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why your website sucks and how to get it to convert customers so let’s just start off with web design so i’m going to pull up just some random websites searching on on google ones that possibly are running ads and we’ll just go from there this can be any service industry is could be even in e-commerce but we’re going to focus on service based businesses so first thing we look at when when we redesign a website or work with a website or consult a client is how do we convert customers um or how do we get that website to get convert customers so like i said uh websites the design it’s really about telling a good story and just then just try to sell somebody but it needs to be clean concise and professional so let’s just pull up this i just type in dentist i live in scottsdale so we’re gonna type in dennis we’re gonna just click this person is actually running an ad so they’re spending money to this so if i hit meet the team it is going to the their about us page which i don’t know if that would be the best page for a dental because it’s very confusing it’s just showing some random images of girls obviously this one’s a good one this one could be a therapist this one makes no sense this one’s fine uh and then that one is it’s good that they have interaction from here but there’s no real call to action right it’s just meet our team you can scroll through this and that’s that’s fine and dandy but it’s not very beneficial in the aspect of a call to action on that like hey uh get free teeth whitening or teeth whitening for ten dollars book now so obviously click this little button and that would be a great call to action for a dentist right now let’s go into a plastic surgeon so i’m just gonna click this one scottsdale tummy tuck so again they are sending to a different landing page page as opposed to their home page i can just double check that so actually this is their home page so you can see that this is the home page there’s no call to action on here up i scroll down all it is is a picture of her uh it should if anything it should be about before and after photos on a plastic surgery’s website even dentist things before and after photos are are a little better because it’s it draws people in uh it’s they do have attractive people it’s the same person but there’s some images like i said aren’t as clean this is just really about her and who she is and not really people don’t care much about who you are they want to know how they how you as a business can help them so again there’s no storytelling going on it’s just about her it’s a very um you know self-centered uh website so really you want a website that goes in here it looks like it does have a slider where you can book a consultation and learn about so that is true there is a sliders sliders actually tend to decrease conversions from a customer standpoint so i would always have something where it’s a book appointment or uh things about plastic surgery to educate the clients so you can warm them up get them more connected with you and get them to purchase and so forth now let’s just type in plumber right so we come in gold star plumber right it’s very generic fifty dollars off any completed service at least has a a name uh where they can put in their information and hit submit but there’s no message in here there’s no call to action about the plumbing and so forth so again they’re running ads into a very poor landing page it’s just a coupon offer uh type and personal trainer we’ll pull this up so let’s go fitness together have the energy to do what you love so again the message is a little busy all over the place the images there is information you can add enter yourself to do a complimentary signature fit evaluation again that language is confusing for people it also should be on the right hand side not on the left hand side should be right in their face this complementary fit of value evaluation is is um not colored right because it’s hidden so when they click it obviously it goes nowhere that’s a problem but it still has this entry here so again with fitness or anything you want to provide value first like you want to really provide value to your uh potential prospects to engage them so let’s just type in a realtor we’ll come to a specific realtor as opposed to again uh cyborg experience realtors just very generic and like i said they’re spending money right now people are clicking this ad they’re spending money this website is not even complete annual sales volume zero annual website visitor zero five star this is an auto generation thing and that’s unfortunately not complete again uh things with realtors what would uh append a potential prospect want and you can provide that call to action so that’s number one you gotta have a call to action so i think you’re understanding the themes of what’s going on you can look at legal services here so if i skilled skilled divorce lawyers attend get your free case review everybody pretty much knows if they click this it’s just a sales presentation so free consultation is just really a sales presentation so what could you really provide a value and let me dive into that here shortly once i kind of go through all these things so we go to accounting firm find an actual accountant here i think this would be these are freelance accounts actually so that’s not a specific page connect with our top tier remote accountants leverage remote obviously they have more of a call to action and they gamify it because they’re a bigger forum but let’s let’s dive into cfo services series console certified accountants they’re actually running ads so again context and following kfo let’s chat that’s fine but again there’s nothing of value so