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how you doing i’m going to do a full review  of system io see how well it compares to click funnels which is basically its competitor right  it’s probably why click funnels started right offering an annual membership because they knew  there was competition coming so let’s just dive into it and check and i’m first time using  it obviously the features are fairly similar you can create it they offer more features  supposedly from sales funnels email marketing website builders evergreen webinars sell products  blogging online courses blah blah blah right but let’s just dive into it and see how how  it works obviously hopefully you know me i’m scott white hit the like and subscribe  and um notification bell leave a comment below if i missed any features that you might want  to know about or so forth this is the first time i’m diving into this software so i’m going to just  sign in or actually i need to create an account so let’s just create a free an account  uh let’s go in here let me type in uh  uh here we go okay we’ve sent you an  email login details let’s go to that email to add in my password hit the email confirmation  link hit save so now i pulled up in here google account that saved it perfect whatever so now i  am logged into system io so obviously i can looks like an upgrade my account and change it into  whatever i want if i want to go to 27 a month 47 a month 97 a month right now we’re on the free  plan so let’s just check that out main dashboard click here so new leads new no sales obviously  i’m just starting up let’s dive in to start a funnel so let’s actually create our first  funnel with system uh or system io here so let’s sell something so let’s create that  let’s just say uh book right let’s sell a book see if we can create that order form so  it just comes in a basic order form here so we can select in here so that’s actually not  that bad so preview let’s just hit select here so four day shipping let’s see url path is here i  can change that order form is there uh resources offer place plans offer cubish automation rules  we’re going to do that looks like list is empty a b test choose a variant if we did that stat  sales so forth all right so i’m on order form let’s see looks like i probably  just go click here to edit page let’s see how well i can edit this page show why  benefits vcaa so obviously i click this image here select file post url here’s the image here  so if i want to upload here so select a file so find an image pull this in here we go my handsome  self here drop that image there so i insert there okay cool so that’s pretty simple i can make edits  in here name first form input last name special so obviously right i’m very familiar with  click funnels this one seems a little bit more  uh challenging obviously because  it’s the first time i ever used it let’s just go into settings google fonts  page settings lotto that’s the font here pop-ups if i want to add a pop-up i  can add that let’s not deal with that so get rid of that come back in here so i don’t  want to add a pop-up let’s go back into settings page settings here so if i want to add let’s see  text here i can just drag and drop here just say this is a book i want to sell right so easy enough  font size i can make it bigger i can change the text color right so that looks good all that  stuff set up it’s actually a nice clean looking order form privacy policies all that stuff’s  in here so i want to know though how do i let’s just go save changes in here so that’s set up so  come back i can preview that page so pull this up so let’s this is a book funnel so it’s pretty  easy to edit once you learn how to make changes claim special and here order form but now so url  path i can make changes to that by just whatever book here that’s fine edit funnel settings so  books here funnel domain us dollar payment methods okay that’s good where would i connect this with  stripe or any of that other stuff or add pixels so let’s see emails blogs automation product  coupon subscription courses students help so where would i go and add my pixel obviously that’s  what you need when you have a sales funnel so where am i going in account settings no if i  go to my plan so no obviously not that settings affiliate program settings sales  funnel settings so tracking code this is the only place that i have to put tracking  code hopefully i can dive payment page settings so terms and conditions here’s this you can add  that don’t charge all right sales funnel settings affiliate program settings transferwise account  affiliate proxy links so create if i wanted custom domains i can add in a custom domain obviously  i can click here add it you have exceeded the number obviously i have a free account so  obviously you can add a custom domain that’s cool the downside is tracking pixels and all that  stuff if this is the sales page settings  you can add tracking code so obviously  you’d have to use a google tag manager and you can utilize that to  create the tracking codes it seems like they’re tracking code stuff isn’t  as robust as click funnels so that’s problematic uh i don’t even know what this is code to be  installed between the head tags so obviously you couldn’t use google tag manager because  you