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how you doing i’m going to do a review of flow tracks software so if you haven’t purchased you’re thinking about purchasing you’ll know all the ins and outs of the software if it really lives up to the hype and it can replace click funnels for only 97 or replace infusionsoft because this software says it can do it all we’ll just kind of scroll through it says it can do an easy design of website landing pages capture leads for customers payment forms with e-sign seo optimization you can automate design sequences upsells marketing signups processing form submissions everything else automate fulfillment and sales increase conversion rates phone calls sms and more marketing automation uh engaging customers communicate with them leads across email sms and phone stay organized click to meet emails tracking first design trigger optimization obviously you can also sell your product to service uh in 242 countries collect payments and donations deal tracking task management sales automations obviously you can watch the video you can hear the testimonials but i’m gonna review everything firsthand i’m gonna sign up right now so if it can do it even you know 20 of what it’s saying it can do for 97 this is a steal of a software right like i currently pay i think close to 300 plus a month just for infusionsoft i have click funnels that i pay uh close around the same amount for so i have multiple softwares that this thing says it can do for uh 97 typically i would say this is a lot of hype and it’s not going to live up to it but let’s go through and see i’m open to it if obviously i can replace all the softwares i currently use then for 97 and it will work so be it so i have no problem uh investing in my business and helping you uh with your business if you’re a newer entrepreneurs you want to start with funnels you want to start with automations email follow-ups all that great stuff uh i’m happy to show if it will do that so obviously 97 lifetime deal one-time payment or you got flow track unlimited users plus more sites limited time offer one-time payment unlimited users so first i’m going to sign up for the 97 to see if it’s up to the hype and obviously i will quickly upgrade to the 294 deal after that there is optional additional fees for phone services and recording services and so forth so let’s just get that signed up right now so i’m going to just put it on pause and sign up and then we’ll go through the review as you’re with me through that software signed up so cool things special today if you share in a post to share in a group you get uh let’s see where is it you get your free to website add-on which is cool uh obviously that’s uh cool features i’m just going to proceed to login we can do that afterwards and here thank you for signing up so obviously now i get to just sign in now and it should be able to enter my information that i have stored and let’s see we’re going to dive in and design something right away log out of flow just agree and continue terms of service so let’s just start off congratulations welcome blah blah blah don’t care to watch the startup video i recommend you should watch that video once you sign up but let’s just go through in the process here so if you want you click apps here go into the directory so we can start connecting things start using it functionally so obviously if you have billing you want to activate that you just click activate processing your request just takes a little time that’s activated business phone systems creative phone numbers extensions build customers so we can activate that so that’s set up and go in there we’re all good there now it adds in here this voice uh vo voice over internet protocol i think right uh so it adds all these in you can put your phone numbers in all those details we’re not gonna dive too much into that but it makes it so much more effective recording voicemails and so forth and then uh billing here if you come into billing right you can set up your products settings order history subscriptions all your transactions so that’s set up in there so that’s really quickly how you can do all that and make sure that stuff then you can go to integrations so in here now that’s where we integrate every everything so if you’re connected with uh stripe you use stripe use paypal all these different services you can connect them so this is already amazing for new entrepreneurs that might not have the budget to afford a click funnels or afford other softwares right now so far this does you can process payments create order forms we’ll get into the design and how uh user friendly and how well it looks but obviously you can just collect stripe you can collect your email with sendgrid you can also do it with uh i believe gmail set all that stuff up so you message message directly you can uh get twilio set up so you can do sms you get other services in here data validation you know blacklist i verify tracking stuff you can set up your facebook conversion event so you can activate that so and then obviously you just add in those details here pixel id access token and it creates everything in here for you so that that is great obviously there’s different integrations my curio i’m curious if you can add multiple facebook conversions uh integrate new so looks like there’s just a one in here but i’d have to check with support on that you can get multiple things but let’s go into first set up obviously there up here is the navigation for everything so you have your flows which is your email marketing your contacts where all your contacts come in inputs designed so let’s first go in and create a form typically that’s what you’re going to do if you’re either selling something or if you’re trying to get leads to eventually obviously sell or close something on on here so we just click create form everything seems very user friendly very uh simple to use at this point so we’re in here creating a form so let’s see what kind of forms we can create so we got common fields first name job email phone number basic stuff text text area check box password radio buttons objects advanced stuff uh in our urls date time day currency uh file image billing purchase address survey so you can do surveys column so let’s just see what you can do with the survey here can i scroll up here scroll down so the purchase one so if i pull in the purchase details just takes a little while so obviously has a credit card information first name billing i wonder how if i can move this around i make adjustments inside here so if i purchase credit card so it doesn’t look like i can customize it too much which you know i would love to be able to customize it a little bit more that’d be nice if i could move the credit card below all the billing address stuff here but let’s just hit save on that so i wonder if i could do so it looks like i could probably move the credit card label purchase settings configuration uh and here let’s see label purchase there table view false key purchase validate settings sell products so it looks like i can probably make some adjustments in here with need card name and here show coupon that’s false but let’s just make this edit here like so because then that’s full name let’s see if i can just billing information confirmation now let’s see uh if i can now add that in here like that doesn’t seem like it makes those adjustments