what i mean is when you when you design a website you want to track them convert them and retain them you want a clear design that tells the message a message right like what you do what you’re about let me go to their homepage here um so kid dental obviously it’s kentino there’s an image that takes way too long to load which is not good play the full video uh again this is a little better with teeth here this is what’s called above the fold that i have to scroll down uh this is a lot better with the before before and after photos this is actually great that’s really encouraging uh but there’s you know where is where can i book an appointment obviously you can call free virtual consultation no insurance schedule uh so that’s fine so that’s not that bad but the problem is from a loading standpoint so it’s a lot more clean this should actually where they should be sending people um as opposed to this if they’re running ads i would simplify the whole process and provide more value same thing with this uh here so again passionate experience results you just put some language on there that’s not really clear passion experience results what does it have to do with plastic surgery really it’s about meeting the client where they are so again telling that that good story um and then it’s from a convergence standpoint you know uh here’s a simple thing that this one was really messy the original design it was cleaned up add an image of a person a straightforward message it improved 102 so when you dive into the messages and the stories behind all these things you want to tell a good story like why should they work with you what’s the benefit obviously if you can give them a call to action that actually provides value which is called an irresistible offer a lead magnet something along those lines to opt-in that we’ll dive into shortly that will help convert way more people and you can i’ve done this for pet care software development business coaches painters all the above right but vernon so we don’t take forever um you know it can be done for any business for that matter e-commerce all stuff your website should be driving customers in your doors and providing value so next thing with your website is the website um desktop versus mobile so a great little thing that you can use is what’s my so you come in here let’s just steal this url here come in here test their put through your rail there and and just test this and then you can see on all the different platforms they’re on so if i hit desktop i can go to a 15-inch notebook see how it works if i go to mobile let’s go my apple here apple phone five so again if i get this down so that is mobile friendly so obviously this site is designed mobile friendly if i go on a tablet uh kindle fire so that’s fine that site is designed mobile friendly i would assume this site is design mobile friendly as well because it’s very simple and so we add this one in here and test that you can just check really quickly that’s fine mobile here we go actually uh yeah it’s it’s mobile and that’s fine so you should always test to make sure your site it works well on desktop and mobile i see so many websites that don’t work well on on on mobile and now majority of people are searching on their mobile phones and using their mobile phones to do that and let’s see if i can find a website that isn’t as mobile friendly and so forth so this one they pull up so there’s there so on the tablet kindle fire that’s fine mobile phone here so that one fortunately they’re all mobile friendly so that’s good like i said it’s something you should check it’s something that we make sure all of our clients have is a mobile friendly site because so many people use their mobile friends now the next thing you want to address is website speed so if we take this website url there’s a few different websites we test the website speed this is called gt metrics you can test your site and then also there’s the google page speed so we’re going to test both of these and see how well they they perform um and it just takes a little while to pull this information up so diving into website speed so if you look at this chart here so really you want a website to load in three seconds or less so again you’re gonna lose so many people so a peak load time for conversion again the two seconds three seconds so just in one second delay load time means a loss in conversion so you can get seven percent uh eleven percent decrease so one in four people abandon a website it takes longer than four seconds to load seventy four percent of users will abandon after waiting five seconds to load for every one second speed improvement the amazon website conversion increased two percent so it shows you how valuable a website speed is this one’s a little blurry but it shows a 2.4 seconds at 1.9 conversion rate 3.3 seconds 1.5 4.2 less than 1 5.7 less than 0.6 conversion rate so showing how important website speed is so by this time this should be have loaded so this is a big no no this is worse than an f score and i figured that was going to be a problem based off of their website design so they have an e out of an a right so it’s worse than f so it loads uh really slowly uh on this one so it’s a 4 out of 100 for the mobile so the mobile is loading and about 23.6 seconds so really bad uh speed index on here is loading about on the desktop about 4.6 seconds so again these tools can be very friendly you can look into it and see what needs to be cleaned up and so forth if you’re familiar how you how to do that obviously that’s what we work with and so forth so again this takes way too long to load it really needs a a a cleanup to make sure it loads more effectively so let’s just pull this website in here real quick