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how would you like a way to create amazing thumbnails that are not click bait but really clicky so people will watch more of your video engage with you but it all starts first with creating that thumbnails so let me dive into first some tricks some hacks and and then how to actually create that thumbnail for free and obviously there’s services out there you can hire people to use that so first let’s just dive into coming up with ideas to create thumbnails and finding a way to create really good thumbnails that people click on so i’m a big believer as why recreate the wheel and just let’s go search in your industry so if you come into youtube here we pull up youtube and we just type in let’s just say passive income so that comes up and i’m not sure what your industry is if it’s fitness if it’s beauty if it’s whatever but just type that in here and now you can see some of the most popular videos and if you want here’s a little trick you go to filters click on view count and you can see what are the most popular videos in their thumbnails here seven income anyone can start so something to take away from this typically what’s most successful is somebody’s face that is clear to see in a very big font that’s easy to read because this works well on mobile and people can look at it right away so you can see this one seven income obviously this is in different language of a passive income 11 million making money online seven income can start uh this is ted talk 7 200 per month passive income 700 per day so for example let’s go make up and obviously if you’re if your video is about something specific it could be makeup tutorial or mascara i don’t know i’m not one for beauty tips but uh obviously if that’s your industry you would know but simple right like you can take a picture uh different things uh quick before and afters so all that stuff works well so that’s the first step is i find that it’s always challenging to figure out what it should be and how to make it more engaging so again like i said don’t recreate the wheel just type in in google or sorry on in youtube what your video is about uh how to build a better booty right so again and you pull this up you can see just the top right grow your booty best exercises you know very simple thumbnails that you can copy okay now that you know how to create a thumbnail or what thumbnail you want that you know that’s going to get a lot of clicks now how about we come into uh a software called canva and show you how to create um a thumbnail so the easiest thing is come into templates in canva and just type in uh youtube uh thumbnails so this is a free program there is a paid version they have a monthly thing for i think 12.95 or if you purchase the year it’s like 9.95 or something so you can see there’s already a bunch of pre-made templates here which are great and easy to use so you can just find one add your information and so forth but we’re going to start with a blank one so here we have a blank uh canva for youtube thumbnails so an easy thing you can do if you don’t have an image you can just take a screenshot of your video so let’s just pull this up here find one of your videos come in here take a screenshot of one of your videos you don’t have to take the full image just take that screenshot or better off what you do is just use your cell phone and then just set it up take a bunch of photos okay now in canva we have a blank standpoint a blank template uh we’ve uploaded our images here and we’ve made some new images that we took from the camera so what we have let’s say if we want we can pull in the image we have from our screen shot and here we pull that in here so the first thing that you want to do with your images click the image you’re going to go into adjust and you want to make your image really pop and there’s proof showing that if you adjust the saturation and improve the sharpness and adjust contrast and make that image really pop it will improve the click-through rate of that so if you just move the brightness up a little bit adjust the contrast a little bit uh adjust the saturation up a little bit just about 30 percent on each the research shows that it improves that so if you increase the blur uh the opposite direction so a negative blur it actually makes the image more sharper and that will make it pop so you can see that we can just set this one and this is kind of a scary image so i’m not going to use that image so let’s just pull in this image uh here and i just want to use it once so i’m going to pull on this as an image that we just took and i’m going to stretch it out but i don’t even want to use the full image and the cool thing is now that i have this image i want to show you a simple tool because i don’t want the background right so we’re going to go into effects and since i have a paid version of canva i can just come in here and hit background remover and it quickly will make the background disappear obviously you can do this with photoshop uh and other tools but it’s a lot more challenging so now i have it in here i can also add a background find the background color that i want and here so typically what i always recommend is you want to use your brand colors so if you have your brand colors are are blue or green or red you should always consistently use the same brand colors obviously youtube uh in their videos so if you go into youtube itself here you can see that youtube is red and white so if you’re scrolling through a bunch of thumbnails here on your home page what really stands out yellows greens things that really pop