need to have the body pages in here as well so already super disappointed in uh the system  io software because if you can’t do that then it’s pretty much pointless uh from how this  would operate so view sales funnel share funnel settings so i’m going to dive into this again  payment page now just click on this funnel here there’s got to be a way to install so  name order form resources can’t click that offer price offer coupons i  don’t see anywhere where you can just that affiliate commission seems cool to  create a payment page you need to connect one of the payment gateway stripe so here i can  connect this to stripe connect with stripe  so that’s easy get started with stripe i can  set up my stripe account let’s log in here so that pulls in that information obviously  i have to know what my stripe login is i think i got it right this time so verification  code all these steps when you’re just trying to make things work so i got my verification  code sent to me there we go pull that in all right let’s just say i’m doing it for  that business white incorporated that’s set up hopefully this redirects me back to system io  okay cool now stripe is connected so that’s good um so that’s set up i don’t like how  this is powered by system io here let’s get back into the funnel  itself so share funnel settings  books payment like i said custom domain  i can add that allow card details in here  workflows main dashboard marketplace let’s see if  we can find ultimate si website builder website so obviously you can purchase ultimate io final  designs so different things the marketplace that’s all great affiliate dashboard if you want to do  affiliate commissions for your products and that’s kind of useful obviously click funnels have that  but i wouldn’t recommend click funnels affiliate program or their email marketing uh stuff as  well they’re awesome from a funnel standpoint uh which is unfortunate because a lot of companies  try to do everything and this is like a company that looks like they’re trying to do everything  and i have high hopes for these new companies that coming out obviously the new the new costs for  these things at 27 47 97 seem like a great deal for all the things that it offer and it’d be nice  for everything to be under one roof but it just doesn’t seem that companies can get it right when  they do everything that’s why click funnels still is probably the best one and obviously i have  an affiliate link down below for click funnels system io unfortunately is not up to par from  a standpoint of just the pixel integration or tracking codes there is no there’s a lot of  things left out in here so let’s just say i select this thank you page uh again i want  to just go and edit it the edit page here so let’s just look in the elements in here so order  order summary check boxes form input images videos so from a funnel creation and putting things like  that it’s pretty cool right like it’s it’s similar wizzy wig where you can just drag and drop  stuff in here and it’s going to create obviously it’s in euro which isn’t  good for me being in the us but so all that is cool from how quickly you can  add stuff often forms features page footers price plan testimonials elements so again it just lacks a lot of features right like click  funnels blows us out of water i mean i can design things more effectively with just wordpress  because they don’t allow you to install a pixel unless i’m missing something  here and hopefully they see this ah tracking code edit tracking code  edit footer code there it is so sorry system io they do have it is just very hard to  find how did i get to that so let me go back save changes get out of here so let’s go  into order form let’s go back into edit pages  so i’m in here where do i get that track i go  back to settings yeah so i click in settings uh here we go i pull this up and you can see order  form two steps description keywords author social image so the seo stuff hide from search engines  i don’t know if that’s really necessary display affiliate banner so obviously i got rid of that  boom now that’s gone so then edit code in here and then i can paste the facebook pixel google  tag manager all the great stuff within the funnel edit footer code it’s in here so that’s great  so obviously huge uh i’m sorry i missed that earlier but you can add that it’s it’s a little  clunkier uh and i like having the tabs up here uh so obviously um clickfunnels is just i’m  way more familiar with it so it’s a little more user friendly but from a cost standpoint  you can add the editor edit header code and edit footer code so that is really nice so big win  there it is a super system simple system to use to create funnels so i really like it from that  aspect um it would be nice if you could actually add oh so you click on resources choose  resources membership course membership course system io tag physical product so what  happens if i do physical product choose product uh i guess offer pricing plans this is how  so one shot subscription should pull in my  data from my stripe account  doesn’t look like it’s doing that  obviously you can do one shot which would be easy  let’s go back to subscription choose price  plan hit save it won’t this is not working for some reason did not find the right plan  