your life get personal with them and this doesn’t you don’t have to do all of these things you just have to find what’s authentic to you what do you feel that you’re okay with and then tell that story you just have to be on a regular basis and you want to be in front of people again posts that showcase the company’s personality post to showcase companies employees posts uh that are partnerships and influencers things you’re doing working with brands you’re building and connecting with these are all things that are are valuable for social media content so again what people typically want from a content standpoint uh and where are the top priorities being used on social media majority people are still spending money on social media marketing right it’s it’s turning a profit content marketing more engagement more personalization more things you can get into the video advertising mobile marketing email marketing webinars display advertising paid search affiliate marketing so these are still extremely relevant and what marketers are utilizing things to push brands and get better rois for products or services for that matter so social trends you know people want more live videos live videos are are turning out to be far more effective from an organic searching standpoint in in the social media platforms are pushing these out even more effectively than just your regular content like a a video you post that’s not live user generate content so you know people don’t want stock photos they don’t want stock videos they want something that they can relate to connect with you’re trying to reach out and connect that’s what social media is about instagram stories are really popular private community groups but make it so your brand builds a fan base that’s really you know specific to them so they feel more close more connected especially during you know times we’re going through with the covid and other pandemics the more connection you can make people feel the more apt they’re going to want to do business with you they’re going to like you they’re going to trust your brand they’re going to engage with you so obviously we can talk about you know all this data but when it comes down to when you when you work within like when we work with big companies and brands and all that stuff you know you can look at the images what what cells and what people look at what’s going on with them you know all these brands are doing a very effective job with being personable connecting with the audience at the same time pushing products it’s very subtle and insensitive and some are of course more direct when they talk about the brand but it’s about moving a lifestyle engaging people on a different level so all of these things can be done on all the different channels very effective engage people and reach out and connect them different ways so the more that you do that and the more brands that are are engaged with the more the more personal your content can be the more effective your approach is when you want to connect and also the more problems you solve the more value you bring is just going to make people like you trust you and position the brand as the authority or the thing they want to do business with or have in the marketplace is it exclusivity is it because it’s you know a high-end thing and only elite people have it different brands need a different um edge when doing so and you want to just understand the strategy behind that uh when creating this so the biggest thing the biggest mistake we we want to talk about is the strategy behind it the strategy what it is doing and based off that data why people are driven to purchase from you or your brand to get so you can grow as opposed to just post content and not get any return so the strategy to maximize the results and reach out and touch even a slight bit of these billions of people that are online is you have to start with a sound strategy where you can manage your content produce quality content that’s engaging with your brand and that that content then can be advertised and produced revenue for you so the number one thing we see is people mismanaging and not having a strategy behind how do they manage all their content all their social media channels so when we work with our clients what we do is we actually use a very simple tool we have them use google photos it’s simple you type in google photos and you can pull up the google photos and in here when we manage them we have a rough draft folder an ig folder a youtube folder a facebook folder a linkedin folder we could have a snapchat folder a tick tock folder and so forth so let’s just dive into the ig folder so it’s simple all you have to do it with google drive it’s simple you just drag and drop photos in here so all you have to do is open up your documents here and then go to your photos or wherever you’re keeping your photos take a photo and just drag it over and drop it in there and it will upload automatically once a folder is dropped in there you click on that photo and what we have all our brands do is hit the info button right this little i button with the circle around it and then they type in what they want it to say so once they type this in then it gives us an idea of what their messaging should be because we always want to make it authentic their brand and then what we do is we have them put then obviously we then post this to that specific channel so if this is ig then we post it to ig if they’re producing a lot of content we have a rough draft folder so this is a rough draft so they might be putting content in here and then we might use a program like uh photoshop canva or other things where we’re producing graphics thumbnails memes to create even more engaging with their their brand and their customers and prospects so we dive into that also when we’re working with the brand we’re going to coach them and make sure they’re producing relevant content so a really cool tool you can use is google trends and you can find out what’s relevant you know what people are typing in in certain industries right so if you type in automotive you see what’s the most popular in automotive uh you can pull up you know location based you know what people are typing in at that time at that point and and that will give you an idea of what to start searching for and engage with your customers so once your your people are doing this then uh you can manage this obviously if it’s just you yourself using google photos is hopefully to manage your content and then produce it but this is more something when you’re working with an agency or you’re hiring an assistant to post all your content for you so then you’re not being bogged down with the hours it takes to post to all the different channels because you want to capitalize on reaching you know as many of those potential prospects out there and building your brand up and then obviously using advertising and using better content by looking at the data and analyzing that data to move people to purchase right and this is the biggest strategy managing that content once you figure out and have a good strategy in place to manage all that content then it’s really simple you can hire somebody you can hire us you can hire an assistant to then post your content uh to each of their platforms so if you want to work with us that’d be great awesome you can click the link below on the bottom of this video or the description then and we can send you the details on how that would work and we would just manage everything like we just discussed about now otherwise hopefully you can use this video hire your own assistant to start um so you can focus on producing high quality content and the assistant can just focus on publishing that content at the right time of day at the right um the amount of times per day and so forth so again please like and subscribe the channel do what you do it’s great connecting with you guys and hopefully you found this valuable and thank you