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how to quickly add a manager editor or people to manage your youtube channel so obviously you’re first on youtube you’re going to go into your channel dashboard by clicking your icon here coming down and clicking youtube studio so once you’re in here you come down on dashboard go all the way down and go into let’s see here where is uh settings at the bottom here hit settings you can notice that i have a tool that comes up pops up it’s called vid iq i also use tubebuddy there are affiliate links in the on the back or at the bottom of the descriptions here they’re great tools to use to help get your channels uh more subs and more views quickly i’ve grown this channel less than a month other all the way to 1300 but again you click settings come into settings here go down into permissions and then you can see here if i want to invite someone i just click here put in their email address and i click select so a manager can add and remove others and edit everything on your channel an editor can edit everything but it can’t add or remove others and it can’t delete videos of the channel or enter into contracts right so that’s good or editor limited and it can edit everything but can add or remove it others right it can delete videos or the channel’s entire info contract so you got to be careful who you give access to and what access they they get a viewer can obviously can see everything they can’t edit anything and then a viewer limited can see everything except revenue information can’t edit anything so those are all ways to do it you just select let’s say manager and then you type their email address in and i can add an email address of mine and then i just hit the done button and then there’s a pending invitation to that invite person i invited then i just click save and then i have to verify it’s myself so i go through this process make sure i’m verifying and this pulls up my password automatically comes in i use a service called lastpass and also google remembers my or chrome google chrome remembers my password has to verify on my phone so i have to put in the number let me see that pulls up here in a second oh i have to make sure i click yes for my google pixel phone click yes on my phone and click the number 72 apparently then i add it and then that’s verifying that it’s my that i’m actually doing this so just some little hoops processing requests blah blah blah right and so that’s it so now right so i’m gonna go to another invite that i’ve already received so what happens is google should send that person that email address the invite so if i go into my email i can pull this up and i can see invitation access to this person’s channel right and then i just click accept invite i’ve already done this for this channel um recently if you didn’t get the email so one thing that you can go to go to backslash brand accounts this is a great way to see any pending invitations so if i just hit refresh here obviously i sent the invite to a different an account so let me log into that account and i can go check the pending invites there and sometimes it takes a little while for you youtube to process uh this information and get it you can also go back and check in your email right go back and i can check in my inbox here to see if a new invite occurred and then i just hit accept and it’s really that simple that’s how you so if i go into my social here look here’s the invite it automatically sent you’ve been invited to access this channel i just click accept invite and then it’s then i’m excite accepted uh it’s that simple how you uh give somebody access to manage your account uh and the reasons why you’d want somebody to manage your account like so for example i have assistants that work in systems in place and i help organizations create systems and i have a course and a product and a service where people will hire us to manage their youtube channel so when we manage your channel obviously you’re going to give us access to manage that channel so we can go in and create better thumbnails for you titles description add the tags create all the things from the seo standpoint to get your videos to rank higher so you can get better results more followers more subscribers much faster to start monetizing your channel we also teach businesses how to do this to how to create a really solid loyal fan base so that you grow your youtube channel and it’s the goal is not necessarily to become like a mr beast where you make you know millions of dollars off your youtube content but the goal is if you have a product or service that we create a brand around it and you provide so much value around that by educating your consumers by providing entertaining videos by certain things where you where you position yourself as an authority build credibility and trust by producing regular content and then we maximize that success by publishing it we even have video editors that can help and and grow it from the service that we offer and then from there we try to get you you know a hundred or a thousand loyal fans that purchase your product or your service so just imagine you have something that sells for a hundred dollars uh and let’s say it’s a hundred dollars a month and you have a thousand true fans that all purchase and it’s all based off of your youtube growth and your channel and what value you’re providing so a thousand times 100 that means you’re making a hundred thousand a month based off of your content uh driving those that products and service sales and that’s where we focus our effort is we’re not trying to make you a youtuber but we’re trying to use youtube to grow your brand it’s a very effective model it works really well we’ve done it with a lot of our customers and it has really improved the number of sales and conversions for them yes are there other ways to skin a cat we also do advertising we also do marketing we help the brands in other ways but this is about youtube and how you can use it to really grow your brand effectively to make sales and convert sales um for your potential prospects and really grow that fan base so if you want help with that please just click a link set an appointment with us uh book a call but only if you’re serious like and committed if you really want our services where we can help you grow your channel and get you that information to start selling your services more effectively and products is more effectively with youtube then hit us up or go and sign up for us and we can there’s a link in the bio as well in the descriptions that you can sign up for and purchase right away all right hopefully this video was really helpful and again it’s really simple how to get your add a manager or invite somebody to your account so you can give them access so they can help you grow your brand more effectively or they can upload your videos for you so you can maximize your time as a business owner doing the things as in producing more content or growing your brand or you know developing more products so then everybody else can do all the the mundane tasks so to fee uh um so to say and things that are not worth your time you have to understand as a business owner there’s things that are worth your time and things that are not worth your time and that’s when you need to hire out and the sooner you hire out the faster and that’s we also work with organizations getting them to hire more effectively finding talent and creating systems in place to automate their business to grow more effectively and faster so again if you want any of that help there’s uh we consult organizations and work with them and all the links are in the description below or you can click a link somewhere on here and it will probably drive the action to book a call with us and go from there but again hopefully this video is really helpful you got and you understand how to get people to become a manager or have limited access or an editor and so forth and also where to find the invites uh where to accept the invites and how to get access to that youtube channel once you have been invited all right thank you i appreciate it uh it’s always helpful if you like and subscribe to the content but only do it if you really value what we’re uh pushing out and and what we have to say all right thank you take care