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how to create your first follow-up lead magnet from your offer in your sales funnel so  as you can see i’m logged in or i’m on a client’s site and we’re on their sales funnel or their  opt-in or their offer right so they’re on their site and when people go through that  offer we’re gonna take you through and teach you how to deliver that offer that lead magnet  through using active campaigns in the email client and showing you uh the actual  lead magnet that we use and how we designed it in canva and then how to implement that save it and  set it up where people get the email and are able to download that content so obviously people can  opt in once they put their email address in this site here you can see that they just put their  email address in here and they hit submit so once that happens right we’ve created this lead magnet  right here right so here’s the lead magnet so what you have to do here once it’s created in canva you  could create a link and have them access in canva but it’s kind of messy i wouldn’t do that so we’re  going to do is hit the download button so we’re going to download as a pdf hit download sometimes  you might have to go in and make sure your links are set up so see how it’s its own category here  uh so it’s its own category here so those links are working so now we downloaded that  pdf right so here it is here so now we want to now upload that pdf into a google drive folder  to make it easy so you can just quickly uh and it’s simple as just clicking drag and drop  and downloading that in the google drive folder so it’s that simple so we gotta wait for it to  upload and now we can use that right here so that was downloaded let’s just double check the name  min perfect so now we come in here and click this document and then we want the link to  this document you can also open it and get the link this way hit share we want to do a quick  little thing and make sure we copy the link but we have to make it so anyone with this link can view  this document okay cool now we’ve copied that link it’s done it’s in google drive now we can go into  active campaigns and create an automation so every time somebody puts their email address in here  this is an active cam campaign form it’s gonna go into a list here the list was created as well as  the form was created so first let’s talk about the form that was created the form that was created  uh give that second to come up so the form it goes in pages it can be annoying now with the pages  so it goes in the form here you can see the three day reset form is set up in here and then once  the three day reset form is it’s set here into uh let’s see edit this form we can walk through that  process so obviously it’s a simple form we’ve made the adjustments here we have options so now it  it uh redirects after somebody’s in information it redirects in here and provides an offer  for them to purchase it also subscribes to our three day reset list and it’s set up so that’s  perfect in there so that’s all set up there uh correctly so we got that we integrated that  so we’re all good in there obviously you can take that code and that’s what we did we added it  to the site and so people can in put their information in then what that does it goes into  this list that we created so that list is created called the three day reset in here and what we can  do in here if we want we can have it send us an email right so we can put our information and have  it send us an email by putting our information in here and what is it says if they unsubscribe  if they subscribe so we get notified when somebody subscribes to that and we can do that in there or  you can do it in the form or you can also do it in an automation we’re going to create an automation  and we’ve already actually created this automation so we can walk through this fairly quickly  so let me click that button again so in the automation we’re going to create it so anybody  who subscribes to that list they’re going to get emailed what we want so we’re in here we’re in  the three day reset so that’s the automation we created otherwise you just click the button up  here to create an automation it’s fairly simple um always start from scratch so notice uh the first  thing that’s gonna happen if you hit start from scratch in an automation it’s gonna ask you to add  a trigger right and we’re gonna we put uh contact subscribes to list so anybody who’s subscribed to  the list we just click this button subscribe to the list we selected the list obviously you can  put a tag submits a form we could have done it that way so there’s a lot of ways to skin a cat  it doesn’t really matter as long as it does what you need it to do it works you can do tags you can  do other things obviously you have e-commerce add-to-card if they make a purchase all that  great stuff so that’s fine so we’re all there so hit subscribe to list we hit three-day reset  reset we’re going to exit out of this and then just hit add to start we already have that set up  so i’m not going to redo it so now what happens is this automation fires when some buddy new  goes to the contact somebody new enters their information in the form they’re automatically  added to that list and they’re automatically added to this automation and we have it set  up where they’re automatically sent this email so let’s come in here i’m not going to design  the email for you it’s already set up for us obviously you have to write your email you can  write your copy if you’re not great with copy obviously the service we provide and you can  talk to us at an appointment so here’s where we have the download links right here these  are the google download links so we have it in here so if we want to make an edit to it  it’s still working we got to just take a second and pause to get this thing going  and we can make the edits in here but like i said once you’re in here  okay now that it’s loaded what we’re going to do is we’re going to make sure the man one here is  what we’re we just added we got the link for so we highlight that hit the the link button and we want  to change this make sure mh is the old one uh when we paste that in so uh you do just command v or  um control v if you’re on a pc and we did that and obviously that’s the new link we hit ok we’re  gonna just go back and double check that is the correct link so let’s open this again come in here  share it’s always good to double check because sometimes things don’t save correctly they’ll  get in there so right here is