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Free & Cheap Email Marketing Software 202 If you’re a business and you’re looking to email and follow up with your customers obviously you need a good quality email software there’s tons that’s out on the market. I’m going to go through a handful of them and the ones that I’d recommend so please stick to the end, watch the full video and we’ll discuss every email or maybe not every email software out there but the top ones what I like about them what I don’t like about them and obviously I’ve worked with pretty much all of them through working with clients and their businesses and then I also get them to switch because of a lot of factors like user friendliness, ease of use, reporting and and features and so forth.

So before we dive into all those email software uh that’s available out on the market please like subscribe hit that notification bell on the channel so we can dive in and let’s get started so first we’re going to start off with a very popular one that you guys all have heard of it’s called mailchimp, it works very well,it’s simple it’s easy to use i’m not personally a huge fan what is it gonna do is it’s gonna be able to send emails uh when i say free you can obviously do it for free up to 2000 contacts at the moment you can operate your crm so keep your emails your users on the list you can do website builders and then the mailchimp domain and forms and landing pages when I look at most of them website builders and forms and landing pages they’re not as quality as you’d recommend so I don’t even recommend using an email platform marketing platform to do your landing pages or your website building stuff.

So a few features that I I personally would recommend for any business is automations, so can you set up automations or campaigns that sends email automatically when people subscribe to a list? I talk about automations because i’m a big believer in the more you can automate your business track open rates track that stuff, the more you’re going to be successful as opposed to just sending out email broadcast newsletters. they’re fine and they’re good but again, my expertise is automations where when somebody enters their email address they go through series of follow-up emails and drive certain actions to get them to purchase your products or services.


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