or we won’t pull all the websites you know what to do you just go to gt metrics or google the speed here and you can look at your website and see how long it takes to load this is a crucial thing that you have to fix because again it dramatically uh will increase or decrease conversions depending on that the next thing we always make sure is addressed is that you have tracking set up on your website so when you’re running ads or even if you’re not running ads but all these people’s website that i’ve clicked on are running ads so if you click on it so there’s a tool called google tag assistant so if i hit a enable and then i hit refresh i can click this so obviously they have the things installed they have probably too many installed because this is a bit messy with how many they have in here one three they have this installed twice so there’s a mistake there so a lot of times people don’t even have the setup where it’s set up wrong their google analytics setup is wrong they also have the facebook pixel and you can install this that facebook pixel helper it’s a chrome extension and this is like i said google tag assistant and that’s an extension on chrome you can pull that up we can look at this one so if i go to enable here and refresh on this and obviously she has no facebook pixels installed uh but she is running google ads her google analytics has an error because that’s why it’s yellow google tag managers install the google site tag manager doesn’t um so that’s all fine and dandy but she has no call to action she’s not driving an action so if they book online i’m assuming once they fill this out it’s not going into because this has a yellow uh so again needs to be cleaned up so something that you want to address so when it comes to um tracking and why it’s so valuable and why i look into this on all the platforms is it creates a math problem for me so i can know if we’re running we’re spending money on ads how much money are we spending is it converting a lead or is it converting a sale right or what the click-through rate is uh what’s the conversions on every different page if we’re taking them through a funnel a step process and where where they’re dropping off what’s working well what’s not working well to improve that so again to me i’m a numbers guy so whatever page adjustments designs edits if it improves it i’m happy if it makes it worse then i’m not happy we got to make adjustment so it’s always about how do i get more customers that come to your website or prospects that come to your website to convert to customers and tracking is the number one way to do that with google analytics uh and obviously if you’re running ads with facebook uh google uh obviously or any other platform linkedin twitter all those tracking pixels need to be installed and you need to make sure you understand what’s converting what’s working to really benefit you from your website aspect the next thing is a funnel so for example they ran an ad to meet the team page which is probably the worst thing you can probably do what you want to do is run an ad to what’s called an irresistible offer and unfortunately none of these websites that i pulled up in any of these industries uh looks like they have any of that stuff set up right so business coach let’s check that one let’s check uh maricopa painting but i’m gonna assume none of that’s set up correctly so they have no call to action call us painting again should have at least some before and after photos a better cleaner message about what you do why you operate dave as a business coach this is really poor looking at your business from a new perspective so again uh things and i see this all the time websites are not designed to and a lot of times they may be designed and they look nice but they don’t do the what they need to do is drive prospects to take action and turn into customers and give you a call warm them up build trust build credibility and so forth so when we talk a sales funnel or sales the sales process what that does to create that so initially what you want to do is you want to attract you want to convert you want to engage you want to sell obviously connect with those people so what determines the best system or what funnels we do is it’s obviously the price and the offer if you sell a really high ticket offer you need to warm an audience up a whole lot more and provide a lot more value than if you’re selling a 10 product or a service that’s very little because if the service is very little then it doesn’t take much for people to convert but if you’re asking them they give you five to ten grand over a webinar or over a call or whatnot you have to engage with them more so they trust you because obviously the more money they commit uh the more they have to believe in your services so we look at service based industry as a basic funnel that should that drives most actions is an offer page to an application to a calendar to a confirmation a lot of times it’s to something an offer that we call like i said an irresistible offer so they want to do business with you you have to warm people up first you have to engage them so again right here engage customers more effectively is always give first what can you give somebody a value that they can go and take and it could be as simple like if you’re a life coach it could be a motivational program seven days to the the most motivations you’ll ever have download this free course um and i’ll dive into those offers in more details on what look what an irresistible offer looks like slash lead magnus opt-in and so forth so first thing you should do when you think about when you’re developing these things is who is your audience what is the audience have you created what’s called a customer