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is tube karma the most amazing service on the planet or a total scam okay before i dive into that at the end of this video i’m gonna actually show you how you can get for one week of what you pay for tube karma the same service if not more to get your channel of monetize i’m assuming you want your channel monetized and that’s your whole goal but let’s dive into karma and see if it’s worth it so it promises 5 000 youtube subscribers every month what does it really do it really just gets spam bots to get you either fake accounts or you know people so they’re just sending massive messages to people trying to get you to sign up for your uh youtube account and so forth so if you scroll down you can see how much they charge for that so it is anywhere from 69 a week 99 a week or 199 a week so there’s services that you can get your channels monetized obviously it’s a little not again not totally within the terms of youtube uh but tube karma is definitely not in the terms of youtube even though they’re spamming bots so all you’re going to do to your account is screw your algorithm up and make it harder for your channel to rank when you start getting really good content take your time and effort and really push it so let’s just dive into tube karma what it is like i said it’s a bunch of spam bots they come in here and they claim all these things like forbes wired techcrunch blah blah blah it tries to build credibility but i don’t see how this is even possible because if you really dive into this site uh you can see it it’s fairly bogus from what i’m i’m seeing and i tested it out on account before and like i said you’re gonna get a bunch of uh subs that are never gonna go to your channel never view your content and views as well and they’re gonna be most likely in india the philippines or somewhere not in the us so again messing up your algorithm from a long-term standpoint uh so if you come in if you look at these testimonials they have all these testimonials video things they have these people 70 uh 6.4 subs 782 day trade 171 subs then 41. so notice i’m assuming this is where they started with and they went to this but if you go into here let’s go back day trading institute and you just try to do it a search day trading uh institute uh i couldn’t find anything related right so institute of trading but not day trading institute and there’s another cool site called uh social blade where you can look at your results what’s going on see how many people are making money so what was it day trading institute let’s see if i can talk and type at the same time and you can pull this up there’s nothing that comes up so that day trading institute let’s try it all in one word here day trade trading and statute right something should come up but no results at all and you can come and look at other damon cummings right let’s check that out but all right so when we search it what do we find uh nothing at all so you can see which is kind of shady in itself so all these testimonials they’re not actually people that are on here so angela clearly here come up here so it looks like these testimonials are fairly false you can’t find them on youtube so you come in here and find these i don’t see anybody that looks like that and they have one video or two subscribers one video so i’m not seeing anything related to those and what’s really funny is they have multiple sites one for facebook called verve book looks pretty similar right almost identical except for the name verve book and hey same testimonial they say the exact same thing on their youtube video so verve book wait a second ago

i only started tube karma so it’s just like the same actress saying the same thing now they have one for ping growth which is for pinterest right looks pretty similar as well and they have one for twitch so if you’re a gamer you can get some spam bots to your channel and so forth so again write all the same thing so same testimonials looks pretty identical doesn’t it and one twin v for twitter all right see what i mean fairly shady and the last but not least one for instagram so they have everything covered with the same exact landing page the only thing they change is the logo uh the name and their testimonials actually this is a different video in three months i’ve gained upwards mice so give them credit on that one at least the instagram video is different than all these other for so i would say don’t go to karma like i said it’s spam bonding there’s something that you can do for one week so for 70 bucks you can get everything done and taken care and monetized and i actually talked about that on my youtube course that teaches you how to get your business monetize your business make money from youtube not necessarily getting money from youtube uh ad revenue but selling your products and services and growing your brand and your business using youtube youtube as a platform it also teaches you how to monetize youtube and so forth and all those secrets are in that course so if you want it the links are below you can click it and uh sign up otherwise i’d say stay away from two karma verve book ping growth steam stream upgrade twin v and simple gram right also if you’re trying to find your channel look for details on yourself uh look at competitors socialblade is a great tool to use and utilize to grow your channel and look at competitors see how much they’re making see their content all that great stuff as well as other affiliate links down for other tools that will help your youtube channel out from an seo standpoint ranking keywords all that great stuff so hopefully this video is super helpful and keep trucking along and take care bye