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How to create a facebook purchase conversion campaign first you always want to get a lot of data like add to cards initiate checkouts and so forth before you create a purchase campaign so then facebook’s algorithms data will work for you more effectively right so in here we want to start off uh campaigns you can see that we’ve got a lot of add to carts now we even have some purchases coming through and this is a fairly new account so let’s now show you how to create a conversion uh for a purchase obviously you have to have the facebook pixel set up and you can check out our other videos how to do that but let’s go through first you want to go into campaigns and this may look a little different facebook changes it all the time so you come in here we’re gonna create a new campaign i’m in what’s called business facebook ads manager in here so hit create we’re going to come in here and we’re going to click conversions here we’re going to hit continue

and then it’s a new campaign come through here conversions uh that’s good and then in the ad set area we’re going to go through website uh notice pixel it has already the green means it has already gotten some conversions on that same thing with the purchase got 22 on that now we want to purchase campaign and then we can go through set this up like any other ad campaign and you know how to do that from watching my other videos and if you haven’t go watch other videos how to set up this more effectively by using either lookalike audiences custom audiences uh setting up the location age gender and then setting up even the detailed targeting in here as well as what should you check on automatic placement or manual placement and conversions and manual controls and so forth and then at that point you just come in and you set up the ad and add your images add all that data in here so it’s that simple on how to set that conversion up and so we’re going to actually delete this because this campaign is already set up and we have one ad set that’s converting so we’re going to do it from actually a duplicate duplicating this add to cart and just changing it from a purchase campaign so we’re going to hit duplicate follow it up again wait for facebook to finish here so come in here and so notice now this is copy i’m going to change this when naming my campaigns i always name it something that’s related to the ad set what it is a purchase uh version two 30-55 beverage admins income copy for whatever so i can get rid of that so i know that it’s a purchase website instead of add to cart i want to change this to a purchase event scroll down here make sure all this stays the same we’re good with this manual placements all that is the same and then i want to hit publish because it’s just duplicating the campaign that’s already performing well i want to see if the purchase campaign will beat out the add to cart campaign and obviously get more purchases at a lower cost per acquisition and obviously even get more add to carts at a lower uh add to cart um value so if i come in here right so obviously obviously it’s in review so right now we’re getting nine dollars and 18 cents uh per add to cart and if we scroll over even more and this is why it’s so important to always check your data and use this data to compare so cost per purchase right now or a cpr cost per acquisition is 82.96 my goal is to beat this with this new campaign obviously facebook’s goal is now to get purchases as opposed to just add to carts so it’s going to focus on working harder to get more purchases as opposed to getting to add to carts the add to cart is 9.22 i don’t really care if this value goes up as long as this value goes down our whole goal is to get a lower cost per acquisition and that’s why you constantly look at that data and so forth yes can you change the ad sets the audiences and the ad copy to obviously improve this yes of course and there’s other videos showing you how to do that but this one specifically is about just creating that conversion purchase campaign and since we want to duplicate this process because we’re stair stepping up right first we got more add to carts uh or first we got more landing page views then we got add to carts at a lower cost per um add to cart and now we’re getting purchases now our goal is to get a lower cost per purchase and continually improve that um cost per acquisition so we’re getting uh our margins or our roi that we want if you have any questions uh if you need help feel free to leave comments below like and subscribe to the channel you can set up a call with us if you want to work with us that’s fine as well as there’s a lot of free content in the description below to different uh facebook courses that are for beginners as well as some other things that will help your business your brand uh grow and help you with automations so like i said please like and subscribe to this channel we appreciate you and everybody who watches this and thank you