avatar so this is an example e-commerce emma she’s 25 she’s female she’s single she has an online business owner she’s the founder her annual income she was a college graduate she uses instagram to promote her business her goals her values the books that she reads the magazines the website she goes to the conferences the gurus she likes the challenges she’s facing her pain points her objections role purchase so this will help with your offer and all those so i highly recommend you create what’s called your customer avatar so it creates more clarity in your mind on what your messaging needs to be to that specific person so now let’s get into the offer when you have a website you should have a call to action that get gives people what the irresistible offer is so very simple make it irresistible provide value first always think about how do i give more to my prospects and then obviously that will come back 10 times in return and get you far more abundance than you want so again we have to think about how do i solve their problems so hopefully like i’m doing with this video this helps you solve a problem on how to improve your website to produce better results and get more customers with a website that you probably already have and you’re spending money on and it’s not working where uh it’s not working the way you want it so with that when we solve their problems we also want to do a few other things i want to you want to build authority credibility trust and get them to like you so if you can do all those things and provide that value they will purchase from you and then so you have to think about how can i service my clients more effectively today or service the prospects that i want to turn into my clients more effectively today so offer examples so let’s say i have a fitness business and i want to drive people to my irresistible offer so a simple call to action could be like join the 30 day green smoothie challenge i run an ad to this i’m going to get tons of people to sign up for this it’s a very popular thing so 30 day green smoothie challenge who doesn’t want that program so another one free training sessions how to build a large email list and audience from scratch so again the reserve receipt i have facebook shows that i have tons of people engaged with my facebook all that stuff it adds credibility to that 11 advanced seo hacks for more targeted traffic uh click here for instant access so again quick things that will uh drive people to sign up and give their email address so you can warm them up then send them to a video just like i did with you so another one is how to get 30 30 to 50 high ticket coaching and consulting clients every single month with predictability down to the dollar and day all right so once you get them to their is irresistible offer right so if there was an irresistible offer here and i clicked that button i entered my email address or i entered my phone number so then i can follow up and text with that person now i’m going to push them to either a video content email them right so the next step is in that process is the email marketing are you following up with people i’m a big person in automation i make sure everything’s automated so if you sign up for something you’re going to get an automated response so how that first process worked so we drove traffic so obviously if you’re getting traffic to come to your website we make sure they have that irresistible offer that they can click add their email text they get an opt-in then you provide valuable content valuable content and then obviously you offer your services again if they don’t purchase right away you provide more valuable content more valuable content and then again offer them to purchases a service or send them to another irresistible offer that you might have that then escalates them and builds more value and so forth if they don’t opt-in you can do retargeting ads to get them to back to come back to you and that’s all done with those tracking pixels and so forth and then you can complete that process see what the conversion rate is so that math problem is working for you and you’re actually converting customers and getting your website to function like it should or your your sales funnel um to produce if they don’t purchase they then go into an email nurturing welcome sequence right they go through things that engages them uh builds uh credibility trusts still continues to push position you as the expert in the authority that eventually when they’re ready for you and they keep hearing all your information you get them you pitch them and provide them and go through the sequence and get them back to the sales page or book an appointment with you or however your business is set up for them to to order your services or or products for that matter another aspect is you can create chat bots or live bots that are more effective and then sms texting and all that other great stuff but again at the end of the day all this comes back to like i said it’s a simple math problem when i am working with websites to make them more functional or sales funnels so the goal is when you’re running ads how do we spend as little as money possible so obviously if you have your website you’re spending uh whatever you spend a month on your hosting service and you’re spending your money every year on your domain name so what does that cost and is that driving customers in your door what are their conversions and that equals your cost per acquisition the cost per acquisition so at first it might be a cost per lead right what are you getting from how many leads are you getting first and then once you get that lead are you converting them to to you following up with over over the phone and so forth and