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dan lok in his youtube follow secrets or tube follower secrets course i’m going to do a quick review on his course talk about dan lok and all his success and so forth so obviously dan lok has a 3.5 million subscribers to his youtube channel so what he says obviously works he does it himself uh he’s great at self promotion obviously has tons of courses and programs out there for purchases i’m gonna discuss the youtube course specifically because it’s uh regarding how to promote your youtube channel that’s what i discussed that’s what i work with that’s what i’ve researched um one of the topics that i’m very passionate about and so when you look at his course it’s only 49 it used to be 99 and it basically teaches you how to grow your youtube channel so some of the key things that you want to look at when you’re growing your youtube channel so dan’s a fairly straightforward guy it’s a very straightforward course it just tells you the bare necessities of what you do uh no fancy things that are gonna create any stuff it’s just very simplistic and if you do it it will work i’m again it comes back to consistency like i always say and i talk about nike it’s just about just doing it so diving in first on the the videos and things when you create a video first you want to create a hook in there you want to have a shock and awe you want to have a pattern interrupt so basically you grab people’s attention with a hook then get them to watch the entire video you create a pattern in it by either asking a question creating something that’s very shock and awe like a car crash that engages somebody just gets started watching that video and then obviously you create the stories and the open loops and so forth and closes loops and and get them to finish the entire video you can entice them with something that’s at the entire video uh and that’s how you get people to watch the entire video obviously you have to make it engaging and so forth big thing is when you have your videos you want to have the click-through rate as high as possible youtube cares most about the click-through rate so are they clicking to watch more videos from your channel or are they clicking um and and engaging your your video content more so youtube’s algorithm really just cares about are people watching your videos how long are they watching their videos and are they continue to watch more on your channel let’s get back to what his course really talks about talks about creating a playlist so then people watch multiple videos and that talks about creating your initial youtube uh channel intro so you can tell people what your channel is about again your artwork there’s a description on why you should watch it and why people should watch it uh and it’s again about getting people to digest more content of yours uh simple strategy most people already know this you make videos 10 minutes or longer obviously he’s doing shorter videos now you can also do shorts that are are kind of new he hasn’t even brought up that much stuff uh there are anything regarding shorts i you wanna the reason why 10 minute videos um or longer videos are better because the a increases watch time b it helps the youtube out the algorithm out and it’s also better for ads so when your channel is monetized you can make more money uh from an engagement standpoint so the way he really talks about how he focuses on creating engagement he’s he visualizes himself talking to a younger version himself and coaching that younger version on things that um that younger version of them should know he can do sometimes he’s really hard on himself sometimes he’s softer on himself so he takes different approaches depending on what the content is his mood i’m sure and obviously the needs of that younger person so to speak uh he’s a big fan of iron man and and marvel and all these things so he also likes to create easter eggs in the in his videos and he showcases his books he showcases his youtube 1 million subscriber plaque his marvel stuff his name so he’s constantly dropping little uh hidden things in his videos and and discussing it to again create more of a community around it so when you base off uh so like coming back full circle those are the main points but his overall strategy is really simple as success equals engagement he’s make a brand uh again he emphasizes just make a brand stay consistent with it be memorable create a culture in your community so again with those easter eggs so people in the community know to look for those certain easter eggs in that content regarding the same similar topic sales marketing business and so forth again it’s about creating a community the more fans and followers you can get to watch you and engage with all your videos that will grow your channel very quickly again he talks about drop your ego but again it’s always about providing value first find a passion follow that so whatever your niche may be if it’s gaming if it’s business if it’s marketing if it’s fashion whatever it is find that passion and start creating content don’t just try to make a quick book look at subscribers as real people and treat them as so so again focus on that value and really create that content for that subscriber don’t just try to you know make money on youtube do it because you love it because that will make it so you stick with it longer and also is easier to grow your channel and build build that community again you want to comment you want to build um you should always comment to people who comment on your videos and engage with your community you should always comment again this he doesn’t really talk about this but when you do a video you should watch your own