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mr b strategy to a millions of subscribers millions of views and millions of dollars of profit i’m gonna lay out the details of how he’s done it and how you can do it as well obviously it’s gonna take a lot of work uh mr beast or aka jimmy donaldson aka mr beast uh obviously it’s it’s uh jimmy donaldson he started his channel around 12 or 13 there’s some um not sure completely i have to hopefully jimmy you reach out to me let me know for sure uh love to get you on and obviously pick your brain to know all the details but he started off as a gamer doing gaming channels and then got into doing additional content and really got obsessed with youtube and creating content that went viral and engaging he kept trying looking at data and so forth from the information that i’ve received before i get into any more information about this and how the strategy works and how it can help you grow to millions of dollars in revenue subscribers and watch time please like and subscribe and hit that notification bell okay so once we get into that uh mr b started in high school obviously when he was 12 or 13 years old uh he was really obsessed even his mom forced him to go to college in about i think around two weeks he dropped out because he was so obsessed with creating youtube content i think it’s like most of us when we first market ourselves online or or do something with internet marketing and we make money doing something we enjoy or we make money i remember way back in the day obviously i’m a little older than mr beast is i sent out an email when email marketing first started and i sent out an email and one email that took me maybe i don’t know five minutes to write i made like 200 off of a and at that point i was super hooked uh which drove me into more internet marketing growing a business in it and so forth but anyway this is about mr beast not myself so uh he uh mr beast has has since uh like i said he’s been obsessed and he’s taken on a role where he’s become more of a a giver a philanthropist somebody that really has found joy in helping people coincidentally coincidentally this has also helped his channel grow massively when people see um him giving away a million dollars or a private island or ten thousand dollars or food or so forth it gets people so in grossed in his videos that obviously gets more watch time more subscribers and and that goodwill goes a long way in his process uh he’s always been about reinvesting every dime he he generates so he puts tons of money into his content tons of money into growing his uh channels in his editing processes in his approach to brainstorming his equipment and so forth uh you’ll notice in a lot of his videos he’ll talk about when he first got started every dime he made he would then reinvest and buy a a nicer camera or better equipment or learn more and he’s just you know set goals for himself to to just do videos on a regular basis maybe one a day or one every other day obviously during this time process he’s gotten burned out he’s gotten exhausted he’s gotten frustrated because let’s face it when you first get started you have no subscribers you have very little watch time you don’t you’re not making any profit it can be a struggle and i think this is much like any business out there most entrepreneurs when they first get started in business it’s a grind it’s a hustle and most like i said our most businesses go belly up in two years because people don’t have the wherewithal to just stay committed stay determined to keep pushing until they figure out that secret sauce so to speak or what’s going to really drive them i mean you can watch some of his videos like his first video that went viral is crazy so like i’ll pull it up here on the screen is i counted to a hundred thousand like obviously you can watch this it’s about a 24 hour video with time lapse it’s got over 21 million views and this dude counted to a hundred thousand on the channel like and has gotten 20 million views i don’t know why so many people are so engaged to watch somebody count to a hundred thousand it’s just like they’re so shocked that he actually did it that they’re willing to watch uh this video i think there is an error in the video where he miscounts but hey who’s keeping track bottom line is it got massive views i’m assuming you got tons of subscribers and it helped people connect with him then today this is about engagement uh watch times and getting people to connect with your channel so hopefully you’re connecting with my channel and you like the information i’m sharing with you so now let’s kind of dive into uh mr beast and how he operates in all his channels so we’re gonna go into this so if you look at mr b beast’s main channel which started off as mr b6 000 so it’s over 51 million subscribers right now and then he has another channel which is mr beast gaming has 13 million subscribers and then he has uh beast philanthropy has 1.5 of four almost 1.5 million subscribers there’s not even any videos on this right now just shows you the power he has to just get people to subscribe how many people he has beast reacts as four million subscribers so the list goes on i’m sure you’re wondering how much is he making and i’m gonna dive into the numbers uh in a while again mr b shorts almost four million subscribers let’s just shut this video off oops did not mean to click that and go into there the next one he has here and i think these are all his channels the mr bro which is over 3 million subscribers and let’s go into the next one which is mr beast 2 which is close to 2 million subscribers so i’m sure you’re wondering right like how much is mr beast generated in revenue or how do