uh in real time let’s just see if i can save that and it would make those adjustments so in here nope it’s standard so you can’t really change your payment form so it’d be nice if you could make those adjustments but it’s fairly standard let’s get rid of that let’s try uh address is pretty self-explanatory let’s see if we can add a survey it’s not nice when you have too many things open you got to close these things to make it so then if i drop the survey in here then i can let’s see make an adjustment here or hit the settings survey survey options i’m not sure where you’d create this survey i have to look into that more it does look like you can create a survey in here


signature so that’s nice so you can get them to sign you can get your documents you get your e-signed documents so you send out contracts get them to sign put in their address information uh purchase details so that’s pretty sweet so there’s a lot of uh things that you can use this for which are i’ll have to play with a lot more uh obviously you can add html elements uh urls so put in their url common fields you know first name last name uh email oops let’s scroll that down here email here let’s say they we just want to do an opt-in form with that let’s get here first name can we just do full name or we have to do first name looks like that is fine so let’s just do this right now and let’s get rid of these elements just to first i wonder if you can make adjustments to the submit button so you can move this over field so size let’s go large primary theme so i’m not sure about that you have to play with these you can adjust the css right icon left save field tag conditional component true logic that’s fine so obviously you can make some adjustments in here it’d be nice if we can create a little bit more customization without having to use cs cs like creating it making it center so forth but i’d have to play with some of these things so we’re just gonna do that and then save this form here just save this as uh email opt-in here and comment whatever so we save that form so that’s set up and it looks like once we have our forms in here hopefully they’re not moving too fast for myself so here’s the form here so creator so if i want to make adjustments form name i can do that


click on that no let’s go back to forms did it not save


let’s see that email opt-in form not save yeah no it’s good here so let’s see let me go back to see if i can get form settings here opt-in sms let’s go back so we should be able to where do i get the information creator here copy create new flow that would be into obviously creating the flow don’t want to do that yet i want to go into forms so if i want to get access to the form and just create a link so if let’s say i’m got the form ready and i’m advertising on facebook or google or whatnot i just come into inputs here and then i can click copy form here and i can add this login flow track and now i have the form created so let’s just put in uh test test dot com so i got that i entered successful form here so that’s entered now if i come in here where invalid they duplicate right in here so i can also if i obviously have a website i can uh which one did it so it one was valid here that’s the contact if i have a website i can copy the script add that into my website and set it up that way so makes it easy to just uh embed that code on my website and then it pulls into here as well as you can create your own custom domains in here and log login so obviously activity you can see right here the contacts if i go into contacts now because on the email opt-in i had the test right here my information came through here so there is no flows set up so obviously if i click that contact i pull it up if i want to see what form they they pulled up i can click what form they pulled up so it comes in here when they did it the tasks i added all that information there is any text flow activity the company notes activity right so that’s all set up let’s go into next is um setting up a flow right let’s go into builder here let’s create a flow but actually let’s go back to my forms to make it simple so we can just integrate it right here with my form so i’ve duplicated and i have two of these forms don’t really need two of them but let’s go with this triggers flow so let’s create a new flow here so now i got this flow contacts we’re going to go form email opt-in so we’re good with that create the flow for that so obviously they gave me their name and email so i want to set up a flow and you know it’s going to take a little while add example contact look up contact contact owner create opportunity create task score so if i wanted to create a task and they gave me their em or their phone number i could call them uh application billing uh data here api so let’s just go and i add a tag first add a tag let’s go lead for um hi ticket sales whatever we’re going to hit save so that lead setup validation pixel fire so that’s cool we could have the pixel fire custom api copy flow as example input as example then we can go into logic so let’s see add a flow random split so based off of what the lead does obviously i just pull this drag that there point that there run custom node nice so it has tons of different features wayne amount of time so let’s after that let’s go wait uh a minute let’s go 30 minutes so we’ll save that and then we have to take this drag that to there so now that’s connected you see the flow go to another step let’s see redirect visitor to do a url api output time condition wait for sms let’s just say we want to message them and obviously we can do email you don’t have any verified domains set up for email you want to do that so obviously we need to set up that email here add the email builders and so create the workflow i’m not going to do that right now but it looks super uh user-friendly super simple to set up set up the text as well so i obviously have to create my integration i haven’t done that what yeah so it’s very smooth uh really impressive from a standpoint that this software is only 97 lifetime right so you can get started right away and do tons of things that most software can’t do or doesn’t do very well uh and this seems very intuitive very user friendly so let’s uh oh i wanted to send a message right obviously this is not set up so i can’t add that because it’s going to ask me to set up my email and all that information so let’s not do that right now so now let’s go into uh design so let’s say we want to create a either landing page or a website funnel right so landing page here form we got all that design we the a b test stuff isn’t is coming soon so again this is a home run for 97 so let’s just create the funnel here let’s go um


