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how to create an irresistible offer that allows users on your channels to then go be driven to take that offer and sign up for your email purchase your products services and so forth so let’s dive into that what is that how to create a sales funnel how to create an irresistible offer and where does it all start so first thing you want to do is what’s what is it going to take to convert customers so the first thing that you have to do is always figure out a few components it’s really three simple components a lot of people don’t discuss this but it’s really just three simple things so what is the messaging gonna be to get people to go on that call to action so if they’re on youtube or if they’re on your website they’re wherever they are they’re gonna click that button that then has a little text that says uh five secrets to developing the highest converting customer funnel on the planet right that’s just an example five secrets to get wider teeth five secrets right obviously you can do different wins there’s titles that you can use how to right works well x number of titles works well like five secrets etc but before i get off topic the three things that are most crucial in getting this is the messaging understanding what your messaging needs to be that attracts those types of customers that are going to go to your offer that messaging is the copy on the the call to action it’s the copy on the landing page it’s a copy on the opt-in and so forth the next is you got to know your audience who are you trying to attract what are they who do they like what do they do name shape size all that stuff you want to know them down to a detail and we’ll figure out how to create a customer avatar and dive into that then the third thing is the offer what is your offer and is it irresistible do people want to take it so at the end of the day people aren’t going to just take any offer out there it’s got to be compelling to them so that’s why it’s important to know your audience and obviously have the right messaging that converts that audience so we’re going to talk about what is a sales funnel and how to do those and all those steps right first is crafting the message before before you craft the message you should first find uh what your audience is so i’m gonna go to your my website real quick i’m sorry go on on the screen and show you what a customer avatar looks like so you can see this is customer avatar it’s e-commerce emma it’s somebody who obviously has the e-commerce business if i was marketing to e-commerce businesses and i wanted to sell my consulting services to those e-commerce so on average she’s 25 years old her name is emma she’s a female she’s single she has no children she lives in london she’s her quote is i constantly learn about new taxes and marketing products occupation is an online business owner she’s the founder her annual income her level of education you know other things that she uses what are her goals she builds systems that allows her to increase revenue for her business and autopilot get more people to visit her website so it’s about gaining traffic what are her values obtain immediate rewards systems that can understand price quality sell more products and so forth on her brand what are some of her challenges is getting traffic to her website acquiring subscribers selling her products getting all the dm strategies to work figuring out the proper manufactures to use creating uh upsells and so forth so those are all things that could be her problems pain points is she feels like she’s spread too thin she doesn’t know what her next move is she doesn’t have a higher level person to bounce ideas off of and so forth um sources of information she might be reading like e-commerce for dummies magazine she might be reading entrepreneur magazine blogs or websites she might be going to conferences she might be attending what group guru she listens to and other things so and then obviously you dive into objectives and roles and her purchase processes so the more detailed we can get with somebody in your audience now i know how to craft a message and i know i know some offers because the problems that she has we can provide those solutions that’s the offer that we want to make and she’s going to have a few of them so you can craft multiple offers and see which one works best so now that you understand what the audience is you should take your time and figure that out for your customer right so now we get into the offer right what is the offer irresistible offer we want to make it irresistible here so diving in to show you examples of what an opt-in page is so once somebody clicked the the ad or the the link from youtube or your website or from an ad then they’re pushed into what we call an opt-in page splash page so here’s an example of great irresistible offer join the three 30 day green smoothie challenge another one is free training sessions how to build a large email list and audience from scratch right up next one would be 11 advanced seo hacks for targeted traffic how to get 30 to 50 high ticket coaching and consulting clients every single month with predictability down to the dollar and day um so you can see those are lead met those are offers that are really enticing that are going to draw people in so now that we understand the offers that are going to draw people in how do we create them and that starts with the sales funnel so let’s go back to what is the sales funnel it’s basically right you start with the the level of where people are going to click so if they’re on youtube they’re going to click on your in card or in your descriptions or whatever on an enticing call to action right and that’s pushing them down into the funnel so they go into that funnel and that’s where you can collect their email address with an opt-in page it might be where they land on a page and you can re-target them based off the time they spent on that page or so forth if they opted in if they became a lead so they gave you your email address now you can retarget them with email marketing or a sales call depending how far they go through that that funnel process you can do a lot of things the goal obviously is push them all the way down through that funnel and get them to purchase right so that comes through a series of things so let’s just talk about how do we set up the first part of the funnel using a website or using another service called click funnels so we’re gonna dive into that right now and i’m gonna show you how you can quickly and easily designed um a on your website a a quick little funnel that’s enticing i’m not gonna get too caught up with the copy and the messaging because we’re going to fly through this i want to just teach you how to do it on your website as also how to use it on click funnels i love using click funnels because i can pump out funnels and i can pop out systems to test very quickly so let’s dive in here on how to create that sales funnel now that you understand it’s a message to audience and and the offer i want to show you how you can quickly create that so you dive in here let’s say i want to add a new page i’m going to click add new on my website obviously i’m logged in i’m using a wordpress website and using divi themes so in here so i’m going to add a title so let’s go five secrets to to uh grow hair right perfect one for me right so five secrets to grow hair so i’m gonna create that create this i’m gonna publish it get it published so now it’s set up in here so one of the easiest funnels and we’re just gonna build from scratch here so i’m gonna push this in here actually i’m gonna get rid of that i want to separate it and to start off with well that’s fine we’ll let’s use text header here put a text header here at the top uh and then i’m going to check that check that there we go let’s get out of here then i’m going to add a simple call to action we want this here where’s the button here i want 2 now there i’m going to add that i’m gonna skip that here and i’m gonna add an image here image proof here uh let’s go image on how to grow hair i’m gonna have to find that here in a little bit but then text here get in here make this bold come out come here to actual text