do i have to create a new one and offer price type statement already have a price and plan type  so if i go subscription here uh looks like you just custom make them right troll period month  already have a price plan statement description so you can just create the new one in here you  don’t have to create it in stripe to have it pull up so that’s nice obviously i’m not sure if that  how well that use it works um offer price plans that’s what we just did we can offer coupon codes  so there’s a lot of cool features in here it would require me to play with it even more um and then  you can do affiliate commissions right off the bat payout delay 30 days offer pricing plans  sources so i’d have to add a product in here so physical choose product wonder  where you create the products oh here we go physical products coupons  subscriptions courses so forth so if i create a physical product so i just create a new  product in here uh book right uh five dollars and ninety seven cents we’ll just do like a free book  plus shipping type of funnel so now that’s in here uh well oh yeah so it’s in here attribute so no  we’re good there so if i go back into the funnel right it would require me to play with this a  lot more to get the hang of it but i’m feeling a little more comfortable resources let’s see  physical product choose my product there’s my book right offer pricing plans so i’m just gonna  do it’s a one shot right uh create a new one so we go book and our offer price plan  name book offer price plan name no book statement description book whatever choose one  shot five oops 5.97 good hit save okay now i have a book off offer coupons whatever we’re not going  to do that right now automation rules so it’d be nice obviously if you could create within settings  here and just add your own code to all the pages that would be helpful but at least you have to  you know at least you can go into all the pages or individual pages in the funnel click  settings make your adjustments to the page title um and add header footer and get rid of this here  again so that’s good so i’m digging that right so system io sorry for giving you a hard  time at first you can add tracking codes  uh you just have to do them to all the individual  pages separately so that’s great with that aspect so from an email standpoint so obviously we can  do newsletters in here so if i want to create a newsletter and say oh no you’ve got me sender name  let’s just send it to one of my email addresses  and use visual editor cool just hit create  so it comes in here you can  create this let’s get rid of this let’s keep it pretty simple um this  is my first email with system i o oh can you d dig okay so whatever we will  won’t mess with anything else select font all that stuff’s in there click on settings font  size email we’re good there hit save settings here  okay that’s good i guess i hit exit so that’s  in there oh no you got me who it’s sent to include the following tag so i can  hit tags exclude the following tags that’s all fine i can add personalization if i  wanted to with first name settings add attachment  does not look like i can do much  tracking on here email settings page add attachment save and schedule  newsletter let’s go save and schedule uh boom boom boom registered  over number of days so sincerely  let’s go back to email settings see i want to  use my own sendgrid api that’s how i set it up edit blah blah blah static footer of every market  email add that footer to comply with can spam but obviously so it looks like there’s a drawback  uh i guess statistics number of emails sent average percent of open emails average  percent of spam reports average percent of balanced emails so the downside about the email  software it’s just very basic right it’s not going to show how many people clicked uh which links  they clicked on and so forth so the reporting isn’t as robust like i said with um other  email software’s that i’d recommend like active campaigns infusionsoft and so forth so it’s  just a very basic uh email um marketing platform that kind of adds everything let’s go book book  save my campaign let’s see what i can do with this so in here if i come in here email title add an  email so it looks i can just add multiple emails and set up contacts that’s this step email sent  open this one shows total click so that’s helpful comments active so it does have some stats but  it’s just not as robust of a system so as a you know geeky internet marketer this wouldn’t be good  enough for for me and what i i need it for uh the funnel thing yeah it could be done and utilized  for the 27 one or the free one or even 47 dollars but it doesn’t have integrations with like  active campaigns and and click funnels that i see uh in here so that’s a huge drawback so system  io this has a lot of potential the funnel thing is really solid i think if you tweak a handful of  things to make the funnels and the tracking code easier you really could compete with click  click funnels a lot more effectively and obviously i’m a fan of click funnels and you  can click that affiliate link below and sign up for click funnels but i’m i’m always about  the latest and greatest software out there that can help uh automations rules and workflows  this is really cool too so tags add a