video comment on it ask questions get people to engage with you next thing is when it comes to video ranking when how to get your video ranking uh it’s simplistic with uh he keeps like i said simple he doesn’t dive into the nitty-gritty the details that i that i personally like to do and so forth but he talks about you want to focus on good solid keywords uh focus on long tail keywords what does that mean so if you use something like vid iq or tubebuddy or even um when you type in the search bar things that not many people search for start off with longer tail keywords so instead of like uh how to rank your youtube channel you would talk about like how to how to rank your youtube channel for real estate agents so it’s a longer tail keyword it’s something that less people search for so you can rank for that easier as opposed to the bigger one when your channel gets bigger obviously you can start ranking for those ones uh check with youtube look at uh in the search bar when you type in a certain topic it’s going to fill in and you can see so obviously if i’m if i’m on youtube here and i type in dan lok you can see dan lok marketing motivation these are things that are uh this is a search engine at the end of the day so from an seo standpoint if you start doing videos in dan lok marketing dan lok motivation dan lok richard first poor you can start ranking for those those are longer tail keywords than just dan lok obviously next thing when you get into the video quality so again video quality is really not that big of a deal start off don’t try to invest tons of money into your youtube channel the most important thing that you you have to start off with is good audio quality a lot of videos and people who’ve been youtubing for a long time their videos suck and they’re horrible and then over time they’ve been reinvested back into their youtube growth and their money and bought better cameras better equipment and so forth so again just get started that’s the number one thing uh you can always add unusual backgrounds to make it more engaging so again constantly make changes and update you know how you’re approaching things your environment so you consistently create more engagement again like he said he’s a big fan of those easter eggs if you’re not familiar what an easter egg egg it is you should check out like marvel universe um and easter eggs and they leave them in comic books and video games and so forth it’s just leaving something in the background or off to the side that people know or recognize and they find so again the big thing is initially you want to drop people into your video so it starts with a good solid thumbnail and i’ve created videos on how to create uh contents on this and using canva but you that thumbnail should always have your brand your logo your face in it be consistent obviously if you’re you’re branding yourself and your business and so forth it should have your face in it if your youtube channel is not about you then focus on the brand and so forth uh be consistent with the colors be consistent with the font be consistent have it really pop in there and like i said um bit iq and tubebuddy are great tools to use affiliate links in the bottom by all means you can sign up there’s 10 bucks a month also the free versions work great too that can help you with those aspects with that thumbnail uh you might get easy to read you make it clear you make it concise you want remember people read right to left so have that content engage and that call to action for them to really click on that bitty video or that thumbnail to start watching from an upload standpoint it’s really about more the better typically with your content so two times upload videos on a on a daily improve the channel so when they tested one time a week video upload versus three times a week versus one every day obviously when you did one every day it’s going to grow that channel faster the biggest thing is you can’t get discouraged you can’t get upset in the beginning you’re not going to get any views most likely you’re not going to get any subscribers it’s about consistency right the phrase rome wasn’t built in a day or the compound effect which is a great book uh is really about over time when you consistently produce content uh you’re not only gonna improve at your craft by producing content you’re going to get better quality videos you’re going to get more videos at rank more people watch it and then start building that community so the biggest thing he starts off with and i think this is an awesome goal like dan’s goal on this is really set your goals to focus on just create your first hundred videos on youtube and get them published on youtube and then from there focus on getting your 100 subscribers right but again producing good quality videos that people engage in your marketplace or in your topic in your niche will get subscribers naturally just focus on producing that videos stick to a schedule automate that process so every tuesday you do a video every thursday you post a video you let your your channel knows that in the channel art um is very important so big thing is he’s big on getting a mentor getting a coach making yourself accountable also something that i’m a big believer in is as well as how do you automate that process how do you hire people to edit your videos hire people to do all the little dirty work right to post your social medias all that stuff and you can get va’s at a great rate i obviously also teach a program on this and a course and teach a lot of businesses how to get va’s that basically do all your work for you that you can save a ton of money so again um getting a mentor or a coach is very valuable have somebody keep you accountable