right this is obviously a bold claim i doubt it can be true i’m gonna make it header i’m going to center it all right i can go into my design settings here come in here i’m not going to spend too much time just because you can use other things to create uh and learn how to make this so that’s their five secrets to grow massive hair here i’m going to add an image there now i want to do a call to action uh let’s go call to action here uh i don’t want a call to action actually i want a form contact form here so you can do it as simple as this get rid of this email name email you can add phone here

then i can do a

submit button here so pull this back up get out of here and here name email go to submit


we’re going to say it’s a cheat sheet that they can download because i’m trying to get their email address here so i don’t like how that’s formatted we can come in here

spam protection use basic captcha here there we go name email that’s that and let’s get this design fields

let’s go text uh let’s get this field options require field conditional logic link background there’s somewhere in here to make it full width so layout there we go full width that one and then come in here design layout full width okay cool so then here comes in and then we just want to center this button design come into button custom styling button text size width here should be at the

and top now font i don’t care about regular button icon i’m going to add that

let’s get that content this is fine text design

fields button background button font show button icon we’re gonna add a button icon we can do that

anyway there’s a way to move this over but right now then we’ll come in here add this text here let’s go text


all right so that’s set up here this we want to move this up here

oops did not want to create so many of them so in here it takes a little more work like i said i’m not going to spend tons of time trying to design it to make it look uh paragraph text so in here text size make it a little bigger remove this there you go line spacing

this is what i want to change

there we go just get that color here okay so here we go download the cheat sheet here uh we’re going to just use an image okay as you can see we’re just going to use this image create engaged videos here but you would want to use an image that basically gets people or use a video here that gets people to click on that and so this is just an example and here to keep it super simple the people who don’t want to start paying for a service like click funnels right off the bat then you can have it sent sent to your email you can also have it redirect to a thank you page that then sells them additional offer and i’ll go through all those steps in and click funnels so you can see that so then i would create this page right save this page this is all set up so this is my opt-in page my irresistible off offer opt-in page uh and they can download it i would get i received the email then i’d create a thank you page where people would go in and then it would either have the download and also have another video showing them hey here’s this so for example if i save this right save that as draft because i don’t want to publish this obviously to my site so exit here and then on the thank you page once they put in their information i’d have them go into another page

