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Facebook Share Content To All Groups Instantly & Free –

How you doing i want to show you how you can share uh your content that’s on facebook with all the groups that you’re that you have joined that you’re part of as well as your own personal page and so forth so for example i’m here on a uh a facebook page right on my facebook page and let’s just say we’re gonna share excuse me we’re gonna share this piece of content here so what we come down to here is we want to make sure we select uh our own personal uh image here our own personal profile right not one of the pages that we represent or any of that stuff our own personal page uh or personal profile so we check that box and then we just click the share button so we scroll down here and go share now only me share to my news feed share to your story your friends send it in a messenger or share to a group so for example for the groups we’re going to click share to a group we can put what we want in here and then we can just click one of the groups that we’re part of and so forth so we just click share if we want to do it multiple times we can do that we share it to all those places uh at one time to make it real fast and easy to share to multiple places obviously right share now only me shared a news feed right so again you can click that put that in there put it on your news feed uh and share to your story with your friends right so obviously something went wrong there but uh that should should work to your share fees share your page share on a friend’s profile uh you can do all that or share in messenger right and you can add it put it send it to every you’d like uh send it to a group by creating a group so you’re sending that which is a great strategy for businesses to develop quality content and uh win over more people uh win more prospects over by providing valuable content to them and sharing it all in one place obviously they can unsubscribe from that group but the main thing is you can quickly hit share and share it to the groups and your information can spread very quickly with a few clicks of a button you don’t have to go to each individual group that would take forever uh so make sure this strategy you follow so you can submit that at one time to all the groups uh in one place with a few clicks of a button hopefully this was helpful obviously my name is scott white i always appreciate if you like subscribe follow me do what you do on social media to give us a boost that helps our channel grow and all that great stuff and thank you