you track a youtuber’s salary or income based off of factors so let me dive into the math so obviously there’s cpm and now there’s rpm uh and let’s go through the math so you can understand how to calculate this either on your own for other people’s channels and so forth so let’s go and just do the math right now okay so let’s go into the youtube math here so there’s cost per million as well as uh rpm which will get it so cost per million is basically cost per a thousand impressions and so the way this works is this is kind of the old formula to calculate it and uh for example let’s say we have a hamburger company who wants to advertise on your channel and is willing to pay uh three dollars per ad impression right so then therefore based off of how many impressions you get you get three dollars per those impressions so if you get fifty thousand impressions uh times three dollars comes out to what is that a hundred fifty thousand uh uh dollars worth of ad impressions but then you have to remember based off this formula google needs to take their cut and that would be uh around let’s say 50 45 and you’d get 55 so then instead of really three dollars in that impression your 55 would be closer to a dollar you know 25.30 ish and then that’s how you get the math for that so the more accurate way is the rpm method and that’s where you take your earnings based off of your views times a thousand and that gets you a more direct formula what does that really mean so i dove into this and looked at the numbers and figured out what’s a simpler way of looking at a channel and to figure out based off their views how much they’re making roughly obviously there’s a handful of calculators out there that work well you can do that but i wanted to know the actual math so let’s dive into mr beast’s channel or channels just to go in in the last 30 days and if you’re wondering how i got these numbers so if we go to mr beast’s channel there’s a great free software obviously it’s a there’s a paid version of it i highly recommend it i have an affiliate link in the bottom uh to get it so if you’re on mr beast’s home you click in stats and you go into three days ago uh vid iq hold on let me get rid of this the sound of this video what is playing here turn this off okay now that i got that annoying video shut off again there’s a few softwares that i really recommend affiliate links down in the links in the description uh one i’m going to go through is vid iq but there’s also tubebuddy which is a great software but all i’m doing is clicking stats on his channel and then i’m going to select here i’m going to just go last 30 days and you can see here 540 million if you come back to my information here obviously it’s already changed based off of the time that i’ve recorded this but so roughly the last 30 days uh we’re right around these numbers so this is just the mr beast channel the gaming channel reacts channel so the total amount in the last 30 days is roughly around 912 million so then getting into the math because you want to know how much money is mr beast making just from his youtube channel so the simple math to figure this out is the youtube earnings math is when you look at a channel you basically go to the youtube views per month divided by a thousand and then the typical rpm range is anywhere from two to four it’s a little less than that but i rounded the numbers up here uh off here to make it simple and easy math so based off of this formula of those views per month divided by a thousand so mr beast’s math is obviously the number of views that we’ve gotten divided by a thousand which equals this number here pretty simple when you’re dividing by a thousand then you’re gonna multiply uh from two dollars or to four dollars which is the typical rpm range right and that comes out anywhere from about uh 1.8 million dollars to 3.6 million dollars and this is the monthly revenue so obviously if you want to multiply it by 10 12 you can get the annual revenue so obviously if it’s 12 times this roughly that’s around about 23 or so million dollars this one is right around let’s so 3.6 so if we round up to 4 times 12 let’s go for around 45 million dollars annual just off his channels his youtube channels it’s a pretty nice profit i’m sure you guys would love that hopefully that motivates you to work harder on youtube again massive respect out to mr beast all and everything he’s doing to be able to generate that so that’s not all the money he makes though you have to remember mr beast has been diversified and he’s now creating apps uh that’s on the market and he’s gonna start probably profiting he has his own mr beast burgers where you can he has his restaurant and it’s ghost their ghost kitchen set up everywhere so you can order mr beast and obviously what he’s doing from his channels is creating mass publicity across the nation for people to start ordering uh his food and obviously a ghost kitchen is basically he has what close to 300 restaurants that serve his food so you can order online and then i have that food delivered to you and and obviously he’s generating even more money based off of this he also has an app called finger on the app here where you can win you know i think originally it started with 25 or 20 000 now it’s a hundred thousand he’ll soon start monetizing this did you bring in even more revenue and you can see the me mr beast burgers here you can view the menu here you can see the burgers if you go on youtube you can see massive amounts of people talking about the burgers and is gaining tons of publicity and growing from there he also has a as mr beast apparel so let’s see if i found that here is his uh shop mr beast so he has a apparel line too so i’m sure