high ticket coaching consulting cons consulting uh here we go high ticket consulting coaching uh site name we just really want to do a funnel we’re not super interested in creating an entire website there’s a lot of templates in here we can use let’s just see if we have an opt-in page that we can pull through if i can search for that no let’s just pull this up and see what they have from a template standpoint we want something that’s super simple that has maybe a funnel that we can create maybe we can just create one really quickly blocks my pages so very easy to navigate uh sell like a pro let’s just select this one and create uh looks like this will create an entire website so it’d be nice if you could just create a a funnel and you didn’t have to create an entire website with all this but let’s see what it creates so just taking time to load okay that’s pretty sweet so it pulled in i pulled in all these pages let’s see if i click a page will i go to it or i can just edit it all right so high ticket coaching consulting let’s pull this up so it provides all this information in all these details so i can quickly um make changes here


are you ready to earn seven figures


coaching clients whatever so create that let’s see if i make some adjustments in here the setting if i click this i can change the colors trying to get more settings than just that so we go i think in the brush icon pulls up here so display so that makes adjustments nice three so that’s good i wonder if i can just move it and adjust the font a little easier so block dimensions text here font oh here we go so this isn’t really letting me adjust the font it’s the size one of the largest and then if i come in here can i adjust the font so let’s go 20. that didn’t seem to do anything all right obviously it’s going to take me a while to make these adjustments center doesn’t do anything so that’s not good text color primary success so these are all in my themes obviously if i can oh here we go so if all i had to do is click that font size uh there we go so now i can make that letter spacing can i move this over no i just want to move this out of the way hit center on that line height create so this could use a little work because it’s i can’t move this over very well to make edits which is not as easy or user friendly as i’d like it to be uh but let’s see let’s close that there we go


so yeah i just want to make edits here but i want to be able to move this thing around


so if i make those oops here


not really sure what this does so we have to definitely play around with it a little bit more um line height 43 let’s get this bigger so it’s a little clunky with this and like i said i just want to move this out of the way of what i’m working on uh maybe if i click this i can go over here i’m not sure why it keeps moving where’s the save obviously set page i can always go undo that’s good or just redo which doesn’t seem like it’s doing much here uh i can look at here what it looks like the view so that’s good sign up so let’s just do this come in here i want to delete this out of there i want to delete this out of here then i want to just basically add my form in so hit the plus button gives me options here map icon link accordion slider uh can i just type in and search for it let’s see i got to find my form where is my form oh email my forms right there email opt-in i want this to go below that that did not look like it went where i wanted to go


