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what youtube course to purchase there’s a lot out there the main ones are the youtube creator academy by graham stevens and youtube for bosses by sunny i never can pronounce your last name uh leonardo whatever you know so which one of those should you buy so i want you to dive into that and show you some other courses that are very beneficial that can teach you what you need to know as well as some free courses and at the end of this video i’m going to show you how you get 200 off on both of those courses that i mentioned so let’s dive into those two courses right so graham stevens course versus sunny’s course so sonny might be the most inspirational person or youtube creator that is out there on the market she’s so inspiring so engaging on when you start learning from her and watching her videos you will probably most likely get want to get started because she is that inspiring so that’s uh worth its weight in gold right so if somebody can motivate you to actually accomplish something is is super powerful so on her course itself when you dive into the nitty-gritty of her course there’s a lot of things that she teaches where she has her community that her community then has them watched your videos and then her longtail keywords and our keywords and setting all that stuff on our inner link submission stuff it just doesn’t work it’s it’s kind of spammy from a youtube standpoint it’s spammy from an engagement standpoint it gets people on your channel that really shouldn’t be on the channel youtube is really about customer satisfaction so are you pleasing the people in your audience as in your subscribers and other people who stumble across your content are you engaging and provides so much satisfaction or value that then they sit and watch your videos all the way through so for example you can create an amazing thumbnail and that’s important to get a high click-through rate so that otherwise known as ctr click through rate so that’s the amount of people who want to click on it so when people see that thumbnail doesn’t stand out does it grab their attention where they want to click on it so that’s step number one can you do that can you grab their attention with your thumbnail step number two is once they click on it are people actually watching that video through so sunny and graham both do a great job in talking about what equipment you need how to edit a video how to put together a video how to get started so forth i feel that graham teaches more uh from a logical standpoint of more fundamentals of saying hey these are things that you should do based off the ag algorithm to improve your channel and get better results here’s some tricks here’s some tools like tubebug buddy and vid iq and other things that are free or you can subscribe to it i do have affiliate links if you do do it it’s like 10 bucks a month for one of them well worth it to teach you about tags all that stuff sunny and graham both teach you really uh basic information about how to grow your content how to get started graham has an amazing thing from a monetization how to make more money with your channel which is a awesome hack uh sunny and graham both talk about youtube seo with keywords how to find them how to how to create them your tags all that stuff there are a lot of similarities with some of that stuff some of sunny stuff like i talk about is a little spammy that just doesn’t work it’s not really solid it’s it’s just not worth it and not worth doing where graham is more about the algorithm and the analytics and looking at that stuff so graham has a little bit more meat on on the bone and less fluff so to speak uh sunny is literally the most inspirational person when you watch your content that will inspire you at the end of the day the most important part about youtube is getting started i’m a big proponent of talking about will this drive your business will you grow your business obviously that’s you uh sonny’s philosophy too it’s like you don’t have to be a youtuber to make tons of money on youtube you can create a course you can have a business you can sell a product you can sell a service and you can become the and position yourself as an authority utilizing youtube um graham talks more about the niche specifics of youtube and how valuable that is uh i think sunny gets into that she does a great job with her thumbnail creations all those other things but both of them do a great job and in the basic stuff and most of this stuff you can find for free on youtube i actually have a free youtube course that you can go to it’s in the link that you can learn a ton of the basic stuff once you understand that then you kind of understand i would lean more towards graham’s course from a knowledge standpoint of fundamentals in sonny’s course from an inspirational standpoint so diving into that i i’m a sucker for courses and i would buy them both uh but if money is limited i’d probably lean towards graham if you’re having trouble getting started and getting motivated i lean towards sunny so now i’m gonna show how you can get 200 off on both of their courses as well as how you can monetize your channel extremely fast and as well as get this information for even less uh so when you go to sonny’s course she doesn’t even hide it anymore you can just it says buy for 5.97 and there’s no coupon code you just click on it and hit the drop down 397. i don’t know why anybody would not click that and just get it 597 unless you just want to give her more money obviously sunny does have a more expensive coaching program that’s six thousand dollars and this is obviously a feeder course that goes into that which is no big surprise if you’re doing any ascension ladder in business you should start somebody off engaging them with content and then build them up into higher ticket programs to benefit them and coach them and and better serve them as a um coach or consultant so forth so no big surprise with sunny she’s following marketing fundamentals with ascension ladder and all that great stuff and that’s really important uh graham doesn’t really get into that he just as far as i know just has his youtube uh creator academy so you enroll in his course he’s a little trick trickier to get the 200 off you just add the coupon code 200 off and this was from uh when you first could purchase the course and then you can get that for 197. i’m gonna also go through and show you how you can get a course for ninety seven dollars with a hundred dollar coupon and that will teach you all the seo all the details all the stuff with the algorithm and just lay everything out from a fundamental standpoint on how to grow your channel very fast how to monetize it practically instantly i’m not going to dive into it in this video as well as how to get more subscribers all that great stuff some hacks some tricks and some just pure fundamentals and all you’re going to do is just go through follow this link here click down below click the link to get it for ninety seven dollars and you can have everything in the whole course delivered to you and you can get started watching right away hopefully this video video was helpful and you can decide on which course you want to purchase to really learn the youtube fundamentals and fast track yourself to success on youtube all right thank you take care and obviously if you find this valuable like subscribe hit the notification bell always appreciate it want to create more content that can benefit you and help you grow from a business as well as an individual so take care