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3 Facebook URLS To Know When Running Ads

I want to show you three Facebook links or URLs that you can type in to quickly and easily access. Uh key features of Facebook. If you have, if you’re running Facebook ads, you’re doing, d having to deal with Facebook trying to get to support. Trying to get to help, so these are just three simple links that will save you time. So I’ll put them in descriptions and hopefully they’ll help you out when you’re working and running ads with Facebook. So the first one in if you come up here in the URL you just type in and it will pull up all your business managers. If you have multiples uh it will pull them up. If you just have one it will go right into that one. And from here you can go in right into your business manager start accessing your ads, your ad account, your pages and so forth. Uh and so is what I recommend typing in if you’re gonna go into your ad platform right away. So obviously if I clicked on one of my my business manager accounts, then i’m logged in. I can see all my access. I can go to ad managers i can click up here in tools go to everything in here uh and quickly access my accounts. The next one when you’re dealing with Facebook is typically your, you want support. You need help so that’s uh type in backslash support backsplash and then you can see every all your support chats. If they’ve been answered. If you need to respond and so forth this is really helpful. Um you know if you get a banned account or you have to uh engage with Facebook and hopefully they engage faster than slower.


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