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how to write killer descriptions to crush it on youtube so yes we’ve gone over the title tags and so forth but i want to talk to you about writing killer descriptions most people don’t write enough so there’s 5 000 characters you can use and you can use descriptions to promote your channel promote your playlist get more watch time get more subscribers promote your products or services connect with you on social media it is so powerful that you need to write decent and good solid descriptions then i want to show you how to do that i also want to show you how a how to write descriptions without even writing descriptions so you can quickly and easily pump out content and so let’s dive into all that stuff hi i’m scott white i help people with youtube i have a course and help them grow in their channel as well as i consult businesses and help them generate millions of dollars in revenue uh improve their roi and offer consulting services for that so let’s just dive into how to write solid descriptions so first obviously if you go into one of my channels on youtube here here’s a uh in the content so you go to youtube studio dive in go into content find one of your things and you have this descriptions in here so if you look you can see this description um where it says learn how to create a thumbnail for youtube and then it obviously is promoting a course that i have so i’m driving people to take an action and then it dives in the description like creating a custom custom thumbnail is important to you on to youtube’s algorithm blah blah blah blah blah right so i’m not going to read all those details so the key thing about writing a good description is first right at the top youtube creates uh uses about 130 characters so if you see here about 130 characters are used here when you first add your video and it shows up in the search results so having a good solid uh description with in the first few um in the first sentence you’re putting your keywords and key phrases so again you’re not just stuffing key words and key phrases in there it needs to be a legitimate sentence remember you you are appealing to your audience first so what does your audience want to know so obviously your thumbnail and your title should be should resonate with them and then obviously the description should follow so it engages that audience to be like hey what’s this let me read more let me dive into that content let me watch the full video so forth so then in the description the first 30 characters you want to be you know something along the lines of what your topic is learn how to create a youtube thumbnail learn how to ride a bike a mountain bike down a specific mountain or something learn how to build a um i don’t know lamborghini right so it’s very specific so people understand it and then when you dive into it so obviously in the description i really recommend having something a call to action to drive a business the course that i teach is about businesses growing and utilizing youtube to use as a platform to get organic searches and rank videos as opposed to just becoming a youtuber and so forth but then you dive into the description here so in the description here you can write this out and that’s a great thing to do so but if you’re not a good writer and you don’t feel like you can come up with the words uh the easiest thing to do is what you can do is go into your video you pull up your um you go into subtitles here go in your videos hit duplicate and edit here on this hit continue and you can literally just steal what youtube has created for you so you can come in here and just copy this obviously you don’t want to copy everything then take up too many words so i recommend just copying the first paragraph and then making some edits to it so it’s a really fast way to get your description done for you where you don’t have to waste a bunch of time trying to create it obviously i’d recommend going edit it and editing it afterwards because obviously youtube isn’t perfect in their video uh dictation and so you might have some errors grammatical stuff so i’d recommend adding that uh on my course that i sell we have an option where we do all this stuff for you and my team actually does everything for you write your titles descriptions thumbnails all that great stuff is an option obviously the link’s in the description in this video and you can look into that in more detail but you basically just come in and copy and paste that and go back into your videos here and then paste that in as your description so now now once you have your description i also recommend you adding a a support link in your video so you have like i said 5 000 characters do you really utilize this and one thing that you can do is when you first write your content in your descriptions right so you can auto post if you go into your settings come into here settings and you go to upload defaults there’s obviously title descriptions and you can add uh your auto default to include your support link which is your auto subscribe link which is this link down below attached to your channel link um or your customized branding channel link and that’s the this the subscribe the question mark underscore subscribe and i’ll put that link right below so you can see and add it so you can and then it should have your bio so if you come in here here’s a document that i dive into and help teach you how to do this so in this document here it has the add at the bottom of a public youtube so it has your support has a bio short bio has free trainings which create call to action has social media that can engage with has affiliate links that you can add into your video i recommend tubebuddy and vid iq they’re awesome to create more keywords find key phrases as well as to help promote your channel and figure out how to rank your channel and your videos more effectively so those affiliate links are at the bottom of the description as well also saying hi on social social media links as well as a note about um this contains affiliate links at the bottom blah blah and then i always add the insert of the url of the actual video so if i come back in here you’re going to scroll down and you can see this link which is actually this link here that’s a little ranking technique for writing your descriptions so in that process of writing your descriptions you want to add good keyword key phrases content for your description you want to add a support link with the subscribe auto subscribe button i like using bitly so you can track all that stuff your bio um any free trainings for call to actions and so forth to help drive drive more sales conversions and build your brand and build relationships social media links affiliate links um and then the youtube url and like i said if you want that to automatically post to all your videos you just come into settings upload defaults and add all those details there as well as if you don’t want to create your own description or if you want just some help go into your youtube channel go into the subtitles go into the the script that is dictated by youtube and just copy and paste that in your descriptions if you do that just alone that will help boost your rankings in your videos and add more meat and potatoes to that other things that you can add into your descriptions that will help your watch time is playlists um links for certain times of the video so time stamps so if there’s certain things that happens in your video and time stamps so people can quickly click to those things or links to other videos or playlists that will get you more watch time and views that will benefit so forth remember there’s you can also add hashtags you know are those valuables or not you can only really add three hashtags that will appear in your videos descriptions and on your videos to help them rank so again that’s how i would recommend writing descriptions adding all those details remember your description should really engage with the audience create that curiosity get people to click get a call to action to really build your brand and your business off off of youtube because i’m a big believer in teaching you how to utilize youtube to grow a brand and generate revenues that can help you retire right so at the end of the day youtube and is owned by google it’s the most powerful search engine on the planet so when you’re writing descriptions and titles it’s what people type in in google in youtube right how to ride a bike how to write so write those descriptions and grow your youtube channel because that will help drive more organic reach or views and build authority and credibility in your marketplace for what you do and then hopefully they click your links and they’re driven back to your e-commerce store your service-based business so it positions you as the authority and it helps generate more sales and revenue than you could imagine so thank you and like i said uh my links are down at the bottom in the descriptions if this video was helpful um or if you have any other questions leave comments uh below and i’d be happy to answer them thank you take care