he’s generating even more revenue by selling his apparel as well you can’t forget uh the other sources of income from his um sponsorships and any like if you were to do this any products courses affiliate commissions and so forth his sponsors could pay anywhere from five to twenty five thousand dollars per video and then he could get base payments as well as commissions based off of that i know he has a deal with honey um the app on that as well as i’m sure he’s gonna so he’s really created a brand for himself where he’s growing multiple revenue streams and that’s where he’s generated even more money so obviously other ways he could monetize it with live streams or purchase super chats and super stickers channel memberships uh and monthly revenue that would bring in as well as uh all those other factors based off of all those numbers we could roughly say uh this is obviously an estimate only he can tell you the truth but based off of everything that he’s doing he could be a billionaire uh in the next five maybe two to five years based off of the growth in him constantly inventing new ways to monetize his channel as well as his influence in the marketplace and his authority that’s just continually driving more revenue in his doors and i guarantee with what he’s doing he’s only going to create more and more channels which will then be able to continue to drive his mission get more views either open up more kitchens apps so forth software that will then just grow his uh profits even more so he could be making anywhere around uh 20 to 50 million uh right now so that’s just a rough estimate but that shows you the potential of what’s going on and how he’s really monetizing his channel uh in multiple ways it’s not just youtube anymore now it’s restaurants it’s apparel it’s apps and so forth so this is something that you could do with your channel and it shows you how effective creating a brand is and how you can utilize that brand once you have that level of influence okay so how does he make this happen so obviously he invests everything he has he produces multiple channels he promotes his friends his community he does crowdfunding he gets now uh people to pay for his videos from sponsors he has done a phenomenal job of creating sponsorships with inside the videos themselves so they’re much more engaging as opposed to something that’s a clickable ad and so forth and he has such an influence where advertisers are coming to him directly to either sponsor his video pay for his videos or provide an engaging sponsor with inside his video and obviously he he’s getting revenue for that based off of that as well as the revenue from the advertisers on google and the platform in there so the biggest thing and how he’s making this happen is he’s continually to provide such massive goodwill to his audience and he’s building relationships where he has not only his own channels i guarantee i know he has his brother’s channel that has over a million followers he has friends he has influencers he’s now engaging with pewdiepie and other in uh youtubers out there to grow a massive uh following in community that just makes his success multiply exponentially so again so when you create such a powerful fan base and create so much influence from a standpoint of when you’re giving away things like an an oprah uh and millions of dollars you’re going to get so many people that are engaged with you and want to subscribe to you because people can naturally just you know get ten thousand dollars just being subscribed to that chat to his channel so it’s a phenomenal method and he’s really broken the code or the algorithm to youtube to really monetize it as effectively as possible okay so what is his strategy so obviously the key to his strategy to get videos to go viral is he adds multiple components to his videos right a lot of times they’re money related uh there’s challenges there’s drama there’s pranks there’s reactions to either people receiving their money uh him buying them cars so the engagement and there’s there’s also him featuring very large youtubers that are already pigging backing offer his following or their following and so forth so it’s really engaging so when you when you use those factors or a combination uh challenges money focused and emotional tug and pull is very important to really get that video to go viral so how does he really beat that a lot algorithm right with the click through rates so he creates uh titles and thumbnails and obviously he’s now running off his credibility but he if you look at his thumbnails they’re nothing crazy or insane they’re very simple they’re very engaging they make you want to click on it as well as if you read the titles i open a restaurant that pays you to eat at it right people want to know i put a million whatever orbeez in my friend’s backyard so again people want to click on that it’s very engaging it’s simple and then when he goes through his video he does a simple hook he tells exactly what the video is about and then he goes to the video and makes it more engaging and he doesn’t uh he ends the mid video with the the finale of what people really wanted to find out which creates a very engaging video he creates all those people reacting inside the video emotionally from what happens how it turned out when they receive their money how thankful for their it gets a lot of emotion stirring which really builds that washed watch time he does a great job with the the intros the insane shock and awes that just draw you in with the crazy outlandish things he makes videos that you can’t really duplicate right so unless you you can’t really not everybody can give away a million dollars or buy everything in five stores or you