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let’s talk about video equipment you need to get started with youtube so this can vary depending on what type of videos you’re shooting and uh the content what industry and so forth so let me just start off with what is the least expensive thing that you can do to get started and start filming videos right away and get good quality stuff first thing you can do is use your phone your phone is extremely high quality the biggest thing with your phone is the audio and the the lighting isn’t great so i’m gonna go through a few pieces of equipment first that you can get started with your phone and start filming right away with good quality granted in good lighting you can already do great stuff with your phone the only caveat is you need to get a good uh sound quality from your phone so a simple way first is to get good lighting is let’s go into amazon here since everybody buys everything on amazon so you already probably seen all those selfie ring lights so this is a great option for fifty dollars you can get a selfie ring light uh it’s a tripod has your light option on it you can connect your phone so you can film in different formats and so forth from vertical or horizontal so this is a great purchase when you’re first getting started out obviously there’s another step up now where it tracks your face and movement if you’re doing more fitness videos you’re walking around but if you’re just doing kind of a talking head video this is this great uh aspect the other thing that i want to talk about to get started right away is good sound quality so you can get a lot lavier mic which is super inexpensive for about 13 bucks it has a 16 foot cable so it you can drag it all the way through your clothes and stay in front it won’t it will just clip to your shirt and make it easier and you can start filming good quality sound right off the bat the next step up if you don’t if you’re willing to spin and invest is really to get a boom mic uh for 200 obviously you can get the attachment you can have it plugged directly into your phone but create that boom mic with the stand to get really high-end quality sound coming out for your videos this can be make things a lot more versatile also when you get a a nicer camera as opposed to shooting with your phone you can attach the the boom mic and so forth and get more uh directional sound it also comes with a wind muffler so if you’re outside filming it will get rid of the wind sound so this is the next step up with the rode videomic studio boom kit that comes in you can set up your studio and get really really good quality sound and put it above your head and really get good quality sound next step if you’re shooting stuff a lot outside this is a really inexpensive um wireless microphone so if you’re doing you know basketball drills or you know fitness uh videos or things that you need to be further away from the camera this is a great great wireless mic that you can then connect into your phone uh and get set up a good sound quality and so forth for you know almost 120 bucks i think they have a coupon you can get it for even less the few adapters you need depending if you have an iphone or a android you need these little adapters to be able to connect the the devices into your sound to record the sound so this is again 15 bucks for the iphone this one’s a magnetek uh it’s only nine dollars for the android again i’m gonna put all the descriptions down below so you guys can purchase it obviously it’s affiliate links it helps me out supports the channel all that great stuff but regardless i’m just trying to make it as easy and user friendly as possible so you know exactly what to get to get started right off the bat and and for a low quality cost to still get high quality results and then the next step up would obviously be getting a really good quality tripod so if you’re moving to a bigger camera you’re shooting with your phone you want to get those better quality uh tripods so there’s the kf concept which is really light it’s great for traveling uh you can move it it’s really versatile and so forth so it’s a great one for about 90 bucks and it has a five percent coupon as well uh really recommend that one since it’s light and user friendly to really travel with one that i really like is the fluid head tripod co-man it has a detachable face uh top thing it hasn’t adjusted so you can really move around and get good quality shots uh set your cameras on it and so forth and quick release all that great stuff and again it’s regularly like 120 i think you can get it for with a 20 coupon or used to for about 99. or you can check for coupons um i think i got it for like 70 bucks but again great tripods is having a good tripod is very good when you’re upgrading your cameras even if you’re using your phone but initially if you’re just using your phone like i said just use that ringless mount until your youtube channel is starting to really generate money and you you’re monetized and you can put more money back into your your channel to grow and get better quality content next like i said is lighting so first was a very cheap version of a ring light the next would be the the newer two-piece bi-color 660 led video light kit so you’re getting two big light kits a good stance comes with the travel packages everything set up be able to adjust the lights for less than two hundred dollars so this is a great deal when you’re starting to shoot and getting really more serious and getting having good quality light to really produce really great quality content next and last i would say get a good quality camera so that comes in right now and this is 2021 so this is shoots 4k it’s really simple to use it’s canon it will be adapted to use a lot of canon lenses obviously there’s tons other cameras out there to shoot with but like i said when you first start off i say just start get started with your phone your phone is really high quality it works great but when you’re ready to step up this is more advanced so 849 i think you can get it refurbished on canon’s website for around 790. then obviously you can you have to add the lens and there’s multiple lenses i’m not even going to list them in the video and so forth but you can you know progress and get tons of different lenses to get better shots and so forth next if you’re just shooting cam camera from your your computer and so forth this is a super inexpensive webcam i recommend getting a webcam as opposed to using your your computer or your pc or your mac um webcam that it comes with upgrade that and get a nicer webcam like i said for 70 bucks you can get really good quality content produce uh good videos get good sound uh you can also get like a yeti microphone they’re great that i’m speaking into right now with a little muffler so it clears the sound makes it nice and crisp so very important so like i said if you want to get started on a super low budget the first thing i’d get is that that selfie ring right and good quality sound so just get that lavier mic uh or the the boom mic set or the wireless microphone depending on what type of videos you’re shooting and then from there you can progress up on different um levels and obviously from a camera standpoint you can go up to different you know sony’s and canons and and shoot really high quality with the mark you know five or whatever it is now and so forth i’m i’m more about getting just good quality stick um and i don’t think you need to break the bank to be you get started obviously you can but i recommend the biggest thing with youtube is staying committed and getting quality content pushed out and working on your videos to improve the engagement of them so then you can start investing back into your channel and get better quality content get people to shoot with you get editors and so forth and and getting people to to do it for you so the best thing you can do is really hire somebody to edit your videos edit your content so you can start producing more content and focus on what you’re great at and if you need help with that obviously the course and my team can do that and you can hire our team to edit your videos to post your social media to really grow your channel faster and more effectively before you start investing in more equipment equipment can get really expensive very fast like you can just see all the stuff that’s added in my cart right now it’s about 1600 bucks including the camera which isn’t bad to get started obviously you can go buy a five ten thousand dollar camera alone with no lenses no tripods all that stuff so the price can go really fast not even to mention software to use to edit and so forth but again this hopefully will give you a good start to get started on uh equipment that you can to use and keep the budget down so you can get and start posting more content for your youtube channel right away alright thank you take care