again i used to be in the fitness business the end of the day a personal trainer basically was a cheerleader and a babysitter so get somebody that will hold your hand and hold you accountable to make sure you reach your goal because that’s the most the hardest thing that’s where we all struggle right we need that push we need somebody telling us what to do obviously i do consulting i work with businesses and so forth we do that on a regular basis it’s like you’ve got to get if you want to get to that next level you need to get pushed a little bit more obviously michael jordan had coaches kobe bryant lebron james all the professional athletes even top ceos jeff bezos elon musk all those people are working with coaches and that’s what gets their performance to excel and compete at the highest level possible in their area so let’s go back to the camera what kind of camera do you need again you can start with a very basic camera you can get a a webcam to do videos you can invest in just your phone your phone shoots unreal quality videos the big thing uh also is when you want to upgrade when you’re ready to upgrade do it when your channels start producing revenue for you don’t just start spending massive amounts of money because the most important thing is that you actually produce content and start creating content on a regular basis and you are going to stay consistent doing that because if you do it ton for a month and then just quit and never do it again well youtube is about consistency another different like social media it’s constantly needing new hits right people need new hits of your high right you’re providing your your fans your community a high of education of entertainment of something that you need to consistently bring that to the table so that’s your responsibility and that’s where accountability coach will help so again it’s not about the equipment it’s about just get up there and start teaching and preaching and entertaining and being you on that uh in front of your camera um when it comes to haters right he talks about haters uh welcome them because the more haters you get that means you’re doing a good job and i’m sure you’ve heard this before like if you have no haters if nobody’s talking about you obviously nobody knows who you are you don’t have any fans either so don’t worry about what people are saying you know obviously take it with a grain of salt if people are like hey i hate your videos hey you need to do x y and z and you’d get more views uh the big thing is always look at your numbers than just listen to your haters embrace the haters don’t let them bother you typically like i said he talks about it just means you’re doing something right so keep moving in that right direction um the big no-nos he talks about so don’t ever do this is his big no-nos is don’t cheat scam get a quick buck don’t pay for sites to increase subs don’t treat your subs as uh not valuable relationships don’t just do this try to make money and and don’t care about your subscribers really try to grow your channel engage with your people and your brand so youtube again it goes back to it’s all about engagement how do you engage people more effectively you need to keep you want to keep them on youtube you want to engage them with your thumbs your thumbnails on your videos and remember thumbs ups or thumbs downs is all engagement comments good ones bad ones it’s all engagement so youtube just cares about that engagement so the more the better it doesn’t matter if you have negative reviews or tons of positive reviews or hopefully you know more positive than negatives but again it’s the more engagement you get the better so obviously if you get a ton of people just frowning on your videos saying they suck saying i can’t believe you reviewed his course and talked poorly about him or talked great about him you know whatever you’re gonna get feedback and but the more comments the better it is for that youtube video to grow and as long as they’re consuming your content that’s what matters most and so consistently keep it up get people consuming that content youtube doesn’t really love it when you have people leave their site just like facebook or any other social media site they don’t want you to click off the site and go to another site even though i’m a big believer and if you want to build your business and use youtube as a platform to do that you want to drive people off of youtube but from a youtube standpoint in dan lok’s course he talks about just youtube itself keeping people on youtube and you want don’t want to create links to drive people off of youtube so again he talks about looking at numbers he doesn’t really dive into the details what i wish he did more so you need to know your numbers look at your engagement see where people drop off on those videos see where people you know what’s going to increase your watch time focus on watch time and how you can get more people to watch the entire video what you can add what you can adjust and so keep tweaking those videos keep looking at your analytics keep making adjustments keep uploading and tweaking and seeing what works trim away the fat whatever doesn’t work get rid of it and keep going you will eventually figure out the the algorithm better and you’ll figure out how to produce better videos by looking at your numbers it’s key um again like i talked about he’s a big proponent of get a va hire virtual assistant get them to do all the dirty work don’t edit your videos you your time is more valuable that you’ll never run a six or seven figure business when you can hire somebody for five to twenty dollars an hour who can produce probably better uh edits than you can do because that’s not what you