uh can i scroll this down here there we go that looks better but again don’t love how that’s coming up it doesn’t look very clean so i’d like to make adjustments to this but then i have to learn how to do that so obviously the design uh portion of flow track needs some work if they approve this feature this software could really replace click funnels completely possibly your email marketing software all that but the design on the flow track with the website and forums are a little are way too clunky like i want to be able to create a really good form really quickly obviously i’m doing this for the first time so i can probably improve over time but this uh should be able to make edits a lot more effectively faster so this is here so obviously if in the first name here if i want to make adjustments so label get rid of that label position can i turn that off completely so it has to have a label that’s too bad uh first name or we can just change it to full name we want that so that’s fine placeholder but i don’t want i don’t want it to appear i don’t want a label can i just say not at all left aligned no top yeah i don’t want a label at all i want to get rid of that custom css tab oh here we go hide label there we go much better uh initial focus what does that mean i’d like to uh show character counter show word counter i’d like to have my label appear here oh place full name duh so that’s good so obviously there’s a lot of features and things that need some adjustments to to make it the way you want it so i already like that way better i thought i got rid of top position i want to hide label that’s weird so when i save it unfortunately it still shows here email i want to go hide label again and label in there is good so we’re good there tab okay validation required let’s go yeah we want email for sure field email field tags conditional logic display form component has a value logic whatever so that could be improved so now we saved it but it would be nice if it actually showed there so email opt-in or still here you can say it’s a new version maybe if i save it it will show here i’m hoping okay i saved the form but it’s still not showing up here so let’s go back into uh the design since we make edits to that here we go let’s go back into design


and see if i can pull up i don’t want to create my website of my design and projects so come in here so go back into here so this pulls up in here so hopefully that improved my form and how it looked it’d been nice if i could make those adjustments on the page design itself but i can understand that wasn’t too time consuming to just adjust the form


okay so now when the form comes up it has it the way i want but like i said i’d have to do some css it looks like to move the button over change the color of it which like i said so then it just sends me back here so in here size primary hidden initial shortcut not sure what any of these are so submit i can change whatever i want on here primary what does secondary mean oh just my themes success so that’s fine large extra small large enter left icon right icon shortcut no so i’d have to custom css to make this uh something that looks a little bit more design friendly so that really sucks right so obviously making it so it would be easy to adjust this if it was full width all those things would improve um that aspect way better it obviously would be nice if i could just do that in design itself so i have to go back into the design and come in here and i get it like this creating a really user friendly design element is very complicated but essentially that’s their entire software right here if you can’t create attractive looking funnels or websites and have people design them fairly quickly and easily because most entrepreneurs are not tech savvy and they’re not going to create good sales funnels that are are very easy so you need more uh options where people can quickly create a design that looks good and they do it quickly and and so forth right like if i want to edit this and it’s all in here it’s super clunky in that regard so unfortunately the 97 dollars is then goes out the window because the num the one thing is the design element of this and if you can get where people can design just real basic funnels and and software um or websites or or landing pages then you’re gonna have a really solid product and that they’d be worth way more than 97 it’d be worth um a ton there’s still some very valid things that you can use this software for like if you create a form uh you can have them sign it and then you can do all your contracts all that stuff which is well worth a one-time payment of 97 obviously uh docusign and other software out there charges way more than that so it’s a home run on that if you’re just using it for order forms it’s also a home run on that create order forms on that aspect let’s try to create a landing page uh let’s just go uh


dollar hair club right so let’s try to create a landing page where it’s just super simple and maybe they have something that’s that’s really clean that we can use it looks like you got to start building your page from scratch they have no templates on that obviously that’s where click funnels you know is great so you can you do have templates but it just goes back into building your own site so come in here also i’m curious on once a form submitted uh it looks like it’s a little more complicated to be able to set up an auto redirect so if they fill out a form they go to the next page so the funnel aspect of it of flow track is is really um not where it needs to be so let’s go back into here user pages i want to exit this so i come into this no i come into body here oh i hit the plus button so right so let’s see if i can go in add font if i hit the plus button empty block so create a block but i don’t want it to be too i don’t want the block so body container row so we can see how that works i don’t want it to be separate all right well how do i create let’s see slider button map link icon custom we go image so obviously if i want to drag and drop an image it’s pretty simple if i want to drag and drop text which is pretty easy header text is great so that’s real nice but i don’t even know how to create it where i just have one so i click here i just want one block i don’t want see it create empty block now it creates two columns i just want one column uh what is the feature for that so tables extra so if i pull this in and i can only drop it in these here right like i can’t i don’t understand that aspect so that’s confusing so navbar if i want to pull that in so that’s good these are these are nice from a standpoint of like it’s easy drag and drop so that’s set up here oh i managed to create in the middle that’s interesting so if i create this and i want to move it i move it so like i just want oh there we go so now it moved it to a whole one so that’s cool so here i can go back uh i just wanted to go how how do i do that again so that was a form but i don’t want it to go in a single column so like i said i got to play with it it’s it’s just a little clunky uh in here maybe if i make adjustments to this that’s the color that’s moving around let’s see height i want to go with do i have a width option no