rule so workflows and create automations in here let’s  just call it book since we’re all on the same setup click book and let’s see this automation  so obviously it looks like i can create my first trigger so based off of tag added funnel subscribe  so let’s just do that so they they do the order form right and then i can have an action delay so  i can delay whatever one hour or whatever time i can decision so i can split it up based off of  what they do email click activity that’s cool and or statement so that’s good so that’s actually  a solid automation obviously action can have it applied tag enroll in a course send a web hook  send an email so obviously i send the email if i had a bunch in my created i can add that  and put that in there so the workflow actually is pretty solid the automation’s pretty solid um they  call it workflows within there and you can create rules in there so obviously from your product  standpoint you can create your physical products your coupons and here your orders you can see that  so all your orders obviously have none because i’m not using this software subscriptions you can add  that affiliate invoices courses course bundles students my affiliate program so obviously  you can do that affiliate program settings make adjustments to that get people to sign up  for upgrade my account right contacts so all my contacts that i can import so forth it has  minimal things that you can you know add save filters filter by right so obviously system io  is trying to do too too much is what i’d say i’d say if system i o really just committed to just  doing funnels and created automations with like active campaigns and fusionsoft those other ones  they could really have an awesome software to be super powerful otherwise they’re just trying to  do too much their email marketing system is cool but it’s not as robust as that i’d recommend and  i’d want their funnel thing is good and it’s solid but it doesn’t have the integrations besides  with stripes so it’s lacking there and the tracking code and cleaning some of that up could  really improve the software a lot more effectively um let’s see blogs if you want to create a website  again blogs just have a wordpress site create a website use funnels for funnels don’t try  to use sales funnel software to create your entire website uh your website like like i  always say is more like a brochure used to be people should go there they should understand  and obviously it depends if your e-commerce brand is totally different if you than if  you’re a service-based industry but you need content you need stuff to engage with to build  your authority your trust your credibility position yourself as the authority in the  marketplace but hopefully this review was helpful and you can learn about system io hopefully system  i o looks at this review and they make changes because they’re on the cusp of having an awesome  software and obviously at a price point where um you can do a lot more sales funnels 27 bucks  it’d be great from a starter standpoint so if you’re a new business and you’re just getting  started i’d probably go with system i o to start that 27 option a 47 option and you can create most  of your funnels and track it and get progress in there when you start to really drive traffic and  start really um making money obviously you could you’ll stay with this platform at about 97 bucks  a month though then obviously i’d switch over to click funnels if you’re bringing in that amount  of money and you’re creating that many funnels from an agency standpoint this could be helpful  once you get the hang of it you can create funnels really quickly and put them together like i said  they have a lot of templates in there that are they’re really smooth obviously i would lean  towards click funnels they’re still the the best when it comes to the funnel um marketplace that i  have found when it comes to creating the tools the systems the the workflow through it is just better  uh and the tracking and all those things domains they’ve simplified the process but system  io like i said is right on the cusp and in a few updates and tweaks they could really  improve their their system um and their business a lot more effectively and drive a ton more  people that are invested in click funnels over and and and get a a bigger chunk of that market  share which obviously every business wants to do but like i said when companies try to always  do two every do everything then they lose a lot of features on what they do infusionsoft  i love as an email marketing platform i don’t recommend it to my clients because it’s a little  confusing and i don’t like to teach math and all that stuff but from what it does it is amazing  their sales funnel stuff is non-existence it sucks but from the email marketing things and all the  logic based things that you can do with it is awesome i would typically recommend people to  active campaigns over over infusionsoft by all means for majority of users out there it’s so much  more effective so that’s where i would go if this integrated with active campaigns or some of the  other email cli clients out there then i would definitely start using this obviously you  can always embed um your active campaigns forms and so forth in here so then it would drive  