all that stuff so another tool that will be helpful is when you look at your website’s seo so a little simple tool you can use is seo primer here and let’s do this and this isn’t the best program out there it is just a program that is easy to use and it’s a free tool that anybody can use so if i put in their stuff and i come in here obviously it helps if you’re very versed in seo and you make sure that you know what you’re talking about when it comes down to so this page is saying it’s an a plus but let’s dive into the details on this so snsl is enabled that’s great i highly recommend from a site security standpoint you use services like cloudflare to get an ssl it also will protect you from bots and other things um and and implement uh site security things on your site so you limit hackers and in problems with that so that should always be addressed excuse me on your site so if we dive into details here your title tag here is kent dental dentist scottsdale so that’s okay that’s fine meta description it doesn’t have one so that’s not good so uh that one ended up see oh it turned out to be a c plus overall so yeah so there’s a lot of problems here meta description needs to be added from the seo standpoint for the on page there’s no header 1 tags there’s 12 header 2 tags so this needs to be cleaned up there’s a lot of so at least dental is one of the used nine times in here it’s not used in my description so that needs to be added kent is obviously his name so google best so again it should be dental dentist hygiene those are the key words that smile right should be ranked for a dentist then phrases there’s dr kent days ago kent dental so again it needs to be dentist scottsdale dental work you know all those things cosmetic dentistry whatever services he offer so this his freight key phrases are not good so obviously that needs to be cleaned up image alt tags uh he doesn’t have any so that’s a problem as well and why a site might not be doing so well from a search engine optimization standpoint you dive in here as analysis site security is fine site map is good the google analytics is there schema here so you can see top rankings where he’s ranking kent dental position one that’s great but probably nobody searches for that kent dental scott selgen not many people search for that the key word that you want to rank for is dental scottsdale right what does he and none of these things are really that because dentists can’t um you know unless people know him and know him personally but at that point he doesn’t need to be ranking for those things he needs a rank for dental scottsdale dental arizona dentists scottsdale and so forth so they those things seo can be a tricky it’s like oh you got position one but really nobody really searches for that so uh traffic from search there you go position one blah blah blah a link so again when it comes to search and optimization it’s really about getting more um backlinks to your site and making sure you’re on page optimization it’s a popularity contest so you know we work with sites and their seo we obviously help with all those things device rendering so be here uh so again it pulls up here you can see it’s just that chat thing so overall the rendering’s fine the problem is the iframe is used with that video most likely the favicon is there email privacy setup the journal font the sizing performance could be better right it’s loading way too slow so that’s a problem uh social could be better didn’t dive into any of the social aspect so when it comes down to the website like i said break it down into the simplicity things as you always should have a call to action you always should be driving things you should make sure it’s clean concise and it tells a great story depending on your business and how it works it should load very quickly and you should do put enough into your work from it from the standpoint of having the seo uh right so then when people come to your site they are doing something their enter their name their email their phone number to engage with you more because at least if you capture that now you can create a customer and that’s all starts with that irresistible offer so if you want our help and you want to work with us we’re actually offering this amazing offer so we normally design websites for around three thousand five thousand dollars but we wanna do it totally free for you right and we’re going to design everything add the tracking do everything all that’s for free the only thing we ask is that you pay for hosting so we pay we have a monthly hosting charge at 37.97 we require you to purchase 12 months in advance for us to do all this work for you we create your entire website design it to attract more customers we get the tracking in place we set up the call to actions set up the email marketing and everything is done for only 37.97 so if you really want to take advantage of that then please just click the link and sign up now and click the link below enter your name information set it up you’re just purchasing for a year of hosting which you’d already have to pay for anyway what you’re already paying so you can get rid of your old hosting go with us and our hosting and we will make sure everything’s hosted secure has a call to action so your website starts driving customers in your door that sounds good to you just like i said click the link at the bottom and we look forward to working with you if not hopefully this was really helpful and you learned a lot and you’re going to go and make adjustments to your website today again if you want to work with us just click the link fill out all the information sign up and we’ll be excited to design everything makes things work for you all right thank you take care