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how to improve your site security so one thing you want to do is create a cloudflare account so obviously i’m logged in cloudflare uh you want to click add site so you’re going to come in here type in the website you want click add site here it’s going to come down and give you different options that you can pay for and so forth right now just do the free one that will help protect your site against some malware bot attacks and so forth so as this sets up it’s going to populate and it’s going to give you name servers to change so obviously whatever that you’re what you’re using you would go and make those adjustments if you have sub domains in here you can add that as well remember anytime you update dns it takes a while to transfer so okay so notice add cloud fillers here so obviously it shows me what to do it knows that this is uh these domains are with my godaddy account so it says to go to godaddy uh remove these domain names and that’s pointing to a different server uh and then i’m gonna add these ones so i’m gonna go into my godaddy account go to my domains i’m going to scroll through my domains click on the one i want so come down in here click on manage dns come down here now so notice these name servers are here it shows that they’re these ones which obviously cloudflare already knows that so you could just click change uh so then i’m just gonna copy and paste these name servers in here uh and like i said this just adds an extra level of protection by using cloudflare hit save hit yes hit continue and then that site is all set up to be secure using cloudflare so this will help improve your speed it help includes uh improve your security and so forth and it’s really that simple and obviously it’s free so now we just come in here and hit done check name servers hit get started uh hit save here just go through this obviously you can look into these details see what you want to do if you want to minify any of these things you can double check it if it messes your site up then go back and make the adjustments there but this will help speed up that site from a loading standpoint and just click finish so complete your name server setup boom boom boom it’s saying more or less the same thing in here now let’s just click chain check name servers obviously it takes a little while and here so if i come into the website the website loads fairly quickly and you can see that it’s all set up and here it will take a while this is still pointing to the other name servers it will take a while to adjust it but once it’s up and running then you can check out the speed the access you can look at your analytics and see that data uh coming in through here and obviously there’s paid versions of cloudflare which they work great and they’re excellent but in if anything you want to set it up on cloudflare to just protect and add more security to your website hopefully that’s helpful if you have any other questions feel free to reach out if you’d like us to work with your website uh your marketing any of that stuff uh design it so you can get more sales increase your revenues feel free to uh let us know there’s a link to book a call with us but only book it if you’re serious hopefully this teaches you how to set up a cloud flare and it helps you get your site more secure all right thank you take care