from a color standpoint like this see how simple that is it really pops but again what is your brand colors you should stick with your brand colors on a regular basis so find your brand colors so my brand colors are a blue this blue here so that’s my blue background so we can add that in there so another cool thing to add is when you want to create something that kind of pops so we’ll go shapes and let’s just get a square shape a little box here move this around it says you want to make the font really big also a cool thing is if you want stuff related to youtube can find icons so let’s just come this here drop that in there uh let’s add the font so some text here so add a heading let’s see if i can talk and type so free custom thumbnails i want to change this to also my other brand color here type that in it’s always good if you have your brand colors you know what they are so then it makes things pop a little bit more free custom thumbnails i can come in through youtube uh let’s actually make this font much larger and so we can come let’s go 75 here let’s add this out a little wider we can click this guy here and go bring the f forward here so that’s good so we can we make this back oops click this one we can make this here so it adds makes it really pop a lot more all right free custom thumbnails and we can maybe rotate this around a little bit make it really engage and pop so right so that’s a really simple one but let’s just go into let’s see uh what would get the best uh so youtube thumb nails right so let’s find and let’s see if this looks similar to some of the top ones out there how to make thumbnails easy and free three times more views thumbnails quick and easy custom thumbnails quick and easy upload thumbnail okay thumbnails that get views right so uh it definitely pops and it stands out so these are all things that you want to test and put together how to make effective thumbnails so that’s good we can make that look more like a computer screen and so forth and you can keep adding design and so forth you can also if this is not your cup of tea i’m not a graphic designer i don’t do my own uh thumbnails i actually have my team that does that uh you can always hire a people to do your thumbnails and create them and put them you can hire uh people off of upwork which is a great platform to use you can also use fiber which is another great platform to use to hire people to create your thumbnails but once you have a thumbnail created you’re going to just come here and hit download hit the ping hit download don’t compress it keep it as large as possible size is fine just click download and then it’s going to download to your computer once it’s download downloaded to your computer you’re going to come into your videos obviously got to go back into your youtube studio and once you’re in your youtube studio in that actual video standpoint you go make sure you’re in details of the video and you’ll see thumbnails you don’t want to use the automated generated ones you just click on that custom thumbnail and then you can drag and drop it in there and that will just add that custom thumbnail i’m not going to do that obviously you pull it from your computer and just drag and drop it over again i’m not going to change this for this video and so forth but that’s how you add a custom thumbnail to your videos so remember the key things when you really want your videos to pop and get a lot more clicks and make it more clickable you got to use a really solid custom thumbnail uh don’t try to come up with one on your own in the beginning look to see what works and obviously you can test it see if it’s getting more clicks you can make adjustments you can change it you’re not always married to that same thumbnail obviously when you take images or more photos specific with your video and not just use the screenshot from the video it’s going to be a better quality thumbnail and obviously canva is a great system to use to remove backgrounds to edit things and make thumbnails free quick and easy so you can do it yourself if you want help uh i have a team that does it for you i have a team that will manage your youtube account this is i also have a course that will teach you how to get more views subscribers monetize your channel so you can really grow your youtube if that’s what you’re wanting how to turn it into a business where you can make money and use it as a platform to grow your brand and your business more effectively i have an entire course on that i have a done for you option where we do it all for you you can obviously click the link in the description or above or wherever it may be and find out more about that course or about the done for you option that will help you grow your business do your thumbnails manage all your social media accounts and all that stuff and you can go there and check that out hopefully uh one real quick thing that i i might have forgot if you don’t have the ability to use custom thumbnails you just go to your youtube studio go to monetization make sure that’s turned on even if you’re not monetized videos you have to make sure it’s turned on so you can do custom thumbnails but again hopefully this is helpful it’s provide value if you uh like it please like comment uh hit the notification bell to watch more of my videos help that might this channel grow at the same time always leave a comment below what you liked what you’d like to see more of and how you can how i can help you grow your youtube channel or your business or brand more effective effectively again thank you i appreciate your time and i wish you the best take care