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how to do a conversion ad on pinterest so a lot of people want to know how to use pinterest to run ads so simple you can just type in up here in your browser window it’s going to come into here or you’re going to have to set up your business page here click down ads going to go create ad so we’re going to actually create a conversion based ad so obviously there’s different ones here so when you create an ad if you’ve never run ads on pinterest you might want to start with traffic first over time you might want to convert to conversions i’m going to go straight with conversions here so type in uh the name of the ad right there you go put in the budget you’re good there active we’re going to click continue so targeting here we actually uploaded a look-alike audience in here so we’re going to use our look-alike audience uh we gotta

uh name this here so we’re good in here so we’ve got our lookalike audience for our targeting so we’re not going to do any ad interests obviously you can do that in another video i can show you how to do all that with the interests and keywords uh gender specific here so we’re gonna do a specific gender on this ad actually and we’re gonna adjust ages so pick specific ages here so we’re going to actually get rid of this and this here all us locations we’re good with that all languages all devices we can also pick specific devices if we’d like but we’re going to go all devices on here so if you come in here add group placement so you can do browse or search all is recommended so it just depends on which way which one you want to do we’re going to test all for right now for what we’re doing you go optimization and delivery we have that set up with our shopify conversion we want actually a checkout we want to get people to purchase automatic from a bidding standpoint or custom so we can put in custom bids so we want to do more of like a manual like facebook and here right now we’re just automatic so we’re new with uh what we want in facebook so this is what we want here or sorry what we want in pinterest so this is what we want in here so now i’m gonna upload a pin so we’re gonna click on create pen i’m gonna add and drag and drop my content in here so it should be in my downloads since i downloaded this information so let’s see if i can find that

there’s a lot of side mirror options on the market but you’re not going okay i uploaded the video that i wanted for the pin we’re gonna add your title here okay now that you got a good title good description you’ve added your tags and you’ve added the link you want to submit your thumbnail you’ve uploaded the video so everything’s good here so that looks good just click publish and everything looks good you just want to double check it see if there’s anything in here that you may have missed just to be sure that you’re all set and then once you’re good daily budget make sure that’s set in there as well so come through here so this one’s selected we’re good there

and now we just want to launch and that’s how you create a pinterest ad with adding all your information and set and now you just wait see how well it does look the spin look at uh the details and look for more videos to hopefully teach you how to look at your analytics your data and so forth hopefully this was helpful please like and subscribe to the channel support us as much as possible we appreciate it hopefully like i said you’re now able to do more pinterest ads more effectively if you want help with your ads from a facebook pinterest to google and so forth feel free to reach out in the description you can book a call with us and we can do all this uh work for you and make sure you get the best results all right thank you take care