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how to create youtube content without using your voice or even your videos so there’s a lot of possibilities out there and let’s say you want to create a youtube channel but you don’t want to use your own voice and you don’t want to use your own video clips or have the time to create those you want to to be done where either you’re not on camera your voice isn’t being used for who whomever whoever knows what reasons right but if you want that done i’m going to show you how to do that so first there’s a handful of softwares you can use you just type in voiceover from a voice standpoint voiceover softwares right and a handful come up this is one you can purchase it’s called speech uh dio right speech dio we can just pull it up you can listen to the voice obviously some of them are robotic let’s just use this one hi i am megan and i am one of the female voices on speech t so perfect so obviously this is a software that you can purchase speech dio i have no affiliate uh or any information with them or whatever um i’m trying to find how much they cost here i can’t remember up the top of my head but here it is so it’s a one-time fee of only 37 dollars so it’s a great option that you can use to create um videos on youtube without using your own voice another software that you can use is murph obviously you can see their prices here and their products along those lines um and you can check out to see the quality of their voices and so forth uh another one you can use and this is just a free one so hi my name is scott and i’m cool and i do youtube videos right let’s see uh if my there we go and then i can just hit play hi my name is scott and i’m cool and i do youtube videos i mean that is one obviously that’s it’s an interesting and you can change i believe oops i don’t want to save that uh you can change your voices all stuff it does sound a little creepy my name is scott and i’m cool and i do youtube videos right so that is an option for you to getting started and and it can work right you can create phenomenal youtube channels without using your own videos or your own voices and that’s all this video is about uh the other option is you can just hire uh voice over talent on a site like up work and so forth and you can hire create a job for them uh sign up for up work it’s a great platform for finding all different type of people or even getting hired for that matter but you can hire voice over talent and have people just read your scripts or whatever that may be for your video content obviously the cost of that would be a lot more if you’re starting out uh i mean i wouldn’t recommend it unless you just have some obscene amount of budget and you’re okay with that and you’re totally against putting your own video on there or even your own um voice for that matter so the other thing is now okay now there’s a few options that you have that you can you you don’t have to use your own voice so what about video quality so there’s a bunch of video things out there so this is called you can find videos let’s just say bench press these are also great things to do to add clips to your video so if we have in here so these are images right we want a video in here so i forgot to select that so then here we go here’s a few things these are obviously not bench presses but this one is so this is a video then you can download and get this video it looks like it’s on istock you do have to pay for it 170 dollars for this clip there are some free software’s out software out there you can um so in this you have to find the ones that are are not through uh that are through pixabay that are free and so forth there’s other ones in here let’s get rid of that one obviously i stock photos you can pay for that uh let’s go to this other software video vo so all videos we can just find one right by video countdown timer that you might be able to use in your video clip all here see there these are royalty free free download so that works i’m not going to play this video for you you can search for other ones let’s go back to bench press here used to be in the fitness world so obviously i’m very familiar with exercise so again it redirects the istock photo so you got to be careful isoc photo is a service that you pay for they’re going to have better quality videos and more of them that you can use and so uh you can just see here so 29 a month essential images only downloads per month is 10. there’s other services out there that you don’t have to pay as much i stock is kind of uh spendy but then there’s pexels p e x e l s same thing you can find some videos in here and like most of them they’re going to redirect you to i stock photo if that’s the one there’s adobe that you can use and get some other software also provides it so we can check this one with pixels see if that doesn’t redirect me so yeah no that’s a free download so this is a good site that you can use and download this video for free and free to use so that’s a great thing and you can create videos and content using uh sites such as these another one is life of vids i’m just going to go through these pretty quickly other one is cover with two r’s you can search you there find videos next one is split shire right so again you can look for videos go through that then vid easy free hd stock photos blah blah you can find that obviously they’re all going to try to get you to pay that’s how they make money and obviously grows their business but you can find some mesmerizing free center graphics clips here we go clip still royalty free these are some of the uh vidsplay another one where you can look and search storyblocks look for all different footage here see if you can find it so here they’re gonna sign up to download obviously storyblocks they have plans and pricing models if you want to do that you can see unlimited videos 20 a month hd footage so obviously one of these options might be better for you and or finding a software i know i use software to record videos and they have an option if i pay i think a monthly fee i get a bunch of royalty free images there’s tons of software’s that are offering that obviously we know about shutterstock uh you can sign up and get the pain but they’re gonna have a lot more content that you can utilize to really create a solid youtube video without um using your own doing your own videos or any of that stuff so it can be very valuable uh you got unlimited stock footage here you can start now you can go to elements and here and obviously there’s tons of downloads and licensing and all that obviously it’s something that you’re going to have to pay for get unlimited downloads you can see follow through that right so 16.50 a month and you get millions of created assets and so forth obviously we talked about istockphoto you can get this and they have a pricing plan that you can get a bunch of images and so forth and photos and you have this this one’s really limited it’s really pricey i don’t typically recommend istock uh through getty uh they tend to be a lot more expensive and but they do have a lot of content and so forth another thing you can utilize is you can download videos directly from youtube right so you can find a video that you like and do a voiceover for that or recreate that video or use clips from that technically uh i wouldn’t get into that too much youtube is getting way better and more efficient with their copyright uh stuff as well as facebook and so forth so when you take their content you can do a review video that’s still just like you can take a video game that’s being played or you’re playing and do a review of that with your voiceover and that’s technically not copyright content at this point who knows if that will change in the future if uh companies come down on that because obviously that is their content that is their their information but for example you can do videos of just using your hands like cards where you burn things on fire there’s tons of different things out there soccer drills basketball drills where you’re not showing your body and so forth obviously when it comes to youtube though people want to connect with somebody they’re looking for that you know authority figure that celebrity that they want to follow and connect with so if you never show your face or any of that it does take away a little bit from that but there’s plenty of successful videos where it is just like people showing their hands and doing card tricks but over time like i said the more that you’re out there the more comfortable you are showing your face using your voice all that people will connect with you more that will get you more subs that will get you more likes that will get you more views and people will want to follow you more it’s just human nature and so forth they like to follow people they like uh and connect with them so obviously if you like these videos you find these helpful uh you can please like and subscribe hit the notification bell and watch more of my videos i appreciate that hopefully this is really helpful and you’ve learned how to how to create content without using your voice or without using your own videos and you can start on youtube to build up a following or grow your business because that’s what i tend to focus on is the marketing of people’s own business or entities to monetize it and make money without just trying to become a famous youtuber and make money just off the youtube platform and i have a course for teaching you how to do that with youtube and other things and you can get that there’s links below obviously like i said if this is helpful or you’ve already gotten the course and this is just part of it and you’re learning how to create content so because right now you may be uncomfortable or you may not want to show your voice or show your face or have people hear your voice so they know it’s not you or whatever for whatever reason now you know how to do it and it’s time to get to work and start cranking out content alright thank you