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a great tool to use to help your social media brand grow and to track your analytics and compare  yourself to your competitors in the marketplace to see what they’re doing to help you grow faster  so okay we’re gonna go to the website and look at this tool it’s a website called so  here i’m on the website you can see my screen now and it it’s awesome for youtube but it also  tracks all different other social media platforms so for example if you want to  pull up your channel you can just type in your channel’s name and it pulls up all the analytics  shows your subscribers your growth all that stuff sorry i was searching for some new flips uh also  my camera looks a little different uh it’s because i’m in a hotel my air conditioning went out and so  i have to be in a hotel when you live in arizona and the house is 100 degrees inside so moving on  and talk more about the tool it goes into details on social blade right you can pull  up your youtube channel look at your subscriber look at all that stuff and then what you can do  is also come in and and check out some not supported platforms but top lists so this  is really cool so if you want to do some research on your top 50 youtubers you can pull this up and  you can see what is the top youtube categories and channels that are crushing it right now  and obviously the site has tons of ads so you can see different niches different types of channels  and go through them and check you can dive into also the top 500 youtubers in the last 30 days  obviously mr beast is in there dan rhodes but you can look and then if you go into somebody’s  channel you can pull come down here you can kind of see what they make and all that great stuff  you can see total subscribers last week where they they’re coming from so this channel  is growing really fast so you can see this here pulling up this video here that posting  so you can go and just see more full monthly stats obviously you can look at that monthly gain  so a huge explosion with this channel uh very quickly and you just can click on his channel  and go there directly and check out on youtube so he’s got 3.8 6 million subscribers at this point  let’s get rid of that sound go to his videos itself so you can see man like here crazy kick  behind all that stuff so you can see all these things coming in what type of views and things  um he’s getting and how quickly he’s growing what type of videos he’s doing  so if that’s something that you’re gonna you want to jump on board and copy  and duplicate so you can be more trendy that’s possible as well um on that so on top list you  can also go into the categories right shows gaming science and technology education  so you can come in here you can check out one of the top channels from an education standpoint  and you can also check out different people right that you might  compete with so bernie bouchard so if i pull up here uploads here pull this in here  so 306 uploads social blade subscribers count all that great stuff similar channels  so i can see and get a list of competitors of similar channels from my own as well  as his you can pull all this stuff up and find those details see what they’re doing  uh you can essentially create videos that are doing really well on their channels and then  help your channel grow faster by piggy backing off their success so to speak um and so that’s  very helpful this is a great platform obviously i’m not going to spend too much time going through  every little detail of it but like i said you can also go into facebook do the same thing type in  let’s just type in the same person for facebook you see what they’re doing on facebook  so that pulls up it doesn’t pull up any data but let’s see mr beast here you guys all probably know  who mr beast is if you follow youtube all that stuff so nothing’s coming up in that regards  let’s see if my comes up for facebook that doesn’t work obviously facebook’s not working and you can  check all those other ones but predominantly i use this for youtube to track and compare and to get  good results from other channels that might be competing that i’m competing with and so forth  so i can check that out and see okay what are they doing how many videos here so  tycoon perry let’s just check to see if that’s a channel that’s similar to mine and here  their videos doesn’t look like it’s very similar but again you can track and see if you go into  youtube you can check on here and then you go sort by most popular videos obviously i don’t do any  videos regarding these this type of content but you can check real quickly to see what’s getting  hits and traffic and you really utilize this as a tool to help your channel grow so again  it’s called social blade uh if you found this helpful please like and subscribe to my channel  hopefully you can start using this tool or website that and utilize it to understand you know what  are some of the top 50 youtubers are doing uh the top things in your category field here  uh the ones in the last you know 500 youtubers in the last day what they’re doing and how you  can kind of jump on board and create video content that’s going to help grow and expand  your channel a lot faster so again the two the tool or it’s really a website called socialblade  will help your grow your social media channels but it predominantly uh give you the analytics  of your own channel as well as analytics of other people’s channels to really help you understand  the youtube algorithm a little more effectively and give you details to kind of copy recreate  and repurpose really trending videos and topics to help your channel grow even faster all right  thank you and hopefully uh that helps your youtube channel please leave comments below on what you’re  struggling with your youtube channel and what you might need help with also it’d be great if  you like and subscribe so hit that notification bell hit that like and subscribe button uh and  i hope you take care and learn a lot and keep growing take care