let’s not create that page let’s go in here

and let’s have them go to a page like this so then they would go into a page on how to 10x their sales this is then driving them to an application to purchase so obviously then this goes in an application they can apply and then book a call with me and that’s how my process works i have an opt-in or i drive them straight to the 10x service webinar or vsl video sales letter that basically talks all the things on how they can 10x their sales in their service-based business or their e-commerce business i have another one for that then they fill out an application so that’s part of a sales funnel that is a full sales funnel they go to the application and then i my team reviews the application to see if they’re a fit and we can get on a call with them and then from there obviously i go into seeing if they’re a fit that it’s going to work with me to to have them come on or obviously sell my services to them at this point we’re pre-indoctrinating people to getting them to basically purchase a service if they’ve watched the video they filled out the application and they’ve gone through the steps that we’ve we’ve made them jump through those hoops so to speak at that point most everybody who’s done this is already signed up they’re ready to jump on board they know how we work and operate and they’re ready to sign up and that’s what you want to do with your with your irresistible offer giving them the lead magnet which this would be the lead magnet that the video course showing them all the things the systems and the business automate automations and all the help and providing massive value to them to get them to purchase right so another way you can do it is obviously in click funnels uh which is a much faster service so obviously i’m logged into my click funnels here and it has different options has other preview ones i’m going to just go to a custom funnel and we’re going to do five secrets to get to grow hair and seven days or less right build funnel obviously this is not true i don’t know how to grow your hair in five days obviously i’m bold i have no intention i like being this way but anyway so on in clickfunnels it has all kinds of different things you can go in the opt-in the emails it’s going to show you a ton of different templates that you can use so you can see like here’s an example of a template that we just kind of created here where was it this one this book cover one so it has here simple funnels in here work the best but you can see click funnels has tons of different uh offers that you can kind of copy and then just add your copy and so forth so here’s this one we’ll just select this one select that template

and then we’re going to click edit this is why click funnels is so quick and easy and fast

right because it’s all in here the copies all set up the way i want it’s in here it’s a super simple one how to how to grow

massive hair in seven days or less uh or i was supposed to five secrets five secrets secret food secrets that will grow massive hair in seven days or less and then we can go download the sheet sheet today right what if i could show you

the five secrets so it even helps with copy and all that stuff that’s in here so obviously we would change the image here download your 100 free guide here no trix gimmicks in here so that’s all created right so we’re good to go we want to change the image in here or the color of this we can change that to green obviously we can change this in here as that book image but we’re not going to mess with that because it’s set up in here so now that we have this we can come into our integrations we can connect it to different accounts from you know and link them up add it in uh and so forth so we can integrate click funnels can integrate with tons of different software out there or it can do a zap that can then push the first name emails into your crm that creates your email follow-up systems and so forth but let’s not dive into that right now obviously you would you’d change all this stuff five secrets you know grow hair whatever it is you want to add your privacy policy all that stuff so then i just click save here and now i have my opt-in that i can look that i can drive people to so this is simple easy fast setup you notice i just did that in a few minutes obviously you want to add your tracking code for facebook google and all those things so you can keep that um and any other stuff you can adjust the seo change that page title and all that and that’s why click funnels so fast and easy because this is designed to look way better than obviously on your website the website one takes a lot longer to design it and make it look so now i want the second step of that funnel let’s just do order order form so let’s say i’m sending them to an offer to purchase

and so now i want them to go to an order form on click funnels i want to make sure i select order forms and i can select one that i want and let’s just use this template that i use already so i’m going to select template it’s a two-step order form you can also have a one-step order form and then it comes in here so obviously in here when i come in here

