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is youtube for bosses the best things to send speedos at the beach i don’t know if that’s good or bad maybe for some of you uh or is it a total bust i want to talk about sonny’s course the good the bad the ugly and dive into all the details so before i get down and dirty with sunny and her course and youtube for bosses let’s just talk to see if she’s credible right so if you dive in and you look at socialblade and you check out pull her up into her name so if we go to youtube and here in socialblade you can see all her uploads and like i said socialblade is a great service a great site to use to check on people competitors and see what they’re doing she’s got almost 530 000 subs video views over 28 million uh and so forth obviously if you pull up your youtube channel type that in and check that out you can see on this if you want to sort click here most popular so some most popular is 2.2 million film like a pro how to make a video with your phone so how to get more views on youtube positive morning affirmation so these are her most popular videos so obviously you can see that she’s uh has a track record on youtube so she’s successful on that aspect uh instagram 1500 posts 150 000 followers i mean that’s not amazing but from a business standpoint uh and if those are actually fans that follow her and do business with her and purchase her course that’s a big win and then social blade you can also check with twitter and all that so 46 000 followers and and so forth you can dive into details and a little more and look to see she’s lost followers in the last 30 days and blah blah blah but at the end of the day she does have a big track record did she buy that did she not buy that i’m gonna assume not uh she does have a big following on youtube 528 and she’s getting quality views on her videos and so forth so diving into her course right uh and talking about what youtube for bosses is obviously you can watch the video and learn about it but essentially it’s about if you’re a boss you have your own business how to build your brand and build credibility present yourself as an authority in your marketplace using you youtube as the platform of choice it is obviously owned by google it’s the number one search engine on the planet as in google is uh so obviously youtube videos rank very well and can rank really well and when you do a youtube video and it’s done for a period of time it builds social proof it builds or builds so um credibility with your audience if they believe you’re you know you’re credible when you talk about your stuff if you’re teaching somebody something you tend to be credible if they learn something from you fairly quickly it builds credibility positions you as an expert so all these things are a huge win so it’s a great uh platform from a standpoint of like hey drive your business with youtube it’s essentially uh search engine optimization with youtube videos and it’s more powerful because it’s a video so it’s more of a connected audience so uh you’re probably more connected with me with me speaking and watching this video versus you reading an article that i write about this so diving into her course and getting more details obviously he’s done very well with her course and all stuff and just on a total other note like sunny’s energy is awesome like she’s so inspiring so that alone to be part of sunny and uh her platform and her course and her community is so powerful because sonny in general like you start watching her stuff she just has such a charismatic uh approach and energy and vibe about her that you want to do what she’s teaching you you want to do her course you want to follow and obviously her goal is to take you to the next step and take you to coaching like most programs right get you in the entry level teach you a good amount of stuff and say hey the next step is to do more coaching on that aspect but we’re not going to dive into that uh let’s talk about youtube for bosses so it has a basically a crash course it says it’s 597 but really once you dive into it you can get it for 3.97 so if you if you see her testimonials in here i’m going to just get into what the course has and what it’s about and so forth so if you look at the the phase one is focused research process or unsure so diving into this aspect right it really is going to cover like how to do uh create an ideal customer uh your youtube videos targeting or how to get our traffic brainstorming more effectively content clues from the standpoint of looking at people’s uh channels and looking to see what videos are popular recreating it keyword research is figuring out how to do that looking at what your audience is already searching for on social media on blog posts on other things that they’re looking on reddit so you find what your audience really wants and you try to give them that you try to be trendy right so what’s happening in the market right now what is your ideal customer ideal audience looking for or what’s trending in there what are topics that are trending in the media that you can essentially ride the wave do a video about and get good um views on it and so forth and add add more credibility and position yourself as the authority right so all those things that she kind of dives into types of content you know educational entertainment inspirational what are you gonna do are you gonna get people to laugh learn or get them off their behind so keywords to success so super important research people find out what people are searching if you don’t know this is easy to do you can sign up for a google account you can do keyword searches look for a free keyword tool if you go into google adwords sign up for account don’t run any ads but go to the keyword planner and you can look how to do this i might even have a video how to teach you how to do this totally for free where you can go and log in and look for keywords and see where they’re ranking how many people are searching for and so forth so that’s really that it dives into in that first part diving that niche um expanding on the keywords skills techniques details looking for subcategories looking for long tail keywords and so forth on that aspects and then you know what you can do from the keywords from writing down so forth and six degrees separation so spreading out your content as long and as much as possible the next step when you dive into a phase two the exact outline structure templates create videos high retention so she does a great way of teaching you how to create a video in five minutes or edit videos in five minutes or less how to structure videos things let’s face it you can’t there is no system that can guarantee that you’re successful on youtube that’s like saying i can guarantee you’ll make a million dollars in your business all you have to do is pay me a million dollars right or pay me two million dollars and i’ll give you a million and you’ve guaranteed them so i can guarantee that if that’s what you want to do but like i said google’s algorithm is very sensitive it changes it’s a route it’s really about