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let’s talk about fidelity home warranty and we’re going to review uh their business from a people’s uh technology and processes standpoint so people processes and technology is really what it comes down to when you’re looking at a business to see how effective they are i recently had to deal with fidelity home warranty on a um rental property and so i’m going to explain to you from a leadership standpoint and how they run their organization how effective they were or ineffective and what they could do to fix that to improve that because at the end of the day i think what matters most is making sure when you’re running an organization that your people processes and and um tech is in is set up to to help the people that you serve right and obviously that will help grow your organization much faster when you have tons of people rooting for you and cheering you on versus tons of people who are talking poorly about you so unfortunately uh my experience with fidelity home warranty wasn’t great uh and so i’m gonna dive into those details so first let’s talk about the people uh that i had to deal with and and i also interviewed a bunch of other people that had to deal with fidelity as well and it was a similar experience so when you call fidelity because you’re forced to call their technology is not set up where you can get an easy chat with them email live person right away so right there their tech is a big uh big f on that they can improve that process also with their vendors their vendors aren’t able to submit things effectively they’ve had change of services and this is a company i want to tell you fidelity home warranty that i used to purchase a bunch of homes and recommend their their service to so many people because this home warranty just crushed it right they did everything their customer service everything was awesome but i guess they got purchased and bought out by a bigger company so that’s what i’m dive into right now in my recent experience with fidelity home warranty and how they run their business so on average you have to be on the phone for about 45 minutes to to an hour it’s typical when you make that phone call you will get hung up on at least once so that 40 minutes will get doubled into possibly you know an hour to two hours of waiting on the phone to just get a hold of one person and then when you deal with that person they don’t have the power to really help you and they’ll tell you what you need to hear and say hey did we best serve you all that stuff but at the end of the day if it didn’t get what the customer wanted for example i had to deal with a a an air conditioning unit that went out in a property in a rental property right as you can tell or may or may not know i it’s in arizona so in phoenix arizona in the summer time it’s close to 110 it is insanely hot people cannot survive in a house with just one air conditioner unit not working right if you have two it’s understandable that they might make you wait a little longer so when you deal with people right when you finally get a hold of somebody they’ll of course push you up the chain they’ll blame it on the vendor the vendor will blame it on fidelity so there’s a lot of back and forth nobody actually steps up and says you know what i’m gonna take this from start to finish and and make sure this process happens so there the one person at fidelity told me that the vendor can purchase the unit or get everything set up and fidelity will pay them well the vendor is telling me um hey look there are no supplies there’s a supply chain issue they’re blaming covid right which is hilarious to me because if you just base if you think about math right every year a certain number of air conditioning units go out in arizona and so they should account for that every year that should not be a shocker so from a supply chain standpoint it’s surprising obviously you know there’s issue with china and there’s some other things that happen so i could understand to some degree there was a supply chain issue or they just didn’t cover their bases and do what they needed to do because again most home warranty companies or insurance companies goal is to give you as little as money back as possible right they’re a business they need to make a profit there’s nothing wrong with that but the same time when something does happen they need to serve their customers so from that people perspective right i had to discuss this with multiple uh had multiple conversations where people would say they take care of it they’d say they take care of it nothing got done out day after day after week so it ended up turning into about a two and a half experience where they didn’t get anything done until about two and a half weeks right and at that point i actually had to threaten them with lawsuits and


discuss things that i don’t really like to go to at the end of the day i just want the job taken care of they said they got it handled once and then they were like we have to go through a process i was like i will pay extra whatever it takes to get it there overnight shipping and any of those things and they’re like no we can’t do that we have our own processes meanwhile the vendor tells me look they have no units they can’t get it done but if they approve my processing prove my purchase to be able to get it i can get it done right away and the vendor said that from day day one basically so he could have gotten this done almost immediately so within a few days so the vendor and obviously dealing with fidelity they were saying things that then got me upset at the vendor because they were not being honest and truthful about what they could or couldn’t do because they had to go through the food chain to get help right so again from a people standpoint and a processes standpoint they really failed on that aspect tech standpoint they failed on that aspect so i really hope they get their act together because at the end of the day any organization is about serving their customers about helping them and getting them through a situation that’s not so fun so when that’s handled right for example let’s throw in zappos there are such a phenomenal company from a standpoint of start to finish they will have somebody hop on the phone with you and make sure your shoes are shipped and you get them and you’re happy and you’re an ecstatic customer that speaks volumes in today’s marketplace why because anybody can go on social media anybody can create a video anybody can go out there and talk about uh organization poorly right so do you want this for your organization your company your business where people will leave a bad review for you people will do that and i get it mistakes happen right nobody’s perfect when it comes to a business uh things fall through the cracks there’s a lot of things that that people need help with but if you’re an organization and you can fix your processes and improve your talent pool for by getting better people in training them more effectively and getting better tech to engage a customer and a vendor and the relationships across the board so it’s handled smoothly well that’s where you start right when you want to grow your organization to a multi you know figure business you need to first a first have a system in place to generate customers on demand right where you get them on a regular basis then you have to improve your people your processes and your tech to make sure that your people and you’re building a culture with your organization where you thrive and you grow and people are your biggest fans out there when people are raving about your business you’ll get more and more customers all the time it’s that simple we live in a um marketplace where people will come out and rave about things yes people more people come out and complain than they will do about rave and give compliments and i wish that changed because there’s so many companies that do great things and they they do great by their customers that we need to to get out there and speak about them and tell them and compliment them and there are plenty of people out there with amazon reviews the social proof with yelp and all those other sites where you can speak about them and talk about how amazing they are right how many customers love apple and are so committed to apple products so obviously it’s those brands are crushing it in the marketplace because they’re inspiring their fans to want to speak about them and engage with them so it’s just that simple so are you one of those brands that are gonna do that i hope so so uh take care uh if you have any comments a company that you really love hit the like subscribe and comment below thank you take care