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what aaron rodgers and the green bay packers can teach us about leadership right now  so i don’t know if you know this but aaron rodgers has not showed up to  otas that’s basically practice that you can go to to get better and work with the team  in and it’s coming into the season right so aaron rodgers has been fairly transparent about his  um process with the organization he’s unhappy and he’s basically been quoted to say and let  me read this quote here with my situation look it’s never been about the draft pick  picking jordan love which is the new quarterback they drafted a year or two ago i love jordan he’s  a great kid a lot of fun to work together i love the coaching staff i love my teammates  i love the fan base in green bay incredible 16 years it’s just kind of about the philosophy  and maybe forgetting that it’s about the people that make the things go it’s about character  it’s about culture it’s about doing things the right way so obviously he believes the green bay  packer organization which is the nfl team if you don’t know who aaron rodgers is he plays in in  the nfl for uh the green bay packers and he’s unhappy with the culture uh how they operate  their philosophies and so forth he’s been with them for 16 years so you’d think it’d be pretty  uh okay but they’ve gone through multiple coaches he’s not a huge fan necessarily of the the gm  who knows so there’s also uh where he’s not he does not have any guaranteed money so aaron  rodgers could be just saying this stuff to get guaranteed money because obviously he should so  the leadership behavior people should adopt more so in an organization is being pre transparent  uh obviously aaron rodgers has been really transparent with what he said in his quote  about saying i’m unhappy with the flossie where is headed uh organization if you don’t know who  aaron rodgers is he would be considered your top tier talent so if you’re searching an organization  and you want to find the best of the best aaron rodgers is one of those categories so being that  said and and to to go into more depth he won the league’s mvp last year he took the the team to  the nf c championship game obviously they lost the tampa bay buccaneers tom brady won the the super  bowl so he got really really close in the last few years he got really really close to winning  the super bowl so i mean you can’t get better than that he’s a three-time mvp he’s a super bowl champ  he’s a super bowl mvp so he’s somebody who’s produced massive results he’s been an  amazing leader in the organization even his fellow receivers did not show up for the first few days  of otas to support aaron rodgers so imagine in your organization if your entire staff of a team  member did not show up to do their jobs obviously your organization would crumble very fast so aaron  rodgers pulls a ton of weight and he’s being transparent and up front and being like hey look  i’m happy so do something to make me happy so obviously when it comes to the nfl they can  not say stuff and and say stuff we don’t know what’s going behind going on behind closed doors  obviously in any organization that’s not in the media uh light like most organizations you’re not  going to hear what conversations are being held with the coaching staff and the gm’s to aaron  rodgers directly and he might be doing this as a ploy to just get get his guaranteed money which  obviously i think he deserves based off of who he is and what he’s done for the organization maybe  the green bay packers are getting a feel for the new quarterback to see if they need to give aaron  rodgers that money obviously if they’re more transparent about it it’s something they don’t  want to do because then aaron rodgers would get unhappy by basically like saying hey it’s also  could be speculation that aaron rodgers is so good that he doesn’t need to go to otas and green bay  packers are like hey your chill out go have a good time we know you’re going to be great let’s get  this new kid as aka jordan love some reps and let him help help so what the media is saying is he’s  unhappy he’s also been quoted to say that he’s unhappy uh the big thing in the media right now  is that hey you need to give this guy guaranteed money make him happy typically money will do that  not everybody is going to be happy with money aaron rodgers could hold out  have no problem holding out because he has the financial resources to do so and green bay packers  will have to deal him and he can pick and choose wherever he wants to go essentially tom brady got  away with doing that so he might want to follow in his footsteps it’s been 16 years uh with the green  bay packers now he might be like hey it’s time to move on obviously green bay packers may feel as an  organization it’s time for them to move on because they don’t want to spend as much but at the end  of the day they got super close to winning the super bowl obviously they need a little bit more  to get them to that next step so again if you’re in an organization and you’re a leader in that  organization if you can be more transparent with your team your people in that organization to help  them understand where they are where they’re headed or where your organization’s headed  they can jump on board and be happier and so forth obviously if you have top talent you got to  learn to pay that top talent make sure they feel appreciated and so forth make sure the culture  is a fit for them so they don’t jump ship as well because if you’re in an organization with google  apple steals your employees apple steals google’s employees and so forth across all those uh  organizations so hopefully this was helpful again it’s about being a leader in your organization  and having that level of transparency to teach people and let them know where you’re headed  what’s going on and hopefully aaron rodgers can teach you this technique alright thank you