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let’s talk about the ios 14 update it’s been out for a while a lot of people’s concern when it comes to facebook advertising so i just got off the phone on the facebook rep a few days ago and chatted more and got more details regarding this before i just came up with my assumptions so first of all i don’t think you guys have much to worry about with the ios 14. what is the ios 14 update is basically saying that apple is requiring their users to opt in or opt out of advertising more or less or having their sharing their data i’m gonna assume facebook and apple are gonna come to an agreement right like with some uh money involved to to make this work i’m also going to assume that it’s going to be much like the location based thing most people are used to opting into things so again there’s a large percent of people on the apple ios platform obviously you know the ios 14 is new and more people uh as they upgrade their phones will eventually go to that platform but just like most things most people opt are used to opting into things like the location services of you where you are located and so forth i think most people are going to opt into sharing their data uh it only is beneficial for apple to eventually come to that agreement obviously facebook to work together but let’s say if they don’t they’re on ios they’re on their mobile phones and they’re in what that means to your ecommerce store your website or so forth so when somebody goes down that platform it really now ios on the mobile platform right this does not if they go to their desktop and they’re working on their computer it does not apply to that it’s only when they’re on their mobile phone so now you won’t have that data the data that you can see is if they do a video view ad or if they click a link then you can see that data but you won’t see the data from a standpoint of like certain landing pages they went to add to carts or purchases or if they became a lead which is a drawback though if you have email software out there that captures that lead information you can still track track that progress so yes it’s a little more work on your end but then you can track that progress upload that data into facebook and then use that as a look-alike audience and build that audience up obviously it it will be less automatic when people opt out for that data to show that you’re tracking a conversion on a a purchase or a lead or an add to cart and so forth so the data will be lost in that regards but let’s say they use their mobile phone like most people do they use their mobile phone to look at an ad and then they go to it a lot of people then go towards go to their desktop and once they go to their desktop to make that purchase now that is tracked obviously when they purchase or when they add to cart that data will show up within your shopify platform or whatever platform you may be using for your ecommerce store uh it will also show up in in other analytics software but when you are with the ios platform or somebody’s using their mobile phone wherever my mobile phone is so they’re using their mobile phone to go and purchase your stuff directly that obviously won’t get tracked so that unfortunately that data will be lost it will affect the algorithm uh until facebook and apple come to an agreement and work things out this is not a huge um thing for you if people purchase you can go through and look at your number of purchases based off the amount of um money you spend on your ads and see if the roi works in your favor so it will take a little additional work but this is not like it’s new it’s not like facebook facebook’s data’s perfect and so we already know in most e-commerce platforms when we see a lot of purchases coming in and facebook only accounts for so many then the data is a little lost you know through the weeds with the attribution settings and so forth on how long facebook can track that person to a purchase so if you’re you know real quick you will want to adjust your attribution settings from uh not a 28-day cycle but a seven day or less which i would recommend anyway before this update happens i’m a big believer and when somebody goes down and clicks your ad you want them to purchase fairly immediately granted that might be different for higher ticket items it takes a longer a period of time to convert them into a sale but for your quick um lower tier from a price point items then people will purchase a lot quicker so how do you do this uh set up the attribution setting so i’m in a facebook account and you can see some of the older ads in here and if i go into the ad sets here and i click on this ad here i just click edit if you scroll all the way down to the bottom right scroll all the way down to the bottom and there’s some options to show more that’s not the one you want you want the very last option and you can see an attribution setting here you can click edit and then you can adjust it so they don’t even have the options anymore um i’m not going to mess with it but that’s as simple as what you have to do to make it a seven day click one day click uh so forth and there’s a few different options and you can choose which one you want for um that ad and so forth but that’s how easy it is to change that attribution setting so you want to make sure that’s adjusted in all your facebook ads going forward and again i don’t think this is something that you can worry about i relate it to a lot like the y2k thing it’s a lot of stuff that we freak out about but at the end of the day can you run ads and can convert sales yes is the data going to be as clean as perfect no is marketing and advertising only going to get more challenging across all platforms and sharing data and all that stuff yes so that’s great so us experts out there will keep pushing through keep making money for our clients and ourselves and generating sales and conversions and leads and all that great stuff when other people are going to be hit and not understand what to do and how to get that that facebook algorithm working for them because there’s less options or it is easy so hopefully this was helpful it was just a quick update on the ios 14 update update with apple uh like i said keep running ads if you ever want help you can reach out we always work with people work with other organizations and companies and businesses to grow their ad grow their roi and create better content then in they it’s always about the message and the offer that’s going to convert customers into purchasing or getting your uh getting becoming a lead that you can sell them either over the phone or on a higher ticket item hopefully this was helpful and useful uh and we appreciate you liking subscribing and commenting i’d love to hear your comments on what other challenges you might be having with your facebook ad platform or running facebook ads alright thank you