it takes just a few seconds to load so i’m going to get that going all right so now i have my order form who who’s scott white happy customers terms and conditions privacy legal stuff’s all in there this is stup two-step order form process so if you wanna view it on what it looks like so get your website designed blah blah blah sales for free white incorporated dun dun dun so if i pull in here so if i go to step two it has a has an order bump here they can add things like that they can get all that stuff here has testimonials so you can see that order form and then click funnels the cool thing is right so obviously get your website designed for free would be grow massive hair and minutes and seven days or less let’s just keep with the same copy so that’s set up in there i’d add an image obviously talk about how this helped me and it grew massive hair i have testimonials showing all my customers how they grew massive hair blah blah blah and then i just hit save and come out of here i don’t need to save it per se and then i also in an order form clickfunnels already has set up for products it integrates with stripes so i can add a product uh put the pricing set all that stuff in stripe get all that done and so then i can actually be have a profitable system that i can run ads to um let’s go back here steps so in here so i’m in order forms overview so i’m not going to create that product but that’s set up and then from there i can do an upsell or i can just do like a confirmation page so when somebody purchase the the five secrets to hair hair growth course they’re gonna get the confirmation page so i come in here just going to sales order confirmation page and this will just let people know that they purchased uh the product so just select the template here and so now once somebody purchases my hair growth formula guide then the process and once that’s set up it’ll be fulfilled and they get it immediately and they can see it comes in and i’d have to set it up but it would show that they ordered it for the price it would show an access code for them to click and download it and that’s it that would be a simple three-step funnel to drive traffic to and get people to purchase so obviously i can put the link in here change all this make sure that’s all set up correctly so it has my um data and so you can even even go to look at so if i want to add stuff and i might have sections already saved in here that i can just plop right back in there so that’s where click funnels so much faster and easy then you can come in at all your tracking codes facebook all that stuff and create the funnel so it’s that simple on how to create a sales funnel using either your website or using click funnels obviously i have an affiliate link below if you want to sign up for click funnels really appreciate it it’s an awesome service start off with the 97 package most people do not need the 297 i do not recommend their email platform it’s horrible i recommend a better email platform called activecampaigns that you can integrate that works really well with click funnels and that’s a much better system once you start generating tons of traffic for click funnels and making tons of money you’re gonna have to be forced to pay the 297 a month because of the the bandwidth that you’ll utilize and click funnels just forces you do that but then today it’s a really super simple system it works really awesome to start setting up funnels and driving traffic so obviously when you’re on your youtube channel and you have your youtube in cards in there so let me show you your youtube videos here

into youtube and just went to somebody’s youtube video so obviously if i hit x here but from him if i click that it will have a pop-up train with me that’s going to go to his lead magnet or his irresistible offer and so forth as well other things and then in his descriptions you want to write in an irresistible offer for training with me they can click that link and go to that irresistible offer and that’s why creating those sales funnels and setting the system up so you can drive business into your doors with just one really good video right if you do a really awesome video on youtube or and if it’s on your other social media channels and you’re driving that call to action that they go through that sales funnel and you know with predictability that they’ll convert each and every time or at least a percent of them percentage of them will then you’ll consistently get more and more customers and this is the power of when you have organic traffic as well as paid traffic so for example when people hire me and i work with them in those businesses and organization we work on getting converting systems where we know every time we spend a dollar we’re gonna make two dollars four dollars five dollars ten dollars on the back end so we have a mathematical formula that always makes that profit for our customers and has that turn of roi for them so really it’s really important that you’re consistently creating funnels and systems to create a solid call to action that drives customers so all the time that either you’re paying for traffic or get doing organic traffic on your youtube videos or on your social media you’re driving people back to that call to action that you know will convert and converts and obviously you have to test it you have to figure out which offer is going to get people to convert you know what’s going to what’s the process is going to give it to go through that entire fulfillment to get them to actually purchase your products or services so this is how to quickly and easily do it like i said there’s a link for click funnels if you want to sign up for them it’s an awesome tool it’s a great software it works really quickly so just click the link down below i have an affiliate link i really appreciate it it’ll be super helpful obviously we can either set up your entire funnels and you can hire us to do so be happy to do that for you also you can use your own website to create a simple funnel and that works as well too and like i showed you on using divi themes you can do that quickly and easily and so you just create your website create the opt-in pages create the you know the submission button make sure you collect those emails either have it integrate with zapier or something so it goes to your crm like active campaigns or whatever or you can use your actual forms on active campaigns and embed those on your website that’s another possibility that will drive more um contacts into you can into those if you’re utilizing those and sending up your automations from email marketing and all that that’s a whole other conversation hopefully this is super helpful with setting up a sales funnel and understanding the three components you really need in that sales funnel process from the call to action making sure you have the messaging down right you got to keep tweaking and adjusting the messaging if it’s if you’re not getting people to click that call to action to the first the opt-in page of the funnel and then obviously if you’re not getting people to sign up for that that uh opt-in page um you need to tweak that messaging uh and then obviously if they’re they’re not purchasing you need to tweak that messaging and you consistently need to work on this and go through this process until you get a warning a winning funnel so to speak and like i said if you want help with that we’re that’s what we consult on we help people we help coach people on all that all those processes and we can also do it for them all right thank you hopefully this was helpful like and subscribe we really appreciate it and keep on learning alright thank you take care