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five ways to increase your focus and get more done really that’s most people’s goal in life right especially if you’re in business you’re a parent uh you have a busy hectic schedule really the goal uh hopefully if you’re not completely lazy is that your you want to get more things done but you want to have the focus to be able to stay with that activity and complete it and not lose track of what you’re doing fall off and forget what you’re what’s going on so these five crucial tips are going to help you to keep your focus and keep it sustained for as long as possible so you can get more done in the least amount of time so obviously we’re all really busy so that’s why these five tips will help you achieve more with what you have in your in your day no matter what time you constraints you have just if you focus on these five things they will help get more uh work done more tasks completed help you stay focused longer and be far more productive so one big thing is clarity is key so step one having a clear vision to sketch out exactly what you need to do i like to think about doing this the night before so before i go to bed i get a notebook it’s just a three ring spiral that i used to draw in as a kid nothing fancy i keep it really simple i keep it with me it has hundreds of pages in there and when you write out for your brain and for yourself list and things that you need to accomplish you want to write it in a way that’s simple and easy to accomplish so let’s say you have a huge list of things to go like i need to go grocery shopping i need to get my car detailed i need to record a video and i need to let’s see work on my book so those are four things that i could put on my list so i put all those things on my list and i only have to write it in a very simple thing i could just write book groceries uh detail and video right so that’s simple as long as i know what it is it helps give me the idea of like okay i can cross that off and i know exactly what to do and based off of when i wake up what my schedule is my breakfast my routine as long as that’s set in place then i’m pretty solid so i don’t have to think about it i don’t have to struggle or strain to figure out what my day’s gonna look like i know as soon as i get to work i just focus on those four things so let’s say i hit a robot block without video and being like man i’m not sure what to write or say or do so then the next day i might just under that video write down okay write a script out write storyboard so now it gives me tasks that i can do to get me closer to getting that video done obviously groceries are pretty simple let’s say i didn’t make it to the grocery store then i might say okay pass that off to my assistant pass that off to somebody else so i can get that done or write out my grocery list so that i can go and just accomplish each task very smoothly so clarity is key so if you want to focus create a very clear idea of what you need to accomplish and stick with that next is the pomodora technique right and this is about to train your brain just like it is when if you want bigger muscles you want to get in shape all stuff you have to lift weights you have to be consistent you have to follow a plan so essentially what it is is when you’re doing a task like for example working on a book or recording a video or one of those things uh you only take 25 minutes you take 25 minutes obviously if you finish before 25 minutes but you invest 25 minutes to focus just on that one task right and at the end of that task then you give yourself a five minute break and then you rinse and repeat and do the same thing but you want to do a different task so your brain can shift and go to something else but you’re only focusing on once one task again then you shift again and you do this three to four periods and then you take a prolonged break like 20 to 30 minutes and then you start doing that again if this is challenging if 25 minutes is is hard to do do 10 minutes then build a 15 then to 20 then to 25 minutes typically you don’t go above 25 minutes because you tend to lose focus your brain kind of wanders you get strained and so forth so again to focus on this one little key thing is just uh do one task for 25 minutes take a five minute break do four of those on four different tasks and then take a longer break like 20 30 minutes and then go back to it like i said if it’s challenging start with less than 25 minutes the next thing is don’t ever multitask and remove distractions so for example uh always commit to a singular task if it’s right in your book if it’s recording a video if it’s uh creating a sales script if it’s you know whatever it may be for your business for your life and so forth uh focus those 25 minutes on one singular task don’t let another task seep in there kick it out focus on that and then add that in later also remove distractions so what could be distractions if you work from home and your your kids are around you can get an office if you um have a cell phone that could ring all the time turn it on silence so you can focus on that task if you have the emails that pop up in front of you again get rid of it focus on that one singular task so there’s no distractions nothing can get in your way and you’re not trying to multitask you’re not uh trying to catch up with your day and and solve these things you’re just focusing on that one singular task so that’s it really key so step four is this is a really simple one is be healthy right get good quality sleep so seven to eight hours is is ideal obviously some people need more some people need less so always get good sleep uh exercise right eat healthy when you do all those things and you take care of your health your body can withstand more your brain can withstand more it’s not as foggy it can function more optimally when you eat good foods have better nutrition take better care of yourself your brain functions a lot more efficiently this is just simple right when you work out and in your your body’s in shape you can function in focus way more effectively so be healthy and that leads to number five the last thing is brain supplementation so sometimes chemicals can be off in your brain from either abuse in the past or just based off your genetics and life and so forth and all the things going on so you can get a boost with simple brain supplements that help drive focus far more effectively and they are great to keep your focus all day long uh almost like having a little motivator inside you all the time or motivating coaches all around you what they do is trick your brain into staying really focused and that supplement is called neuroplus you can get that there’s a link below all the details are there you can sign up if it didn’t work for you you can even ask for a refund so neuroplus give it a shot try it out uh it’s great it works really well otherwise stick and find one of these tasks or one of these five tips that can help improve your life and focus more effectively if you can do all five easy right taking a supplement is super simple takes no energy cost very little for you to get focused getting healthy that’s a little more challenging uh writing a list that’s a little easy so take some and chunk them down you don’t have to do them all just start with one or two or three or if you’re a rock star and you just want optimal performance go for all five knock yourself out all right hopefully this is helpful you can get more focus and like i said there’s links down below you can click and uh order that supplement and i wish you well alright take care