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facebook ads for beginners we’re going to talk about service-based business and also  talk about e-commerce business so if you’re first starting out on running facebook ads or google ads  any type of ads on any platform this should be extremely helpful but it’s going to  be based off of service-based businesses and then a dive a little bit into e-commerce businesses so  when you first start off and you have a service based business and you have no followers you have  no page created nothing’s really set up so obviously first you got to create a  facebook page uh you got to do the verification you got to set that up in your facebook ad account  so you want to set up a facebook ad account by going in and logging into your facebook and then  you want to go to that’s going to go to your business manager account  you’re going to sign up for a business manager account once you go into the business manager  account you’re going to be logged into into the ad platform right and so you have to set up a a pixel  you got to set up that pixel on your website your landing pages or your sales funnel system  if you’re using click funnels hey fyi i have a click funnels uh affiliate link down below  if you want to click it and sign up that’s great i have even videos teaching you how to  use it uh and so forth and how to create more productive self sales funnels um i’ll put the  link uh below and in cards or whatever and you can do that if you want please comment below  and what are your biggest struggles right now with facebook ads or sales funnels and so forth  just write those comments below happy to answer those but when you when you’re first starting  out with an ad for a service based business and let’s say you’re a law firm or you’re a dentist  or um it doesn’t really matter what your business is you’re in a personal training your beauty  so forth the biggest thing about building trust credibility getting people to like you online is  people want to know that you’re going to be good and they can trust you and they can utilize your  services so for a dentist right for example it’s going to start off with a you can draw people in  what’s called the irresistible offer so what offer is going to be so irresistible to people right get  your teeth whiten totally for free and obviously they have to first come in and book an appointment  whatever something along those lines get a brand new sonicare toothbrush i don’t know so those  things are can be irresistible to people granted i’m not a huge fan of giving away stuff to get  a bunch of freebie people in you got to get them committed got them get them hooked and you should  always get them to try to purchase something and then give them something free on on the back end  or giving something of high value on the back end right so on on a coaching thing obviously  you’re going to provide value from teaching them one thing that’s great about teaching something  teaching someone or people something is it builds credibility and trust and gets them to like you  really fast so for example you’re watching this content and hopefully i’m teaching you something  and if i do a really good job and i provide tons of value for you my level of authority  increases in your mind and go wow he’s really intelligent he knows what he’s talking about  he delivers on his promise and i’m happy i watched this video because i got a ton of value from this  so obviously he is great at facebook ads he’s great at business consulting he’s  great at teaching beginners and simplifying that process and so all those things right all that is  is basically building my credibility and positions me as authority in your eyes if i do this video  correctly so obviously leave a comment below if there’s stuff that i left out or you’d like to  know more and i’m happy to answer those questions so when you’re diving into that content so one  thing that you can do your first ad this is the first ad for most businesses that they should run  since we’re diving it they should do what’s called a video view ad so if i’m brand new  nobody’s ever heard of me i do a video view ad and my goal is to teach them something  position my my brand so that people see it and as they watch that ad then you can see if they’ve  watched twenty five percent you know ten seconds twenty five percent uh fifty percent seventy five  percent a hundred percent of that video and if i make that video around two to five minutes long  and if they watch the entire five minutes that video where i’m really really hopefully really  engaging and i’m teaching them stuff of high value what i can do is now i can take the audience of 50  or 75 or even 100 typically i’d go 50 to 75 percent of people who watch that entire video  and then i’d re-target them with the offer that i have right and that could be obviously i have  a consulting business and i help brands grow and and drive their revenue and simplify their  processes and systems and build their team and and help their culture so my  everything that i’d be teaching is around the business and helping that process or helping  them with facebook ads for example or other ads to their platform and i’d be teaching along those  lines that then i would retarget and say hey if you want to work with me this would be a second  video ad that would then be a lead conversion ad right so then i’d be driving them to an an opt-in  to either book a call with me fill out an application or i could send them more information  but really if i do a good job with the first video or the first few videos so i can also do  series one video series two video in series three video series four video or series five video  there’s not a number that i could do as many as i want i could do as few as i want  and then i could say each people that watched at least 50 of all those videos because at that  point they should be called they should be pretty indoctrinated to what you are about and if they  showed that interest to watch all those different videos at that point then i can drive an offer ad  and that would be a lead conversion campaign all right so the conversion campaign would be to drive  them to a landing page or a squeeze page an opt-in page whatever you want to call it and that opt-in  page would then be a place for them to enter their name and email right or i would send them to an  application right and the application they would fill out and then that would book them a call  it depends on what you’re selling from a service standpoint how much or what the  cost is so just think about this the higher that the more that you charge for your services the  uh the more value you have to create for that that user that audience that’s watching that’s engaged  the more value that’s created the more opt they’re going to purchase that if you’re selling something  for 79 or 29 and it’s a service well you don’t have to motivate or teach or instruct or do much  to get people to spend 29 right it’s it’s not that big of a deal it’s not that much money but if i’m  telling you my coaching services and my consulting services is 5 000 to ten thousand dollars or more  well obviously that requires a bigger commitment on that buyer they’re gonna wanna know more than  just a short little video and be like oh dude i like him he’s he’s cool he taught me this one  little thing on facebook ads and so yeah i’m gonna go and call and hire them and so forth and book  their services we also have other tiered services that can help with group coaching as well as  done for you options where we do that but that’s again you can go and fill out that application  and we can decide to get on a call with you if we feel that you’re a fit working with us but  diving into more going back to that