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how to create really effective youtube channel art so looking over a handful of people who who do it well so there’s a hand things to point out here so if you look at their branding right logos in here good logo on her name so jen johnson obviously an image of her new videos every week who it’s for coaches content creators social media markers what it’s about building business with god at the center uh we have a call to action here social selling guide again this little um image of the cell phone here social selling guide quick start with a little arrow pointing it so you can get a call to action here and her social media links this is done very well i’m going to show you how to create your own and upload it here shortly again we want to dive into somebody else obviously she’s a big uh proponent of this and her course teaches this but again solid logo uh it’s congruent across your platform subscribe boss youtube channel checklist new episodes every tuesday and friday this is a great thing to let people know that when you’re posting your videos uh every tuesday and friday so people tune in a great social proof where she was featured entrepreneur forbes fast company inc so forth uh dive into this again they don’t have a posting where they show how many videos but it’s really simple their branding who they are uh primal video amplify your business and brand with videos a great copy again great call to action action create videos faster with the ultimate editing process download the free guide and that’s that so in here garyvee you can’t knock him like he’s got over close to three million subscribers you probably already know who who he is garyvee video experience he’s got logos his image a little social media and icons all around him new videos every weekday so again he’s letting you know again garyvee’s here his website his social links all that so you want to make sure you have all those things dan lok also does a youtube course uh on it uh you can look at a review i’ve done for his channel as well as sunny’s or their courses elevate your financial confidence unlock your potential three episodes a week so he’s letting you know hey they’re going to produce three episodes a week so tune in regularly get your free ebook here a lot of branding who is it who he is social media icons love the arrows pointing here then get the free book call to action as well so again neil patel new videos monday thursday and saturday again your number one source for all things marketing has his links in here it’s congruent across his platforms his branding colors his images again is congruent across all platforms adam earhart as well new business and marketing videos every week uh then it has obviously his website in here there’s really no call to action and also doesn’t say it does say every week but it’s not specific as in like tuesday or thursday uh the background is fine but like other channels you could be more engaging with that again it’s it’s really about being as engaging as possible getting people to know connect with your brand so again this is great she shows social proof 100k followers uh following posts so forth what she does her name her image helping content creators and coaches so who it’s for uh what it’s about get visible get paid and again what when she’s posting new videos every week again great call to action here again with the congruency with her image that she’s used here free training and turn your followers into clients just join the free video here and her social links another one gabby bernstein you can look at her number one new york times best-selling author so grim social proof her name her image become the happiest person you know there’s no information about how many videos a week or what day she’s posting videos so that would be a a correction that she could do better again get free guide here call to action she could create a little more arrows and um engagement letting people know she has a call to act action there as well as adding the social media post again every sunday here posts here very engaging you want to look at all the stuff they do you’ll be more apt to subscribe and so forth as you get tons and tons of subscribers you don’t necessarily have to follow these rules as much and you can update your channel art better so one thing you can do is obviously upload your own channel art and i’ll show you how to create it so there’s a uh using canva it’s a very simple program so i’m showing you how it works so you if you upload this and i’ll add this into descriptions so you have this so you in this text and logo safe area that’s the minimum for mobile that will show in the tablet that’s what we’ll show for tablet and in the desktop max that will show for desktop there’s also the tv which shows the entire image here so you got to be selective with your channel are on where you put things so if you notice on here so it comes in here so if this is on a desktop app so notice it would get cut off here for mobile gets cut off here for mobile so you got to fit all this in this specific area here in canvas is a free program it’s super simple to use so let’s say i just want to grab some simple images here bring those in right adjust the font in here if i want to add some text add some text in here obviously it comes in too big so i want to adjust that come up in here edit this text here and i’m not going to show you everything how to do it of course you want to get rid of the background once you’ve you’ve uploaded everything added images you know my youtube channel art right heading you know it’s got white right so that’s in there so that’s good in here and you can add more images play around with canva get really good upload your images in here uh add a background to it and so forth but we’re just keeping it simple on how to do it but you just utilize this platform get to and learn canva so you can produce that channel art effectively and then when you want to you go to your youtube um channel you go into you select your account you go into your you want to go to your studio youtube you’re going to go into your customization here on the side and then channel customization you’re going to click branding and then it says banner image here so to change it you just click that button and then you upload the file you want to in there and so obviously on your upload if you upload something that doesn’t fit those dimensions you can double check that on your channel itself so if you go into your channel itself you can look at the channel art so again you can go into your channel review the channel art if it fits in there correctly obviously if it doesn’t fit in there correctly you can go back into canva make your adjustments save it re-upload it into the customization area into branding into the banner image and you can change that and that’s how you adjust your youtube channel art in canva so if you don’t want to do this you can always hire somebody for really inexpensive on sites like fiverr or upwork and they can create your channel art for you but the things you want to always remember when creating your channel are your name your logo your image your brand colors who it’s for what it’s about social proof your links how many days you post and or what days be consistent with your other social media platforms and make it so it’s engaging and people want to subscribe to your channel simple consistent and that’s what’s best remember if you need a logo you can also go to fiverr or up work to create that they can create everything there so you don’t have to do this obviously if you work with our team directly we’re already probably creating this for you but this is how you create your channel art on your own uh through using a free program like canva and where to upload it thank you