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How to create an auto subscribe link for your Youtube channel? Why is this important? Because you can send in an email post on social media to get people to auto subscribe to your channel. This is great to increase your subscribers. So if you want to grow your business more effectively, utilizing Youtube as well as just your brand on Youtube and get more people to follow you. You want to set up an auto subscribe link on Youtube so we’re gonna just go to the computer and i’m gonna show you exactly how to do that. First we’d love for you to subscribe like uh and make sure and watch the entire video so you know exactly what to do. So we’re in a customer or a client’s account here and you notice up here in their URL. So there’s different forms the URL, it doesn’t really matter. What it is depending on what the URLs it could be the custom URL. The straight URL. But if we go back into it, all you have to do is type in this code – here question mark sub underscore confirmation equals one. No different on this one. Same thing add at the end question mark sub underscore confirmation equals one and then as well on this code uh question mark sub underscore confirmation equals one. It’s really that simple. I will add the code in the description below and if this was helpful and you find it was useful to help grow your Youtube channel and improve your brand recognition on Youtube as well as elsewhere. Feel free to like subscribe and check that notification box and share our videos. Thank you and I appreciate it. Take care.


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