facebook ads before i lose go off tangent is so now that right  so initial ad is the video view ad right and it could be multiple video views and they watched  the first video second video third video and fourth video they’ve all watched at least 50 or 75  of that video that would tell me that they’re a really engaged audience i warm them up i’m not  trying to just shove my offer in their face right off the bat because they don’t know me they don’t  trust me i’m not credible yet so why would i would say and that’s what a lot of people do they do a  buy me ad here’s my ad buy me buy my services i’m great i’m amazing right so that’s like walking up  to a girl and saying will you marry me or will you sleep with me right the first time you meet her  it might work from a number standpoint if you do it a thousand times it might work once but the  majority of the time you’re going to be slapped and you’re going to get a hell no you’re not  going to get the response that you want but if you court them and engage them over a period of time  and give them provide them value to let them know that you’re a great suitor for them then  they’re going to be more persuaded to be like hey i really like this guy i think he’s he’s smooth he  trusts him he’s credible we have fun together all these experiences right that’s what those  videos do initially those video view ads are all giving those experience of a potential customer  the belief that in their mind that this person can do the job and that they’re the right fit for them  and like i said when you teach people stuff and you provide massive value and to put tons of good  will in the marketplace it typically comes back in return it never hurts you it will only help your  reputation and hence why i’m doing this video right like i want to push as much goodwill and  value out there to help people to get to a certain point where then they can’t afford me right like  if you’re a beginner and you’re not making any money you’re not hiring anybody you got to do all  this stuff yourself you got to write all the hats right so like i said you want to start off with  a video view ad you can do multiple video view ads to make it even more engaging and then you  position your offer to purchase your service or come in for an appointment or book a call with you  from there and that would be another video view or it wouldn’t be a video of you at be a lead  conversion ad i recommend you do a video for that ad right uh and then it drives them to an opt-in  page an application page to either book a call or sign up and so forth if you’re doing services like  uh social media marketing it’s only 97 well then you don’t need a ton of that if you’re  doing small little service based things that are lower tier then you can start off with again i  always recommend a video view ad in the beginning to build that audience up and then start driving  more lead conversions ads once you have built your momentum and your credibility and trust and  all that stuff you should be doing lead conversion ads so you go in there and you set your campaign  you go to conversions and do lead leads ads and that goes to a book uh application page  or an opt-in page that you can follow up with them with a phone call or a text or an email  if you can sell your services right off the bat then yes you should do  uh instead of a lead conversion ad uh you should start doing an ad to cart ad right to get as many  ad to carts as you can and then from there you want to get as many purchases as you can once  you complete that algorithm our whole goal is to really consistently feed that algorithm data  so improves and consistently gets more leads gets more add to cart gets more purchases  and so forth from there obviously once you have purchases you’ve completed that the formula to  know what it’s going to cost you um what’s your cost per acquisition so you know whatever you  spend if you can convert that and get a purchase on the back end so if you’re spending 50 bucks and  every time you spend fifty dollars you get five leads and one purchase for two hundred dollars  well that’s a good that’s good math in your favor depending on what your margins are but typically  in service based businesses you might have less margins because it doesn’t cost you as much to  do that i don’t know but make sure your roi and your margins and you have a good business model  that gets you more customers right and gets you customers where you’re making profit and  you’re not losing your money that’s a whole other conversation and that’s related to your business  model uh but from a facebook ad standpoint like i said you’re going to start off with video view ads  then you’re going to go into lead conversion ads going to lead then go into if you can sell  your services right online and you don’t need to book a call with them and you don’t need to  book an appointment with them then you’re going to go right into  doing a add to cart ad and then a purchase ad and those are all conversion based ads and i’m a big  proponent of always doing videos you can test images you can test other things testing is the  name of this game you want to consistently test and segment those things out to get better results  so obviously big things when you’re working on facebook is you got to make sure you have a really  amazing audience if the audience is wrong then you’re not going to get really good conversions  other thing is you got to make sure your messaging is spot on because if it’s not  the wrong messaging the wrong audience is going to never get good conversions and then that last  point is the offer if your offer is really amazing it’ll get people to convert purchase and you’re a  happy camper because what i’m saying works versus if your message is wrong is your audience is wrong  and your offer is wrong nothing will convert uh granted if you have celebrity like status like kim  kardashian and she just ran an ad to buy something and had horrible landing pages horrible offer  horrible messaging it would still work because her credibility is so high in the marketplace  and because she has the highest authority which is a celebrity authority in the marketplace if  you can become an authority in your marketplace what you say will have a huge momentum when you  say it and people will typically purchase but if you’re a beginner you don’t have any of that  stuff so the whole point is getting to that stage where you’re you are building credibility with  those video view ads and then you can position that offer because you become more of authority  in uh you built credibility trust and hopefully people like you then they’ll want to do business  with you and purchase your your service and so forth i’ll have to do a whole other video  for the e-commerce people and teach them how to do it it’s a totally different system but  for beginners facebook um ads with service-based businesses this is where i would start with that  again hopefully this was helpful if you have any uh questions please leave the comments below  you can like and subscribe if you find that find this uh valuable and again it doesn’t matter what  platform you are it it’s the same as you can do as facebook on google and other platforms  out there with natives and all those other things if you’re running ads you want to kind  of take the same approach build credibility trust position yourself as authority in the first place  and then at that point hit them back with an offer that you deem irresistible in your audience’s eyes  but you gotta make sure you know your audience you gotta know the messaging your audience  wants to hear you gotta make sure that offer is irresistible to that audience  all right thank you and i wish you the best and and hopefully this was helpful take care