know give people ten thousand dollars so it’s very hard to duplicate his channel and just copy what he’s saying obviously you can copy what i’m doing i’m just doing a video about what he’s going on here it’s very easy to duplicate and so forth i’m not giving anybody ten thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars to like this or subscribe to it uh i’m not saying if i get a million views on this video you’ll get a million dollars right i’m not doing that but he is doing that where it makes it almost or impossible to duplicate what he’s doing so that’s making him stand out amongst the crowd obviously his videos are longer this sweet spot it sweet spot is around 10 to 20 minutes that creates more ad revenues obviously more engagement it also drives up the watch time youtube is all about watch time click through rates to go to multiple videos and basically binge on their channel right so engaging tactics is being able to tell a very good story have a great hook and finish the video with the end results so holding out all that information until the the very end of the video to show the people’s reaction showing them they get 10 grand and this is not always the same strategy you want to mix it up sometimes you want to show people and give them what they want right off the bat so people continue to watch the video and and it just builds more credibility authority and positioning with your channel right so if we just go back into the simplistic things of what you need to do to increase watch time is to have a simple hook be unique you need a unique selling proposition from a standpoint of are you doing contests are you giving rewards uh are you making your channel impossible to duplicate uh do you really care about your fan base the one thing that you can see with jimmy is he’s very authentic it’s it’s who he is he he really i think deeply cares to help people provide value make it fun and entertaining he ultimately loves being an entertainer on youtube and now has found what really works to generate millions and millions of views for his channel and if you just look at these last few channels uh video uploads 31 million 36 million 31 million so it’s just an insane uh ability to be able to create that so being able to create that influence integrate with sponsors once you start uh generate more revenue diversifying your funds you can really build your brand up utilizing youtube i highly recommend promoting your content and growing your channel on youtube it is so important you can build a business without having any less than a thousand subscribers because let’s just say you have a hundred people that really care about what you have to offer and you sell a course or a program or something and obviously you’re not monetized on google but a hundred of those people buy a course from you at a thousand bucks well that’s a hundred thousand dollars you could be generating just based off of the influencing you’re creating with your brand obviously if you have a channel that has 51 million subscribers and multiple channels you can see the type of revenue you can generate so it’s extremely important to start promoting yourself and being in front of your audience and providing value so how do you do this besides just off of youtube right you have to remember there’s other things that you could be doing right you look at mr beast 3.8 million followers on his facebook channel on twitter he engages with this audience and so forth so he’s doing the multiple streams repurposing content so again 9 million followers on twitter his you uh instagram channel he has 12 million followers his tick tock has 13.8 million followers so he’s engaging with people on across the board on all levels on social media and so forth so this guy is working his behind off this is a man on a mission so if you really want to be successful like mr beast it’s not like you can just do one or two videos you have to be addicted to being successful figuring out what works researching contacting community communicating with other youtubers or people that uh are doing what you want to strive to be great at so again success leaves clues so if you look at jimmy and his ability to just be consistent post regular videos from his channel from the beginning has got him here and then analyzing that datus to see what works and to continue to progress he’s obviously gotten some great minds to help him create ghost kitchens the apps and other things to diversify and generate even more revenue is apparel line and so forth so remember if you put in the work you stay consistent and you keep pushing you can move mountains and generate even massive amounts of money goodwill profit and do major things in your marketplace so don’t stop be consistent keep pushing have that drive one thing you can do uh that hopefully inspires you or mr beast or jimmy uh inspires you to do is stay consistent on your mission and even if you you know get a few setbacks you keep pushing take your time re-evaluate and keep driving to succeed in reaching to your goals hopefully this video was really helpful and you’ve learned a lot please like and subscribe to my channel hit that notification bell and hey jimmy if you’re looking uh if you’re watching this video aka mr beast i know you’re you’re crazy busy uh please hit me up love to contact you pick your brain and dive into even more detail on what you’re really doing to to master or break youtube to a whole nother level all right everybody take care and thank you and that we appreciate everybody and like i said please hit subscribe uh uh leave some comments below tell us what you want to see next and if you have any questions all right thank you take care wish you the best you