it ends in rzi okay so let’s come back into this highlight this again  let’s get all of it and come back in here should be ending in rci perfect we got that  so now it’s set to do that so when you add copy that link and obviously what i did was  you know you could just paste this link in here but it’s not as pretty so i added text added text  to down load apparently i can’t talk and type so that should be text not test but you get the point  because we’re not going to save this in here then you  it’s moving really slow right now you highlight all this just hit the link button  and now just paste that in there and hit ok and that’s how you create that link with the proper  text let’s just remove that and that’s it you can also add that that full link if you want  down here like p s men’s download blah blah blah and just add that link in case they  don’t have the html thing and so in case this doesn’t work when they get the email  they can always have the link itself and that will always guarantee that work  so let me explain that a little bit better so sometimes people receive emails and they get  this without the hyperlink attached to it because the way they’ve set their settings in their email  so you can just set it and just provide the link directly to them another great tool to  use is bitly if you go into bitly right you can take uh let’s just log into bitly real quick  so to make that link a little prettier you can go into bitly uh let’s see log in  let me log into my bitly account and this shortens the url and you can name  it whatever you want so it makes it really good so obviously just create a new link  uh paste the the url in here right so that’s set up now if i want i can just rename that  and go men reset right and then i hit save and now i just can use this link and add that in my email  and obviously it gets all your stuff gets tracked and bitly you can look at it all that stuff and  you just copy it here so i already did that so let’s change it to min then reset hit save  so now i can just take this link right and it’s here  and i can track that process right i copy that link and come back in here and then i can just  paste it in there like that or do the same for the the woman one obviously now you know how to  do it this is a toodle for you guys a tool to teach you guys to use it but this is how  you can add the link as well as the anchor text with what you want with the link in it but this  always guarantees that they have the link to click and they will always get access to that content  but we made those changes now we’ve set that up obviously we’re going to go through that  process we’re going to hit next again if you haven’t done this yet you’re going to  make sure in active campaigns and it’s having trouble loading here we go taking some time  obviously you want to set this up where it this is on this is on this is on so it can track all that  process and then you just hit finish and i would always go through uh enter your own information  here get the email sent to you and make sure it’s correct that it works that it’s saved correctly  because sometimes like i said when you add links in sometimes it doesn’t software doesn’t always  work the way you want it so just make sure when you do that you go through the process  you check to see if it works and everything is working so you know if every person that’s coming  to your website or your sales page or your offer your irresistible offer your lead magnet whatever  that they’re getting the correct information and it’s being done right so always double check  your work because it never ceases to amaze me that sometimes something gets broken technology doesn’t  work the way it should so just double check your work make sure all your customers or people are  getting what you want them to do and that that sales funnel or process is working to be able to  deliver on those automations um that you want in active campaigns and obviously there’s multiple  email platforms out there that this works i really personally love active campaigns  when i recommend it to clients more so than anybody i personally use infusionsoft i like  it i love it but i wouldn’t recommend it to most of my clients because they’re not as tech savvy  it’s not as user friendly where activecampaigns is extremely user friendly creates it simple and easy  that you can put in the information and track it and see it and set it up and understand the logic  and the workflows when you create automations because as you create automations you can create  more emails have it wait for days and all different types of conditions and workflows  that you can learn when you understand active campaigns  more effectively so again like i said it’s start to finish here  when you have an offer you create the form add the form then and you do that in active campaigns the  forms and active campaigns and create the list that the form sends that that information to  uh the form activates that list the automation pulls from that list that context is in that  automation just like here when a contract subscribes to those and they get the three three  day reset program so it’s that simple obviously if you’re looking for a three-day reset program  go to my client’s website enter your information and you can get her  three-day reset which is awesome to get your self jump started on your health and fitness  and wellness kick hopefully this video was helpful and you’ve learned how to now take  uh and create a form add it to your website i didn’t go through that in too much detail but then  create the automations the follow-up sequences to deliver that content in the lead magnet obviously  i have other videos on how to use canva and so forth but it’s it’s just a tool out there you  can get a graphic designer to to create it as well for you just have it saved in google drive  you can like i said use the bitly to create a short uh better looking link that’s trackable  and then you can look at your numbers even more effectively which i always highly recommend  so like i said if this is helpful we always appreciate the like and subscribe  and all your guys followers and content help just keep producing more videos and i  i hopefully can teach somebody how to improve their process and help beginners  learn how to implement sales funnels for themselves even on their own websites without  using tools like click funnels or all those other things but you understand those those workflows  to deliver that content better for you thank you take care and i wish you all the success