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how to film a good quality youtube video so this is kind of a talking head video right i have the camera shooting me and i can see my face all stuff so the first thing you start off with and you probably have already seen or if you haven’t watch the video on how to research keywords and so forth so you can get good titles the first thing you want to do is start off with a good title so how to the 10 steps to giving good quality youtube content and so forth right so you want to start off with a really strong intro so that’s a good strong title how to asking the questions do you need help creating youtube videos and then the next step is you can go into like a call to action in the comment section below please write uh the best video you’ve created on your youtube channel right so obviously this is not for professionals obvi though you could probably learn a few tips this is probably for beginners who are creating youtube content so the first step is setting up your camera getting things right and then delivering that content so when you do a youtube video it’s sometimes helpful to create an outline that you can also just take in front of you i don’t recommend teleprompters unless you’re really good and you can read off those and you can really uh engage with the audience so the best thing you can do is just start delivering with a strong title then do a call to action right please comment below in the comment section like subscribe and then go into your intro of who you are hi i’m scott white i consult businesses and help them grow from 250 000 up to a million to 10 million revenue i also have created a youtube course to teach you how to grow your business organically on youtube right you deliver that content the biggest challenge when people do videos right is in the beginning they don’t have the confidence they’re scared to deliver but let’s face it you’re just speaking in front of the camera so it just takes practice and takes time so one thing when you’re creating your videos you don’t want to get caught up in in beating yourself up when you mess up so when you get flustered you make a mistake in the editing process i’m going to teach you a fast way to do this so what you do is you just clap so let’s say i get flustered i mess up and i don’t deliver the content well what i’m going to do in my video is i’m going to clap i want that clap to be nice and loud because in the editing process there’s going to be a big spike and i’ll show you that in the video on how i teach you how to edit videos so when that spike happens then obviously you can see it in there and i can make the adjustment i can cut it and get edit that out very quickly right so you just again if you get flustered just pull it together stay calm take a deep breath clap and then get it together and calm if you’re someone who needs to walk to their camera and then turn the camera on and then come back in obviously you’re going to edit that out one thing that i recommend is a little tool here you just click the button it starts rolling and gets the video going and then you don’t have to worry about editing that portion out uh the next thing is so once you um well if you mess up you obviously right you want to do that loud clap so you can edit that out and then stay calm if it’s really messed up you can obviously just start over but the biggest thing is just get in that routine and don’t worry if you make mistakes or flush get flustered just roll with it most people want to uh when you deliver your youtube content content is just educational so you’re doing a just simple uh camera shoot right in front of you and you’re gonna gotta deliver that con content to teach people and educate them on whatever your service or your business is about then from there you want to go into each of those steps so a simple guideline to follow is strong title uh call to action introduce yourself uh you can also do a a video intro so if you clap you can add that video intro where it shows like either your success your your client results some testimonials and you can do that in the editing process so again you just add that clap in where you know it’s going to be edited in and then you fill that in and then you go through the like you know whatever the steps are when you educate people so the video is about um how to make a better website and you’re typically going to give them three to five tips in that website how to go through that a helpful tool you can do is just get a piece of paper um type it to your tripod all that stuff put a basic outline on it so you can look at to follow if you need it then it’s always there and you can utilize it so you don’t forget anything right i don’t really need this so i’m good i’ve done enough videos i just kind of roll with it i like doing a more ad-lib i don’t like having scripts some people do some people prefer to be more prepared and having that outline to go by if i’m doing a more complex videos then i might have that outline to go by if i want to pull in stories or research or things and i don’t want to miss something in that video then i can deliver it in it and make sure i hit all those topics so then once you give that body of the content you want to do a nice close simple one with youtube i recommend doing this sometimes and sometimes not right so please like and subscribe to the video and hit that notification bell so you get notified any time i come out with the new content that is a great intro to use also you can use or that a great outro sorry another great outro to use is hey i have free training listed below in the descriptions about how to 10x your service based business or 10x your ecommerce business is listed below i also have free training for a youtube course that you can take in that link is in the description as well i have affiliate links that you can get that will help tools and promote and grow your youtube channel faster your business and those links are below so those are all great outros to add so you notice i’m going through a specific format when i’m delivering my content it really starts with that strong title because remember youtube is really about the keywords you say in your video as well as that are in your description in your title as well as the tags so the more you can make that and engage with that once you get to a pro level and you film you can add jump cuts and you add those cuts but my thing is how do i deliver my information straight to my audience uh have good charisma good energy and so forth and just speak to you right on i’m not going to create these fancy videos i’m not a video editor we do have a team of video editors and so forth that you can hire and work with that are part of the youtube course because it’s more of a done for you option as opposed to you guys having to do everything not everybody is a technological wizard or a video editor or all that stuff or want to learn they might want to just get in front of the camera and they have something and they want to teach and deliver it they don’t want to do their social media they don’t want to do the video editing so we’ve created a course where we actually have a team that will do that all for you and you can purchase that and sign up for it as well as take the youtube course that will teach you all these steps which obviously if you’re watching this video this is part of the youtube course and so like i said let’s just recap so the big thing when you deliver content in front of the camera strong title that hopefully has key words in it and his research based off of the video that you should have already watched uh a description um or sorry a strong title and then a brief intro about yourself about your content um let’s scratch that one more thing let’s go uh a strong title a call to action leave a comment below do something get them to do something click the link free training whatever then an intro of hey my name is scott white blah blah blah or it’s an intro you add in that you add in all those videos and you can do that at an editing process like i said you’ll just clap to make sure you know you’re going to add that in and then go to the rest of the video then you’re going to go after the intro you go into the body the meat and potatoes of what you’re speaking about the five tips on how to build a a successful website to get people to convert on what you your offering is right or whatever it may be um the body content and you deliver and you educate then you want to close and wrap it up by saying hey if you find value in this video please like and subscribe support our youtube channel hit that notification bell so you’re constantly getting updated what we have to offer also there’s a link for free training blah blah blah there’s affiliate links whatever that outro may be and you may again pre-do your outro so you can just add it in in the editing process and that’s the step-by-step process on creating a really good quality video that works well so remember if you get flustered and mess up a lot of times people don’t know that so just roll with it if you get to start fumbling know to just do a clap pause regather yourself and then go right back into filming got it hopefully this video was helpful and i’m going to tell you like and subscribe and hit that notification bell obviously if you’re taking the course that’s awesome that’s great love to have you in here and look forward to helping you with this take care