i don’t have a width option i can copy it so i at least can add that move this one over


and move this over here oh here we go if i can just take it and spread it and keep going i create a full one all right that’s nice so figure that out uh again it’s a little clunky but let’s now i want to move this element here it’s just not doing what i want come on let’s go move it down here well apparently i can’t move it down there so it makes more sense to just create a new header in here so where is the header be nice to be able to search for these things instead of having to find it type pad table image video header so cool header there we go so that’s in there and then like i said if i want to go here i center that so that’s good font size i can make it a little bigger that’s good if i want to change it you need


my product that’s cool now if i want to get rid of these things i can just quickly if i pull up right let’s just say if i want to upload an image here i can either drag and drop it just drop it in i can search uh bench press let’s see if they have any images not really but whatever we’ll just pull this one in see how it looks so that’s good obviously i would assume i can adjust it down that’s nice all right but i don’t want that i don’t want this i want to get rid of all these so that’s cool if you just wanted a single column all you had to do is delete now apparently i can’t get rid of these containers there we go got rid of that container let’s say i want to move this down here the drag and drop feature doesn’t or moving feature does not work it’s more or less easier to just delete it add a new one put your form in here there we go i want to delete that this one here delete that one okay cool so and then what if i want spacing so if i want to create spacing should be able to come in here maybe here normal font left text letter spacing right so i’m guessing i need to hit this to create spacing and this to me right now is just a little too confusing right it has too many features for a novice right so it would take a while to mess around with dimensions so height


so height so that’s fine i actually just want to keep this on auto auto here we want margins there we go so margins from top let’s go 50. there we go let’s create that spacing that’s good uh let’s go back into this if i wanted to create copy forms i’d create a new form and all that but i mean like i said the design feature man flow track you were having me with everything that you were doing and offering and so forth but this design is really lacking if you improve this aspect this software will literally knock out click funnels probably infusionsoft and will help so many entrepreneurs if you can fix this design uh element here i’m not going to save it just because you know it it’s really clunkly i have to play with it a lot longer so in my initial review of the software it has so much potential it could be so awesome if it makes the design element so much simpler if they probably clean it up get around a lot things just make it way more user friendly and simple to utilize obviously it has the has the ability to with this to add in pixels add in software google tag manager all those things so it has so much potential right like you can go in and and adjust the code it looks like give it a second to load but you can go in and let’s see i can’t why does it have this code option here that’s not good but if i come in here or it’s just frozen all right that’s not good during a review so if i click here if i scroll this set page as a template so that’s fine should be able to click here and be able to edit a drop-in code okay cool so i can put in code make that adjustment it just wasn’t wasn’t loading i can adjust the css so that’s awesome the only challenge is you know most entrepreneurs are not tech savvy they’re not going to do all that stuff you this software should be a drop drag and drop super user friendly to create simple and really effective landing pages funnels i don’t even think you need it for websites but if you could do that simple aspect and be able to add those purchases uh forms and be able to make forms a little bit more edible editable edible at editable then this software would literally be insanely amazing so i hope that you watch this you learn from this if you’re thinking about purchasing the software i still recommend it it’s still only 97 you can start using it hopefully they improve that design aspect because like i said if they did i would probably use this way more than i would use click funnels and so forth because i could create more funnels faster and easier and efficiently and add more flows with phone calls and has so many more features and so much more potential but until then and obviously the cost is a home run at 97 but until they fix this design uh element i’m gonna give it a thumbs sideways not thumbs down it has potential they can fix that i’m telling you this software will be insanely amazing for so many people who want to get their business out there do good opt-in pages get uh some funnels created and start driving sales leads uh and so forth but for right now you like i said you can use this for contracts you can use this for simple forms some things like that that will be very beneficial for your business and like i said a 97 lifetime price tag that’s amazing hopefully they uh uphold that and the software doesn’t go out of business in you know a few years uh hopefully they continue to grow and fix this design feature and like i said they will knock out a lot of people out of the water but there’s always that risk with that lifetime offer i used to be in the gym business and those lifetime offers used to suck people in get them to purchase and then they would close down the gym within a six months or a year and they would have all that upfront money so legal institutions came in and said you cannot have lifetime offers anymore so i don’t know if that will eventually happen with software but like i said forget about that this software could be amazing flow track please listen to this fix that design aspect and i will be your biggest fan alright thank you hopefully this was helpful take care