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How to maximize your Facebook Ads by understanding your columns and your data in those columns? So if we come into this ad account, it’s just uh really starting. We’re starting to get a decent amount of add to carts a link clips link clicks uh purchases and so forth. So there’s uh really only a few uh sets coming on in here. So what we do is if we scroll over here this is just your typical performance column setup. So what we want to do is actually create a customized column in here and so this takes a little second to load and this pulls up the data. So what we really want is add to cart data right? We’re gonna hit the total and then we’re gonna get the cost. We also want the checkout uh data the initiated checkout total and cost we want purchase data. Uh we also want the roa row ass here so get the that data here. So and then you can get through the click through rate is always good. I like all and unique all i also if it’s a video the video view I like 25 50 75 95 this shows engagement how people are going. Uh then I like landing page views. Right a click is not always a landing page view so if we’re sending them to directly to their our website then we want to make sure to see what we’re paying for that landing page view versus a click click could be something that click on Facebook then click to your Facebook uh home page or or whatever image and we want to make sure that data is as clear as possible. So these are the main ones you can obviously come in here and adjust them so landing page view i would have more here cost per purchase. I’d have here the ro website oops a website purchases i want. Next to that uh purchases in here mobile app purchases so i pull all this data down here next to landing page views. I like to click through right next to it uh then you need click through rate down past that cost per landing page view obviously right before the landing i like the row as down at the the last thing to see uh we scroll in here unique clicks that’s fine i’ll add to carts I like this right before purchases, Oh let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here there we go come on not that one not that one oops here we go right come on i feel like i’m playing a video game here right after this one that’s what we want right there perfect to add the carts there. And then the actual the initiate checkouts uh since uh initiate checkout is after add to cart because they’re actually filling out um

Their information on the initiate checkout, I think it might go there we need it after add to cart. But uh we’ll do that nope that didn’t work one more boom and then we’ll actually move the add to cart there perfect. And then we can scroll this down amount spent that’s fine there schedule conversion rate quality good strategy results okay that’s fine whatever most of the data is in the order that i want and you can order uh simply by moving these things just like i showed you here. Then you hit apply so now when we look at this data it will tell us a picture well hopefully it tells us a picture and that’s why you’re spending money to get as much data as possible and hopefully some of that data turns into something right. So when we come in here we pull this up we can see some of that data here so we have website purchases so this ad here has gotten seven purchases this ad here has gotten nine purchases this ad here has gotten two purchases so let’s again that’s some valuable data uh the website adds a cart this ad has gotten 83 um 83 add to carts 50 initiate checkouts this one of course is 29 and 19. this one’s 14 and 8. so this would tell me that this one isn’t as effective to get a purchase a website add to cart initiate checkout and a purchase so this ad is more or less what we’d call a winning ad but if we come into the cost per landing page view at 25 cents for a landing page so this is crushing the landing page view so that’s obviously at first before we had any of the data with the add to carts the niche initiate checkouts uh and purchases this of course looks like it’s a better performing also we look at the unique click-through rates here 8.37. Uh this one obviously is much higher at almost nine nine and a half and this again and almost nine and a half so this again is showing that this is a a better performing ad even though it’s costing us more to get a landing page view. It’s better that we’re spending more to get more add to carts more initiate checkouts and obviously the goal is to get more purchases so that’s a winning formula here so knowing that uh in this in this ad set.So obviously you know we can go into the spend here so we look at here we’ve only spent almost half than what we spent here but based off of this data it is not performing as well so we want to actually check uncheck this because again based off of the data we’re getting into a point where we’re getting enough add to carts where then we can create another or look-alike list that we already created of add to carts and then we can target that obviously we can create a better list on view content so people who who’ve actually viewed our content on those landing page views and that will improve um it should improve the conversion value and we should be able to drop down uh our cost per purchase where did that go here uh that’s a roast website initiate purchase website purchase. Apparently i didn’t move one of those in the right spot so we want cost right cost per add to cart. So obviously again this is showing it’s the best performing to add to cart on that so cost per purchase is 85. So again we want to get that much lower so our goal is to continue to drop that so 927 1539 and then it’s 85.48 so that’s a big thing so this shows something that we’re not doing on our website to get people to convert as well but from the ad to the add to cart to the initiate checkout it’s going really well but then there’s a huge bump so not we’re having a lower amount of conversions that we need even though it’s about a hundred dollar product to purchase uh that means our margins still need some work in here and so these numbers are great. But if we can cut this in half that’s how we adjust that data so that’s what we need to do is go in and adjust the audience uh target based off of lookalikes. All that stuff we’re doing this this is a retargeted ad. It is working well it has dropped it to 55 so that’s effective we’re getting again 13 add to carts 20 initiate checkouts and almost cut in half.

To 55 versus 85 so that’s a huge improvement but remember we’re still spending here. But now we’ve eliminated that one ad so that will save us some money and we’ll get better results. Here we just have to fine-tune um that by looking at more of our data so this is how we would set up the columns to be able to analyze that and obviously it depends on the campaigns the ads that you’re running based off the video view so this is obviously a video view uh video campaign or no actually that this is not a video campaign on these two ads so no videos are being watched i think this ad could perform even better if it had a video uh for it and so forth. But again uh to get look at more of the data you can then check in the view charts look at your demographics but we’ll save that for an another video this one’s really about just addinag and adjusting those columns. Uh so you can convert customers at a lower rate and you can analyze the data more effectively for yourself or your agency to get better results running your Facebook ads. Hopefully this was helpful. If you want to work with our firm there’s a link below if you want help uh running Facebook ads or learning how to do Facebook ads more effectively. There’s a link to uh below on a free course and you can watch that and learn even more. Again my name is Scott White and hopefully this was helpful please like and subscribe to the channel. It always helps we’re trying to grow this channel as fast as possible uh and I wish you the most success thank you.


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