do run it like a business create systems um create produce focus on thousands of videos and content out there focus on progress not perfection right consistently keep getting better don’t try to make one video perfect big thing apple used to say when they first shipped personal computers is ship crap fix it later we’d never have personal computers if they didn’t have that motto right obviously dan lok didn’t talk about that some of this is a little bit of my pizzazz and his stuff a lot is his stuff that he said says uh so uh might get a little confusing but again dan lok’s is all about hiring a va just do it upload it and then move on and do it again just repeat that process you have to get more efficient at running the business if you’re a youtuber treat it like a business keep going get va’s to do all the other work uh like i said i work with companies and i get their va’s to have social media systems so a va can run that entire thing i get them to automate ads i get them to automate their business more effectively so they can produce more revenue and grow their business and scale up much faster so again from a revenue standpoint on youtube you want to monetize right away so how what does that look like you have to get a thousand subs obviously this can change depending on when this video is created so right now i believe it’s a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours so the more videos you have out there and the more subs you get are always going to get those watch hours once you can monetize it monetize all your videos increase traffic to your youtube uh get to get 2k a month you need about a million views per month so his thing is if you want two grand a month you need about a million views a month and that’s his uh what he talks about on the secret uo you want to create an auto subscribe for email so anytime you send out an email do an auto subscribe i also have a video that teaches you how to do that so if you want to go check out that video you can do that um i’m sure he does too you might want to check out his channel as well he has a great channel a lot of sales and marketing advice good courses out there um get people to subscribe again it’s about promoting self-promoting you want to talk about your videos tell them to like and subscribe to your content some people say you should do that some people should say you shouldn’t because it’s not as authentic whatever it doesn’t really matter it’s really what you feel comfortable doing so you can tell people hey please like and subscribe to my channel please hit the notification bell all that stuff they’re great little intros or outros at the end of your videos again it’s really about content are you providing really valuable content for your audience and are they engaging with it if they’re doing all that stuff they’re gonna like they’re gonna subscribe they’re gonna hit that notification bell because they want to get notified and more information regarding your content set up your own sub domain and drive people to that channel um you can just get that with the url 301 direct it to your youtube channel when you when you are able to monetize that channel you want to create all the things within that create your own custom url all those things within your branding of your channel your channel art and so forth so the last but not least is that biggest action steps that he talks about and this is just straightforward dan lok right like his action stops are thumbnails 100 videos to start get started look at your numbers and just keep testing and tweaking testing and tweaking right producing your content testing tweaking looking at that so that’s the biggest thing so overall that stuff that’s dan lok’s course for forty nine dollars use like i said it used to be ninety nine dollars do i recommend that course yeah it has a lot of stuff dan is very motivating uh it’s inspiring obviously he’s as a channel that has over 3 million um or three point yeah three and a half million views on his channel uh it’s great content he has tons of courses out there you might like dan you might hate him it’s all up to you this is just a review of his course i like take everything with a grain of salt nobody’s got out there they’re just people providing useful information and if dan lok motivates you and inspires you it’s great it’s worth the investment forty nine dollars let’s face it is is really nothing when it comes down to it’s a night out at dinner so i really uh would recommend this course uh to get it uh it’s fairly straightforward uh obviously i have my own youtube course i dive into more of the details about how to look at your numbers how do you look at your analytics how to drive the seo so more of a hands-on here’s how to do it and we also uh have vas where we’ll actually do your entire youtube channel for you you produce the content or we haven’t even have it where we’ll send out film crews to shoot you from a more of a vip package standpoint and obviously you can click the link you can go check out that course and all the details related to that um or all that stuff otherwise uh i think dan lok’s course is great and a good investment like i said it’s only forty nine dollars uh my course is more but it talks it dives into all the nitty gritty details but like i said the most important thing is and this is from dan lok is produce those hundred videos produce it and stay consistent and just automate that process and run it like a business hopefully this was helpful i appreciate your time as always and again uh check out my uh youtube channel and if you need anything else you need any other help please leave comments below and be happy to answer those for you all right take care thank you