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how to create tags for your youtube videos to rank higher in youtube so first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to dive into account we’re going to show you just how to write tags how to create tags and how to find tags and how many tags you should have so then you can get your videos to rank higher tags are an important aspect of ranking your video so this is just going to go through tags and how to set up your tags effectively i think i said tagged one too many times but let’s go into an account right now so here i’m in an account in a video so this video happens to be called get flat abs with this workout right so if we scroll down a great little tool that you can you have that you can utilize and this is a free tool i recommend the paid one as well but you can see this comes up and it’s just the the vid iq also tubebuddy has one as well that you can utilize but it gives you ideas right here recommended things like abs home workout abs workout and once you start putting in tabs right like so obviously flat abs is a great one flat abs workout is another great one now we can hit refresh because we want to be as specific as possible so obviously ab workout ab workouts are good but they’re not as specific as this video right and obviously we want to use the ones that are in our our description and title and so forth so we have git flat abs this workout so we can also just add in here get flat abs so utilizing this tool is really effective right so hit refresh tags so another way is what you do is just go into youtube go into git flat abs find the number one ranking video so flat abs workout flat belly right 10 minute this flat tummy right so let’s just click on this and we’re going to want to pause it so i don’t have to bug you with uh this video or commercial uh or skipping and let’s just pause that so we scroll down and this obviously is another tool with bid iq uh and like i said uh i have an affiliate link in the bottom if you want to sign up it’s 10 bucks a month it’s awesome the service is great if you really want to help um ranking your videos more effectively but this is just the free one right now just to show you how it works so you can just all that iq tubebuddy works as well that iq i like because it shows the tags she is using so this is the number one ranking video for that term so all we have to do is come in here click this and it’s going to copy now we go back into our video come in here and command or control v depending if you have a mac or a pc allows you just type that in so notice she actually has like japanese words and she’s writing for those terms and that’s probably beneficial notice we have too many keywords now 545 out of 500 so let’s come in here and let’s get some get rid of some of them to get to 500 so notice exercise probably not going to rank for that one so let’s just get rid of it lower ab exercise ab exercise intense lower belly exercise lower belly exercise intense ab workout 10 minute abs this workout is only five minutes so let’s just get rid of that one it doesn’t isn’t as applicable flat belly workout uh fat flat belly in 30 days fastest way to get a flat belly flat belly program uh abs workout program abs program we’re just going to get rid of workout here intense workout flat tummy muffin top i’m going to get rid of some of these japanese words because i have no idea what they mean so obviously you can go into google translate and figure out what some of them mean so let’s just check that out right so google trends late here we go uh and we’re going to put this in here and female apps right so that’s a good one so it can rank for those that terminology let’s check out this one go in here check out that home training so let’s go into this one this one uh i believe that was this one we did right let’s just double check it was the first one home training we can get rid of that one right uh go in here uh oops type in this home training apps that’s fine come back into here so that was this that one what’s this one here all right abdominal workout so you can see what i mean but also another little key hack is since she rake ranks higher than everybody we can also just take this copy that come into here and we can pull up for her videos you want to basically maximize uh let’s do get rid of one more just to see uh apps you could use spanish words as well you can use all different other words to rank because it will only benefit you making women’s abs so let’s just get rid of one of these here oh there we go remove so we’re at 496 you want to maximize all the tags i found it doesn’t hurt you to have more tags it can only beneficially rank you higher again you want to really focus on ones that are really associated with the things that you say in your video and what your title and description has so these things are all really good so just hit save and that alone will help you rank your videos more effectively so that’s a quick little tutorial on youtube tags and how to uh get tags to help you with your search engine and your ranking on the top page or this first search results for um your youtube video hopefully that was helpful but again that’s how you do tags and now get to work and start doing them correctly all right take care thank you