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thinking about buying graham stevens course uh hopefully you’ve done your research i want to show you how you can get 200 off uh on his course if you’re thinking about buying it and dive into more of the research if you should buy it or not and what course may be more effective obviously couldn’t you find this content for free on on youtube so let’s get into graham stevens himself and so obviously here’s his youtube channel is he credible obviously he has 3.45 3.45 million subscribers to his channel he’s doing very well with his youtube uh he’s been on the fast track of it so he’s been very successful figuring things out one of the most thing most important things that he talks about in his course is creating a niche finding a niche he started off with real estate and then started diving into finance obviously if you’re familiar with youtube or you’re familiar with making money online or offline there’s cert certain businesses that are more effective at generating capital than than others so some businesses uh in some niches can make you far more money than others and you can dive into that research later on but looking at graham stevens channel this is socialblade here it’s a cool thing that you can pull up people’s accounts and check them uh check their stuff out on you know where is he ranking his country rank how much is he making monthly versus total what videos are doing well subscribers you know is this channel continuing to progress so forth uh then also from an income standpoint you can always go on google and figure out how much uh graham steven is worth you know they estimate around a million dollars um at this at this current rate obviously his channel has grown exponentially he sells his course so he’s generating more um cash flow that way so diving into his course so if you come into youtube the real estate academy course the youtube creator course i want to break down the course so you understand it right now you can enroll for the course for 3.97 but i want to show you at the end of this video how you can get it for 200 off as well as um that you can uh get other courses or even less that may teach you more and so forth but so when you dive into just scroll past all the social social proof all that stuff it’s on an account where you can do the course curriculum just pull put this down he breaks down the course very simple to follow and it’s great for beginners if you don’t know much about youtube and you want to learn this is a great course he teaches more fundamentals than saying like you got to do this this is the only thing that works he understands the algorithm changes in google is a complex or youtube’s a complex uh system and they make adjustments really when you break it down youtube is about engagement so what’s going to get but click-through rates keywords all those things is what’s going to improve your customer satisfaction of somebody watching your video so if people watch your videos from start to finish that’s going to boost you up in the algorithm if people um that’s the biggest thing right so when we break in down here he first does some coaching calls with some people and looks at their channels talks about their thumbnails and improving that aspect then it comes into you know how you can get monetized how do you how you can go from zero to 370 000 subscribers in two years which something that he did so obviously the the first thing you need to do is figure out how to name your channel uh what niche you want to dive into and that goes into all that so before you get started you want to know those things a big thing is when you get on camera when you first start youtube most people are going to feel self-conscious they’re going gonna be like oh this isn’t that good but remember your first video versus your 100th video which i always talk about is just commit to doing 100 videos and and promote that i’m a big avid kid of like don’t try to get rich with just becoming a youtuber use it from your business aspect and grow your business and promote yourself and position yourself as authority in that subject matter so that you can then sell other things benefit that way and generate money and cash flow from those other things from courses from your own product sales from your business itself so uh in here he talks about how to handle criticisms uh hate comments and and get over the fear of posting again i’m a big believer of nike you just got to do it you got to get started but he goes into it he deep dives into it and he’s a smooth talker he’s very uh easy uh the course is very easy to follow and very engaging so uh like i said it’s i highly recommend it so he breaks down camera equipment to use i’m not going to get into all those details what he talks about obviously he’s a pro he talks about all the lighting the the tripod all that stuff uh how to plan your videos how to pick a niche how to focus on those keywords because the algorithm loves specificity and so hard to say that a few times fast so you want to really focus on keywords that are all related your channel should be about one specific topic in a specific niche that will help your channel grow faster probably than anything and you just create keep creating content regarding that um most people go to general with their channels creating videos uh how to create more content how to film a video how to do a perfect video so he breaks into all that stuff the really cool things that i really uh took away from the courses the the analytics as opposed to how to you know add in cards and end screens there’s a really cool mono taste monetization hack that he teaches you how to generate more revenue faster with youtube so that’s worth it’s worth the course in itself some seo stuff how to rank how to use keywords all that stuff the product tags uh ninja tactics to grow your channel finding the best time to post how you should schedule your post a lot of stuff is just you it’s trial and error you gotta just get to it like i said you got to really focus on posting uh one video a week if not more and being consistent with your youtube channel finding consistent content and then looking at the analytics and data and breaking it down and so those are all things that he dives into like i said beating the algorithm he’s really smooth and understands it on that regards and so learning how you can beat the algorithm from graham is very beneficial um then the other monetization tactics and and growth hacks uh are also in here that are really valuable that i suggest that this course is great so if you come in here and hit enroll into the course right i’m gonna show you how to get 200 off so you got to remember when you’re looking at a course to purchase is it going to improve your knowledge i’m i’m a sucker to buy anything that’s going to increase my ability to improve my uh systems my business everything more effectively so if i can take in one or two nuggets from this course then it’s worth the 400 right no questions asked if it can improve my processes to either bring in more revenue make me more effective all that stuff i’m gonna say it’s totally worth it so to get 200 off so you notice in here uh you can come in here and there should be a promo code add coupon code and 200 off and then just hit apply so notice it automatically takes off 200 it goes to 197. so it’s a great little hack it’s when the course first came out and you could purchase it for get the 200 off and get it for 197 so 197 all day long is a great course uh on another note i’ve created my own youtube course that dives into it i have a free course that you can follow and there’s the links below and it’s totally free just watch all the youtube videos and i also have a paid course that’s even less that you can get it for ninety seven dollars and breaks down uh things in more detail very straightforward teach you more fundamentals i’m not going to teach you about like this is the the end-all be-all and the solution to make your channel to go to a million subscribers and make you a million dollars because that’s a myth that’s not going to happen you got to follow the fundamental rules stick to with the guidelines figure out what’s going to improve your customer satisfaction to get better results for your your channel so you’re more and more people become fans and subscribers obviously you have to get people to subscribe to your channel you got to get them to watch the content watch it fully and engage with it comment on it and that’s going to boost you up in the algorithm it’s really that simple are you creating a loyal fan base that loves your content that’s gonna subscribe hit the notification bell comment tell their friends tell their family and get you higher up in the search engine algorithm on youtube that’s really it so hopefully this was really helpful hopefully you decide to get graham stevens course it’s really great educational you’ll learn a lot if not watch my free course or go ahead and buy my course that’d be great too all right take care bye