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youtube seo so let’s discuss how you can rank your videos more effectively by using uh seo or better known as search engine optimization youtube is just obviously owned by google google is the largest search engine on the planet search engine optimization is basically the term to get a your content or your video if it’s on youtube to rank higher for uh search terms so obviously if i’m on youtube right now and i just type in youtube seo right you’re gonna see things that pop up here and obviously the first one is an ad the next one has 73 000 views it talks about seo and so forth this one has 475 000 views but this is in within the ranking of this and how do you get videos to rank for your content your specific niches and so forth so then they get they attract more subscribers more views more watch time so let’s start off first is you want to find what you want to rank for so a search term so the first thing search term is let’s just say youtube seo uh it could be makeup it could be basketball drills could be how to do a layup it could be how to be the best shooter how to walk in high heels how to tie a tie who knows whatever your niche is gaming whatever this is how to first get started ranking a video you want to find a high-end content that has typically a longer tail tr keyword if you’re new to youtube you want to focus on that versus a bigger um harder to rank term so for example when i type in youtube the easiest way to find terms to do videos on is just type in here youtube seo so then it comes up different um things that you can rank for in videos you can create youtube seo software youtube seo neil patel which he’s a well-known marketer youtube seo tools youtube seo 2021 popular youtube tags search engine optimization google youtube seo tag and you get it so anything you type in here first helps you find that so when you want to rank you could just type in youtube seo or whatever let’s go make up uh and you can do makeup tutorial classes on makeup classes on youtube so you can start by creating different videos for this topic to to start ranking for those keywords next you have obviously the youtube title so in here youtube seo basics how to get your youtube videos to appear and youtube search uh let’s click on it so we actually can read the full thing in youtube search the content bug so it’s a little branding all that stuff in there the next one youtube seo how to rank number one in youtube so obviously in your title you want to put your keywords in there or key phrases and things that will help that rank also in your and this one it has youtube seo how to rank number one in youtube so things that are related to the keywords ranking uh number one uh youtube seo right all those things are important and then when you write the description of that video you want to again add those keywords key phrases that would appear as well as when you talk in your video because yes google can understand what you are saying they do their transcription service all stuff so when you talk about youtube seo search engine optimization ranking on youtube certain topics and keywords and key phrases that video now will start ranking for those things the other one is your tags so your youtube track tags when you create youtube tags it’s basically telling youtube no different uh on your meta tags from search engine optimization it’s telling what you want that video to rank for so when you create new content you’re like hey i want to rank for youtube seo ranking number one on on youtube and so forth so cool little tools you can use um that i highly recommend i’m going to show you the free version obviously i use paid versions uh paid versions are great i have an affiliate links down at the bottom in the descriptions if you sign up for awesome but two to two tools that are really awesome for helping you with your youtube seo are tubebuddy and vid iq so if you come up here and they’re already installed on here so i’m going to show you the vid iq in here i’m going to click here and this and go to keyword inspector right so let’s just type in youtube seo right and then i can hit search and like i said i’m not logged into my account so i’m not you this is a free version the free version will help you the paid version will help you even more so you can see right now as youtube seo search volume 2 252 000 basically youtube seo tutorial 10 386 youtube seo 2020 um and youtube seo tips so these things all rank and obviously each one of them are beneficial to add in the description as well as can use in the title if i focus on youtube seo i’m obviously going for the biggest one right off the bat if you’re a newer new channel you don’t have as much uh traffic on your site you might want to focus on something that gets less traffic like youtube seo 2020 um the search volume is lower so it’s easier to rank for so once you start getting ranking for that then it will be easier to start trying to get ranking for larger terms and then growing your channel much faster another tool you can use well let me focus uh on that you can use is tubebuddy so you come in here this is also on here so tubebuddy it is uh there’s also a paid version like i said affiliate links uh you can check out down below it’s 10 bucks a month which is an amazing deal so let’s do same thing youtube seo and you’re gonna see the explorer and each of these tools have great features i like both of them this one’s really cool because it shows you like the poor versus a very good search volume right what’s going on the weighted versus unweighted and so forth obviously you have to upgrade um when you want those results but here you can see which videos are ranking uh and the thumbnails are using so it gives you a lot of good information that you can utilize to start promoting your channel more effectively so these are great things another tool obviously this is a free tool it’s called the keyword planner so if you have a google ads account you can log in and type in certain keywords here i typed in new youtube seo so obviously if i want to rank for that i just hit get results you come down here you can see how many searches a month are coming in 5400 youtube seo tools 590 so obviously that’s an easier one to start ranking for youtube keyword research 720 and so forth so again you can see all the videos that i can create a lot along this topic just to get start getting ranking and get tons of views and start driving my channel as the source or authority when it comes to ranking videos on youtube so again uh the three things when you’re on your youtube channel you want to focus on your title your description and your tags so those are really important like i said when you’re using um tubebuddy or vid iq they will recommend tags that’ll be more effective that you can use in your description as well as in your title as well as you want to speak about what you’re talking what you want your video to rank for as in search engine optimization ranking number one on youtube uh increasing your traffic on youtube ranking your videos in search engines and so forth right so i’ve already threw out a bunch of key phrases now that will hopefully get this video ranked even higher um if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and i’m happy to answer anything that can help you rank your videos more effectively and drive traffic to your channel if you’re interested i uh i have created a youtube course it’s related on how to drive business using utila using youtube as your source of an organic traffic to drive you know leads customers back to what you have what you offer in your business youtube is a very powerful source to use as a search engine to drive traffic build an authority build credibility trust push position yourself as an expert i have an entire course teaching you how to do that teaching you how to capture those leads how to convert them how to move them from a prospect to a customer and that’s all in my youtube course you can go check that out the links are below i also have free training you can look at and check all that stuff out like i said the affiliate links the course also has a handful more seo hacks that i didn’t mention here that are kind of secret little tips and tricks to really get your videos to rank even higher so if you want that information obviously you can go and get that course you can also go and watch my free youtube um content that i offer talking about how you can really effectively use this to drive sales for your business if you want that just go and click the link below and check that out if you have any questions on ranking your videos and getting more traffic with youtube like i said leave comments below you can like and subscribe to the channel if you want if you got valuable information from this but hopefully this will help you rank your videos more effectively and like i said the tools that you want to start using is when you just come in and type here create videos on that use a keyword planner in here you do have to sign up an account uh for google ads obviously you can create an account you can create an ad and then turn it off so you never actually spend any money but to get then you get access to keyword planner which where you go into tools here come up into keyword planner once you’re logged into the google ads account and then the the two tools with on within youtube itself are like i said vid iq here uh and then tubebuddy here and you can see when i type those in the search term here highest amount of views average views subscribers so forth and then the the two buddy one the volume out of here out of a hundred top channels for the search term so forth so it gives you a ton of information like i said the free ones are awesome if you’re starting with youtube just start with that but like i said it’s only 10 bucks a month for for one of them 20 bucks for both of them i highly recommend you just purchase one of them like i said the i have affiliate links it’d be great if you use those at the bottom of the description and uh if you have any other things that you want to rank for and drive traffic to your business like i said i have a course on that i’m happy to help you on any all that but again the last things your title description your meta tags and then obviously creating a really solid thumbnail will help your videos get clicked and then create engaging more content that will get your videos to be watched so hopefully this was helpful and i wish you all the best take care