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best free keyword research tools for search and optimization for ranking your youtube videos so let me just dive into which tools that i would recommend and uh the easiest to get started so obviously i have youtube pulled up here so i have youtube seo tools so the first one is just youtube itself so the tool when you go to the search bar you type in youtube seo tools so this lists in order what’s the top ranked searches here youtube seo neil patel youtube seo 2021 youtube so you can do this for all different topics you know weight loss weight loss tools weight loss weight loss journey right uh you name it you can type in weight loss meal prep and so forth uh let’s see what else uh canon uh video review video camera reviews so then it comes up and then just keeps coming and so you can go for longer tail keywords they come up canon xa xa 50 canon video camera 4k can so all the things that you can create topics on so when you create you can create multiple videos on all these different topics so now you have things not only you can rank for and create more content for within youtube that will drive your channel the other tool for the keyword research is it’s a free tool again you just need a google ads account you can sign up for an account you can set up an ad and then turn the ad off so you don’t spend any money obviously i run ads so it’s a great platform to use if you run ads and youtube ads and all those great things uh if you need help in that department happy to consult you on that that’s what i do but if you type look in here i typed in youtube seo you notice youtube seo 5400 youtube seo tools 590 a month this is this is all of google searches not just youtube so this can give you a huge list of things to search for again if i just type in uh let’s see uh bodybuilding workouts here get results so you can see what’s searched here most bodybuilding workouts fifty four hundred are much bodybuilding program twenty nine hundred you come in here the less searched terms you can find ronnie coleman pre-workout you can start ranking for those but it helps you create massive or gives you ideas to help you create massive amounts of videos so this is a phenomenal tool in here there’s also one with neil patel this here called ubersuggest so you notice if i type in youtube seo tool uh this is a free platform it’s simple to use you just type in what you want in here the cool thing is this is for all of google again not just youtube but you can come in see keyword ideas so it gives you other ideas and tags to use for ranking your videos also gives you content ideas so you can pull up and check out different blogs you can look at their backlinks and so forth other keywords that they’re using that are that are ranking within search engines uh and so for the facebook and pinterest and their volumes all that so obviously there’s paid versions of this you get keyword ideas here so it comes in it gives you more keyword ideas to create content keywords lists obviously you have to register and so forth to see that content ideas and there uh there’s the overview so uber suggest is a great tool that you can utilize to get keywords and another free tool is google trends google trends is a great thing because it’s what’s trending in the marketplace what’s interesting what’s new what’s exciting so you look into that um so if i come down here i scroll down and i can see recent trending here and i go more trending searches and i can see like real term searches and remember you can create a video about alma wahlberg and then have it real and tell a story about what’s going on with them or with bitcoin or f1 or lori lightfoot and then tie it into what you’re you’re really trying to promote and so forth so austin shooting obviously there’s some things that you might don’t want to touch with your channel but it gives you a lot of things that you can discuss that will also essentially help you what’s called riding the wave or you know writing their coattails so floyd mother mayweather is the hottest thing on topic you do a video regarding that but then tie it into business marketing or tie it into working out or tie it into whatever your channel is about then you can ride those that huge traffic surge that’s going on and trending and get people to watch more of your content it’s a double-edged sword so be careful because you can also get people upset at you but as long as you’re providing valuable content and engaging about what’s going on and that the market or the news and so forth you can then you know talk about what you also want to tie it into and so forth when it comes to your brand and so forth so it gives all kinds of different things you can check in different areas real time searches which is really cool you can check in different um things so let’s just say exercise what’s trending from an exercise standpoint from here you can also go in and look at different from youtube itself google shopping images and so forth you know what’s top in here principle flexibility bicycle pro form mats can you exercise with coved japanese ab exercises so again gives you a ton of keywords to create video content on that are already trending that again you can get in there so another uh tools when you’re in youtube itself i highly recommend the video analytics so this doesn’t necessarily help with your research and so forth but again youtube is all about watch time and engagement so you need to look at your video so i’m in one of our clients uh channels here and you can look like average percentage viewed 62 percent or and you can see that they’re pretty much staying the entire time watching majority of the video so that that’s a really engaging video so that’s awesome uh you can look at the reach where that’s coming from if videos gotten here it’s from suggested videos browse features youtube search notifications so you can look at these details and see what traffic searches are where it’s coming from what search terms uh and so forth where they’re coming traffic sources playlists and so forth you know engagement again you can look at your audience retention uh and here and this is all things that you want to look at based off your numbers to help your videos rank uh not only high but also be engaged so people continue to watch them because as youtube’s algorithm work the more that they watch your video the more they comment engage with and so forth youtube will also rank that video more effectively bringing me into the next uh tool but obviously you can go into details and look at all the things in here that will help that video and you to work on that video more effectively the other tool that i really recommend it’s a free tool obviously there’s paid version is canva so again when you’re