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how to sell anything to anyone the first step is just to listen and ask questions because the more you find out about them and the more interest that you show about them the more you can serve them it’s a very simple process it doesn’t matter what business you’re in what clients you’re serving if you ask questions some simple questions right off the bat obviously if they’re contacting you you have the right to ask the question be like so what are you struggling with or tell me about your business this is a great first question or if you’re a personal trainer hey tell me about your goals tell me what you’d like to achieve tell me a little bit more about your business and then probe and ask more further questions that are related to how you can help them so obviously you’re in the marketing field if you’re in the coaching space in your meditation space whatever it may be you would ask probing questions online along those lines you’d be like oh well you know tell me a little bit more about your facebook ads what’s your cost per acquisition what’s your cost per lead so as the expert in that field you would know what questions to ask them this does a few things one is it shows that you’re very interested it also shows that you’re very knowledgeable and astute to what you should be asking these people if you’re in the fitness field oh how much weight would you like to lose do you want to gain weight do you want to lose weight what would be your ideal body transformation in the next six months okay would you currently exercise right now uh are you uh have you ever exercised in the past or when were you in the best shape of your life what’s your eating routine and you can have them right and you as they talk you kind of take notes just like a doctor would so you’re essentially going to prescribe them what’s going to be best for their business and this is the easiest way to sell people it you don’t even have to try because essentially by the time you collect enough data on whatever that is then you can just basically say spoon feed whatever they just told you back to them be like oh okay it sounds like you’re struggling with facebook ads you don’t like to also implement google ads so from a marketing standpoint we need to generate you more leads in these platforms or ones that you have implemented or like to use obviously i would then ask the question why are you open to other platforms at the end of the day does it matter to you what platform do we use as long as we’re generating a positive roi most people are gonna say it doesn’t matter they don’t care they just want to get results so again bottom line is if you listen to them by and ask a lot of questions and just shut up don’t say anything let them finish whatever questions and these are a lot the the who the what the why questions when you dive into like you know how do you see yourself working with us when would you like to start so these questions will again and help make that sale a whole lot easier uh what have you learned about our services and why have you decided to contact us and and and shown interest in working with us of course they’re going to have to sell themselves on your services by answering that question so it’s very simple listen ask really good questions so i would take time in your business to create a basically like a doctor’s question depending on what you are so if you’re a personal trainer you would ask all kinds of questions like oh when do you work out what time do you work out uh do you lift weights currently um how many days a week can you work out what is your goals uh what’s your short-term goal what’s your long-term goal and you know what do you eat every day how many times do you eat a day how much sugar do you consume how much water do you consume so you can start asking tons and tons of questions because that will give you so much information to know exactly what they need to serve them better as the business that you’re running so the more questions you ask the better you can serve them so when i coach my clients and work with people again i started and fumbled across this and i’ve read so many sales books within a day when you ask questions you can better serve people because you’ve listened and learned what they really want and need and obviously if you’re an expert in that it’s very simple to show them by answering questions or engaging with them based off of the terminology you would use so for example if somebody comes to me and they need marketing services or consulting for their business i’m gonna find the gaps by asking questions i’ll be like okay where does the bulk of your revenue come from now all right sounds good do you have a marketing uh system in place that helps you generate uh clients or sell your product on a regular basis simple yes or no on that then i’m gonna dive into that like okay you know let’s go through your website can you give me your website url okay well do you have any calls to action are you doing social media and once i collect all this data i can then either create a proposal or just have a conversation with them about what’s going on it’s very simple because the more data i collect the easier it is i can serve them or you could say i can sell them but basically what i’m going to do is treat it like a doctor i’m going to prescribe what i feel is going to be best for their needs so if i think they don’t need my complete consulting program or i work with them on a high level and i charge you know 6 700 bucks a month then i’m not going to offer that service if they need something very lower tier and a few things i’m like hey just do some consulting packages or let me knock out these few items for you and we can just book it really quickly and get it done and it depends on their budget obviously i’m fortunate that i don’t have to work with anybody and i’m not desperate so i can pick and choose the people i want to work with and that’s also a great place to be in because it’s a position of power so when you have a position of power you can you know pick and choose and obviously that attracts people more so in a negotiation standpoint it’s similar to like i don’t negotiate my rates i say this is my rates take it or leave it uh i don’t need to work with you at the same time when i get somebody on a phone call and i start consulting them or doing a free consult and talking about their business i’m going to provide so much value that they’re going to leave with their head spinning and then also they’re going to leave knowing like wow he really knows what he’s talking about i have social proof to back it up but it doesn’t really matter because once people engage with me regarding their marketing their business growth and so forth they’re going to quickly know like hey he needs he knows how to find talent he knows how to acquire talent he knows what the steps i need to grow my business and take it to a million dollars or ten million dollars or more and so mastering your craft and understanding that and understanding that language to be able to provide somebody that much value by engaging them and collecting all that data up front will help serve them better obviously i’m a big believer in the more good will you create and there’s a lot of people who can’t afford my services or are not ready to move forward to work with me and that’s fine i don’t work with everybody but the people who do they really value it and they understand how i work and i’m very transparent about how i operate and then it makes that it makes a very win-win solution for example like i personally do not work with micro managers and i will refund those people’s money and say hey this is not a fit we need to part ways now i don’t work that way and so as long as you know yourself and know how you work then you can position yourself that way and you want to be as transparent as clear as possible to the people that do hire you and work with you but at the end of the day to sell anything to anyone the first thing you do is ask a lot of questions then you probe deeper into more specific questions about their business about um you know what you’re offering if it’s personal training if it’s you know meditation if it’s coaching if it’s business executive coaching if it’s leadership training it doesn’t matter whatever you’re offering the more details you can gather from them on a sales call the easier it is to sell them no different than if you sell a product you need to gather a lot of information from other people that have purchased your product and and put that together in your bsl video sales letter that sells your product or your course or whatever because once you have that data then you can better serve those people by answering the questions or helping them with the problems that they’re coming to you for that your your product or services solve so again like i said ask a lot of questions engage with them show them that you’re the master of your craft and the authority in the marketplace and they’re going to naturally want to work with you and at that point you can just say hey i just do a simple agreement if you want to move forward it’s just following these steps i can send it to you online right now or i can just take your credit card over the phone so obviously any chance you get to be able to take their credit card or get payment right away while you’re on the phone with them it’s the best because if they leave and have time to think about it they have friends and family talking them out of working with you they have their own you know self-doubts so don’t let them go through that because hopefully you believe and you are the best fit for them and you know that you’re going to serve them to benefit them more and get them to grow and achieve more because of your services that you offer hopefully you’re not you know somebody who’s just trying to make a quick buck that’s not who this video is for hopefully you really care and are passionate and you’re somebody who you know is a master of their craft and can really serve the person but to sell anything again i’m going to reiterate because it’s three times a charm is ask a lot of questions engage with that customer and let them know that your authority in the marketplace might be able to answer or discuss topics that they really need help with and that’s why they’re coming to you hopefully this video is really helpful uh and last note here is remember this people love to buy but people hate to be sold to so those those hard approach of like trying to get people to force uh your services down their throat it’s just not an approach i like and i would recommend because again that phrase i’ll say it again people love to buy but they hate being sold to so the more you can make it so it’s they feel or they say to themselves in their own mind saying i want to work with them uh i need to hire them they are the solution to my problems is what you want them to process in their brains so they hire you all right hopefully it’s helpful thank you