that it probably lose a little bit of the stats i’m not sure because i’m not driving actually  traffic into this so the stats page views all opt-ins so conversion rate so it shows basic stats  um and then obviously it would show the sales if i had any so overall like it’s like i said it’s on  the cusp of doing some amazing things personally i wish click funnels got rid of their whole email  stuff dropped the price down for the entry level and then even the more robust level because  their email stuff is just you need a better software when you’re really marketing things if  more effectively and i’d recommend that with click funnels but this is about system i o um it’s a  really solid software i’d recommend it beginners get started start using it and start building  some funnels obviously i just signed up for it it’s gonna take me a little longer to get  the hang of it and really crank it out but it i used to create sales funnels from html code  back in the day so all these funnel softwares save tons of time and hours and you can quickly create  something fast and effective to drive traffic to to see if it converts see if you can make money  and see if you can benefit obviously haven’t dived into all the funnels so obviously there’s  funnels for the webinar so again i’m assuming when it comes to the webinar stuff let’s see how  do i get back to let’s go to the main dashboard uh come on main dashboard oh i can only have  one funnel huh so if i go to funnel list  let’s see because it’s free i  can always just delete it and try i want to know how the webinar  funnel works how effective that is because obviously there’s webinar software’s  software out there that again click funnels not the best for a webinar standpoint there’s a  software to use where it will track you know how long people watched how much they engage and if  you’re really doing webinars you need those that software uh to be way more effective and improve  your stats and it you know track everything to convert more people get more people to show  up and all that stuff taking a little while to load so let’s just see um if that’s gonna happen  let me pause for a bit okay so let’s now try to create a funnel that’s an evergreen webinar and  let’s just create this let’s go webinar create uh you’ve exceeded yes so exceeded let’s  actually delete this one worst of the league confirm because i only have one funnel i’ve not  paid for this software yet uh let’s go running well then har let’s see there you go uh create new  phone you have exceeded please click here okay so apparently it takes a little while to delete  and update let’s see if i can do this again and it’s still causing me an issue i’m not  sure uh even though i created one funnel it’s not allowing me to create another funnel  um even though i deleted that funnel obviously i didn’t pay for it but as you can probably  understand with the evergreen webinar it’s not going to track all those features where when  people drop off how long they viewed the webinar just a very simple evergreen webinar you can’t do  live webinars all that stuff so again the software has a lot of potential and but a lot of room  for improvement but like i said for beginners who just want to start with the funnels and the  basics at a lower cost than doing and utilizing a um click funnels at the 97 dollar rate you  can get this at for free for one funnel or 27 for what was that um for 10 sales funnels and  then obviously 47 for 50 sales funnels so this is a great also for beginner agencies that  want to get started in doing people’s sales funnels and all that this could be a really good  software and so forth to to to get and start using again until this software really steps up i’m  not going to switch over from click funnels and the other systems that i use but if system io  like i said create some integrations to be able to connect with active campaigns infusionsoft  all that stuff i’m totally going to start using this more and obviously i’d love for them to make  some of those improvements that i mentioned like i said hopefully this review was helpful sorry  i couldn’t show you the evergreen webinar stuff but i appreciate any like subscriptions or  comments below about the video what you might like what you might dislike if you are looking  into it or you currently use system io and i missed something please comment if you’re looking  for something um that i didn’t find because again i’m just diving into this right now and and i’m  the first time uh trying this software out and so so are you guys with me i guess so hopefully you  can make your decision on system io i may have an affiliate link first system my i o down in the  description below obviously i have the affiliate link for click funnels if you really want to start  using that software but there’s a lot coming out in the market and so obviously click funnels  should be prepared to to either improve their service or you know other competitors will come  in the marketplace but like i said there’s still numero uno they still have a better software uh  but system io i really like what you’re doing and i hope that you uh continue to keep  pushing your software to further heights to improve it all right thank you take care and  i wish you the best and all the success take care