on youtube and you search uh videos on youtube here if i search this you’re going to pull up the ranked videos here and you look at these thumbnails you want to create high-end thumbnails that get people to click on it so yeah your video is ranked maybe high but if it doesn’t have a solid thumbnail people won’t click on it and obviously click through rate matters when it comes to youtube so it’s again it’s about engagement about watch time in are people clicking on your videos so not only do you want to rank your videos high you got to make sure you have all those other components as well with it to continue to get your videos to stay ranked and so forth uh the other two tools that i really recommend there’s free versions and there’s paid versions one is called vid iq the other one is called tubebuddy they’re both about ten dollars a month you can choose to do one of them you can choose to do both of them i’m just set up for the free version showing you how this works obviously i love the paid version too but i’m not in here so if you come in here and look so it has all these things live streams playlists comments analytics keyword explorer seo studio video topic planner tag lists and so forth so it gives you tons of tools for ten dollars the vid iq like for example if i just pull up a video here and let me hit pause on that and i come in here i can look at this the data base off of these videos here uh so social in here you know let me check no tags other videos in here well hold on it’s just taken time to load so channel you can see the channel you can see the video doesn’t have any tags but if it did you can copy those the title how long it is the tags description there are they have any cards end screens high resolution thumbnail so again shows how important it was it shared on facebook no so these are things that will help your videos also get rank higher seo the score out of it all the things that you can do to improve that score uh and here with the video analytics uh the summary of how many views it’s gotten in the seo so obviously you can click that and see what you can do to get more um search rankings in here so obviously i gotta upgrade this license you can use it but it gives you a lot of free tools that you can use in here i don’t wanna you you this is all about free research tools that will help rank your videos as opposed to showing you the paid ones but i highly suggest the paid ones and those those are mainly the tools that i would really recommend to help rank your videos effectively again it’s youtube itself so if you’re on youtube and you’re searching things just use a search bar to find keywords within here uh you can use the vid iq for the keyword inspector in here and just type in search in here so uh let’s go you to youtube seo tools right now hit search uh it will show me this one how many searches is getting youtube seo here youtube seo tools for free youtube seo tutorial so it gives me all different things youtube seo tools 64 out of 100 so all that stuff and obviously the paid version shows you more it shows you all the listings same with the tubebuddy here you go to keyword explorer and you type it in it will give you even a rating here seo youtube seo tools right uh and even pulls up even more ideas that will pop up it gives it a second to load here and again these are free versions but obviously you can upgrade and pay the the ten dollars and do the uh paid versions i have the affiliate links down below obviously if you sign up please use my affiliate links really appreciate it uh and here you can look at the details the fair ranking here 32 100 how the weighted unweighted in the paid versions you can see more details all of this in here youtube seo tools free hindi youtube seo tools free youtube and all that stuff so again i highly recommend those tools even if you just use the free version but again the paid versions are worth it um canva to create really good thumbnails the keyword planner within google ads which like i said is totally free google trends to find trending topics and then obviously uber suggests with neil patel gives you just more ideas and so forth he also has a paid plan on that so those are the keyword research tools and they’re the free keyword research tools to rank your videos get more seo in your videos to rank higher within youtube so hopefully this was helpful i also have a youtube course that teaches businesses how to rank their videos drive traffic convert sales how to set it up to utilize youtube to drive customers in your doors and utilize it as in a phenomenal source to build credibility trust and authority in the marketplace and build your brand especially if you don’t have a huge advertising budget so i work with a lot of brands that obviously are their goals for go from you know a lot of them a million to 10 million but even some that want to go from 250 000 to a million dollars and a million to 10 million most of those have big advertising budgets if you’re new and you’re a startup and your young business that doesn’t have that big of an advertising budget then i recommend youtube it’s a phenomenal source to grow your brand build content out drive traffic to your business and convert sales so my course teaches you how to do that i also have a free course teaches uh the power of youtube and how you can start utilizing it for your business obviously i have the affiliate links down below you can click those sign up for tubebuddy or vid iq any of those things if you need any help tricks or tips you can leave comments ask any questions but the biggest thing with anything you gotta just get started if you’re new to youtube you got to start producing content write good titles write a description do your meta tags and obviously use these keyword research tools that will help you a create more content around that topic to help rank your videos and having multiple content within that niche for your youtube channel will help your youtube channel rank more specifically for that obviously creating more engaging content building that community and so forth to build your brand up to get more subscribers more viewers to what get that increased watch time will then uh boost that ranking uh in the seo of your youtube videos uh so just keep trucking along hopefully this was helpful hopefully you can use these tools and get started and they’ll help with your youtube channel if you like i said need any uh help just leave comments below please like and subscribe notification bell if you want if you don’t want to that’s fine and hopefully this video provided a bunch of value for you and taught you a lot of things that you can utilize for your channel uh so keep growing uh keep uh hammering down and keep uh keep up the hard work all right thank you take care bye ,