customer satisfaction from a youtube aspect what are you doing with your video and are is it pleasing to your customers that all engage with that do they watch the whole time do they engage with your video and there’s things and tools and tricks that you can make your videos more engaging and obviously if you don’t do them they’re less engaging and over time you can see and track your analytics and and know this but in her course she dives into her simple strategy how to create that and so it a big thing what i think with that phase is she really simplifies the process so you can get started so it gets you out of your way of feeling like you can’t do it and help you can like i said sonny’s extremely inspirational she kind of finds simple little systems that you can follow and you can start producing content on youtube and that’s number one that’s step one you gotta start producing it obviously she can’t guarantee that your videos are going to rank uh when you do more uh keyword related searches that people type in and that really rank obviously she has a little tips and tricks that will help you rank higher so you’ll get more views but it’s a competitive marketplace so obviously there’s there’s no secret sauce there’s no magic formula there’s no magical bean stock that’s gonna get you rich tomorrow right so then space three the secret sauce to attracting more views and videos and so forth there’s a lot of stuff in here that might have worked in the past but it doesn’t work really now so it’s about you know keyword stuffing and and all these things and you know uh doing submitting links and all that stuff and trying to do some old school seo stuff that just doesn’t work today in today’s age it just don’t fly you really have to really build your audience on on youtube and you can build an email list you can send it out to your things you can use her community that she has the problem with that like i said is you might have people in her community that don’t really fit your audience but they’re watching your videos so that confuses youtube’s algorithm and and messes the whole thing up you want to really build your audience and you want to use youtube as the powerful source to do that but you don’t want people who are not really in your audience watching your videos and that’s like click bait right that’s getting or spam spamming people or building communities so those people go watch it there’s there’s views for views for communities and subs for subs communities that’s not the way to build your youtube channel so i wouldn’t recommend that it’s actually bad practices and so forth uh then how to add gasoline to the fire promoting off youtube and so forth and i kind of already touched on that social media and all stuff again not not a great strategy i wouldn’t recommend that aspect of the course um it’s really about creating amazing content that’s engaging inspirational or in spot yeah inspire inspires people and and entertain them and so forth and then it within your audience and at the same time building position you you as the authority as somebody that can teach them uh train them coach them so eventually they are like hey you know what they know what they’re talking about i want to work with them hey they have a course i want to buy that that’s great they provided so much value and so forth right so bonuses other things that she offers with the the members area and all that and it goes into like you know how to structure youtube channel how to put together scripts how to write scripts how to create your videos more effectively uh create call to actions how important it is to create a call to action um and all those steps uh teaser videos for social media channels all those things and i’ve tested all these things and a lot of things that are on here just doesn’t work like they used to they’re just not that effective it’s really about uploading really engaging videos and building a community that in an audience over time that will consistently watch you build your brand connect with your audience and give them what they want don’t try to just do what you want figure out what your audience is really wanting and build that up and engage with them create uh techniques where you create um what are they called easter eggs right in your videos where you’re always talking about the same thing so they’re connecting they’re feeling like they’re getting closer to you even though it’s just watching a video and so those are great things so should i or would i recommend you to purchase sonny’s course for 597. i think it’s pretty steep at 5.97 397 so forth like i said sunny is that inspir inspirational and all this stuff like i would drop 397 to you know no problem not at all i’ve gone through the course all those details sunny is just so enlightening and so cool to be connected with even if it’s just from a video that you’re watching uh i think 397 is is is worth it uh you can dive into her and her coaching she has coaching for six thousand do i think she’s the end-all be-all do i think this is the best youtube course out there for 397 no i don’t don’t right here’s the the the purchase page you can just click 3.97 so i don’t even know why there’s a 597 price tag on it it’s really always just 397 and all the content we kind of went through and sophia and sunny you can look through it and and go get it now or use the bonus obviously you’re going to use the code if you do purchase this um course uh like i said she’s extremely inspirational do i think there’s other courses out there i’m obviously biased i i went and i went through every course i went through every program i went all the online courses i looked at everything out there and i compiled my own course and put it together uh i’m offering that for 197 i dive into stuff on all different levels of really what works and just simplifies the process but like i said like sunny is that inspirational so if you’re having struggle getting started she is so inspiring that i recommend the course um for 39 397. if you’re tight on your budget and you want the best course for your money i probably wouldn’t do it but from an inspirational standpoint like i said sunny sunny is is awesome she’s fun to watch she’s engaging uh she’s really um knows how to be charismatic to her audience obviously i i haven’t met her in person hopefully maybe one day i do uh but i’m assuming she’s exactly the same she is on her videos it’s just authentic fun charismatic and engaging obviously she’s attractive so that’s always helpful when um you have those uh that combination right so again it’s your choice to buy her course uh sunny is awesome i love her stuff and uh if you want i have my course details down below you can just click on that sign up for it and get the course as well it’s a little more simple straightforward it’s just about here’s here’s exactly how to do it is more um analytical more data driven more like just do this it works as opposed to fluff or any of those other things so make your decision have fun watch some of sonny’s courses engage with that and i wish you guys all the best all right take care